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Placement: Harder – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Adelaide post-punkers Placement: ‘Harder’. FFO Sonic Youth.

“Harder is a response to many years spent working in customer service and the ensuing unwanted conversations that must take place every day, each one making it a little harder to get through the shift. At work you often can’t respond as you may want, but instead must provide the customer with a sanitised response to whatever they talk at you. I might not ever have said what I wanted to their face, but I’m saying it now ‘You always make it harder, god I wish you’d never started.’ The chorus refrain underscores this sentiment and highlights the pointlessness of providing advice to strangers, as of all that is known in the world, each of us can only hold a tiny fraction, ‘We know what you know, and we don’t know very much’” – Malia

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The Gabriels: Loose Canyon – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from a brand new retro band from the Midlands, The Gabriels. ‘Loose Canyon’ is out today, and singer Gudg tells us:

 “The song is about escapism, this year more than any we’ve all probably felt the need to escape. As a band we love the 1960s Laurel Canyon scene and would have loved to be have been part of it. It was a time where it felt like anything could happen both socially and musically and as a band it’s a big influence on us”.

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EDDIE: Blame It on the Twilight – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Warsaw trio Eddie: ‘Blame it on the Twilight’ is out now.

Vocalist and lyricist Zofia Alk tells the story of a traumatic high school love experience. She says:

“The song, although personal, isn’t just another heartbreak single. It’s more of a commentary on the widespread acceptance and at times even propagation of toxic role models among our society along with the presence of violence that is often mistaken for affection.”

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Sabrina Lawrie: Dreamstate – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Brisbane’s Sabrina Lawrie: ‘Dreamstate’ is a lush riff driven and totally danceable indierock stomper. Lawrie explains the meaning behind the song:

“It explores the polarity of masculine and feminine and pays homage to the deeper magic behind sexuality and acknowledges how this most natural of human impulses is a sacred union, attempting to shake the stigma that mainstream society places on sex.”

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