Another year, another top releases list. This time around, there’s a lot of impressive debut releases included in our list! There’s a mix of indie-rock, punk, and hints of jazz on our end of the year list. 

A Void – Dissociation

London rockers A Void jumpstart our top 2022 releases list. Their sophomore album Dissociation won album of the month for September. 

“With the release of “Dissociation” A Void has come of age as a band, and set a higher musical standard for themselves and other bands like them (although there aren’t many that are quite like them) to live up to.”

Review by Tony Rounce

BERRIES – How We Function

London rock trio BERRIES face mental health issues head on with their album How We Function.

“It is polished, powerful and, basically, brilliant!”

Review by Kirsten Rowland

Big Joanie – Back Home

2022 has seen Big Joanie continue their meteoric rise from First Timer Fest sheroes to a band gaining international praise for their unique punkrock, centering their experience as queer black women. The entire DIY scene gave a fist pump as the band were shortlisted for a MOBO award last month, hot on the heels of the release of stunning album Back Home on Kill Rocks Stars label.

Body Type – Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising 

Australian rockers Body Type created one of the best debut releases right at the eve of the pandemic. 

“The band is playful yet serious throughout the album, which makes this an unforgettable debut.”

Review by Reva May 

Breakup Haircut – Punk Dancing for Self Defence

London based group Breakup Haircut is a fav with our writer Tony Rounce (and the rest of the LOUD WOMEN crew). Their album snagged our album of the month in July.

“The honest-to-God truth of the matter is that, even if I didn’t know them or know anything about them, I’m telling you that Breakup Haircut have produced a sensational first LP in Punk Dancing For Self Defence, and one that any and every band would be proud to put their name to and on.”

Review by Tony Rounce

Donna Thompson – Something True

London singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Donna Thompson creates her own signature blend of bedroom R&B and jazz on her debut EP Something True

Something True is the soundtrack for a rainy afternoon drifting into dusk. Within these four tracks, Thompson creates a bubble of comfort and calm.”

Review by Reva May

Dyan Valdés – Stand

The LOUD WOMEN March album of the month from Berlin goddess Dyan Valdés is an empowering release for 2022. 

“Like all the best punk albums, Stand is full of depth, strength, humour and truth, but it is Dyan’s incredible charisma that makes it a compulsive listen.”

Review by Kirsten Rowland

Femegades – Not All Men

Londoners Femegades released the cleverly titled  ‘Not All Men’. The band took the time to give us a stellar track-by-track feature of their EP. 

Fräulein – A Small Taste

Irish-Dutch duo Fräulein snagged EP of the month in May with their EP A Small Taste.

A Small Taste might be its title, but what you actually have here is a nutritious and delicious four course meal of premium quality Fräulein…”

Review by Tony Rounce

girlpuppy – When I’m Alone

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) creates something beyond sad girl indie rock on her debut album, When I’m Alone. Her debut EP, Swan, was featured on our 2021 Top Releases and we can’t wait to see what’s next for girlpuppy. 

“With When I’m Alone, the theme really is my internal battles with things I’ve done, rather than reflecting and blaming everyone else.”


Jaws of Brooklyn – The Shoals

Seattle band Jaws of Brooklyn’s debut album The Shoals radiates warmth and soul. 

“Jaws of Brooklyn bring a modern grit to vintage 60s reverb with a dash of psychedelic flair.”

Review by Reva May

Chorusgirl: Colapso Calypso

Now the solo project of Silvi Wersing, Chorusgirl’s third album, ‘Colapso Calypso’ sees her still on top dream pop form.

“It is a reflective, lushly layered nostalgic joy of an album.”

Review by Zoe Biggs

Maddy Davis – MUD

New Jersey-born / LA based singer-songwriter Maddy Davis’ debut EP MUD is a coming of age story still in progress and full of endless potential. 

“With MUD, Maddy Davis is no longer the forgotten middle kid.”

Review by Reva May

Nervous Twitch – Some People Never Change

Some People Never Change is the fifth album from Leeds-based three-piece Nervous Twitch.

“After one listen I was confident it was my favourite album of this year so far. After two, I knew it would be an all-time favourite. I can honestly say there is not a single track on Some People Never Change that dips into mediocre. “

Review by Tony Rounce

Peaness – World Full Of Worry

Chester-based trio Peaness’ album World Full Of Worry grabbed album of the month for May (and a shining review from Tony Rounce). 

“… I think it’s entirely possible that I might have already found my favourite album of the year.”

Review by Tony Rounce

Petrol Girls – Baby

Winners of this year’s LOUD WOMEN Hercury Prize, Petrol GirlsBaby delivers 11 awesome tracks, including lead single ‘Baby, I Had An Abortion’ – a ‘party-banger about having an abortion and not being sorry about it’ – which is raising funds for Abortion Without Borders.

Frontwoman, singer/songwriter and activist Ren Aldridge spoke to Minni Moody this summer while performing at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia. Interview and mini-doc here.

Shooting Daggers – Athames

London rock group Shooting Daggers’ EP Athames is yet another debut that kicks you right in the face. 

“Shooting Daggers grab you by the throat and refuse to let go over the course of these six pummelingly-furious tracks, to the extent that the EP carries the emotional heft of a full album/statement, time-compressed into thirteen minutes.”

Review by Kris Smith

Soccer Mommy – Sometimes, Forever

Soccer Mommy IS the indie-rock blueprint for the ‘20s. She continues to grow as an artist on her third album, Sometimes, Forever

“Throughout the years, Soccer Mommy has grown and morphed into the singer-songwriter that has no limit to what she can do.”

Review by Reva May

Stud Count – Stud Count 

Philadelphia rockers Stud Count’s epic self-titled debut make you feel like you’re in a circle pit. 

“What makes Stud Count stand out is their capability for honest storytelling and pairing that with instrumentals that is hardcore and chaotic.”

Review by Reva May

Theo Bleak – Fragments

Dundee artist Theo Bleak takes you on an emotional journey on her debut EP, Fragments

“There’s an unnerving raw vulnerability within each song and as a whole. Each song is a fragment of Theo Bleak. By the end of the EP, we get the complete picture but the jagged seams are still exposed.”

Review by Reva May

*Honorable mention for Theo Bleak’s recently released For Seasons EP. Bleak released new songs inspired by each season.

theWorst – Yes Regrets

Portland, Maine indie-punk/rock trio theWorst is at their best on Yes Regrets

“Yes Regrets is theWorst laying everything out and working through tough moments. Emo and grunge elements weave around the band’s signature unfiltered punk/rock riffs and raw vocals. You can’t rewrite your past but you can learn from mistakes and certain situations.”

Review by Reva May

Wet Leg – Wet Leg

Our epic list ends with British indie-rock act Wet Leg and their powerhouse of a debut album. 

“The album is a glorious selection of bright ideas, 20-something musings and in-jokes, set to highly accomplished riffs with just enough punk in their indie for my money.”

Review by Cassie Fox