Seattle garage soul group Jaws of Brooklyn just released their debut album, The Shoals

A constant favorite here at LOUD WOMEN USA headquarters, The Jaws of Brooklyn’s debut album is a must listen from the first note.  The band lineup is Lindsay Love (vocals),  Zia Uddin (Drum Kit and Percussion), Paul Christofferson (bass) and Bryan Cohen (guitar). 

The Shoals live up to the early prediction that it would be the soundtrack of the summer. Jaws of Brooklyn bring a modern grit to vintage 60s reverb with a dash of psychedelic flair. That sound is elevated by background vocalists Shanay Johnson and Karita Law, who also worked with Alabama Shakes/Brittney Howard. 

The Shoals is like a jam session you never want to end. Jaws of Brooklyn has the presence of a band that’s been together for decades. Instead, Jaws of Brooklyn actually formed during the height of the pandemic. The Shoals was also recorded during that challenging time period of never ending life changes.  Jaws of Brooklyn left the grey Seattle cityscape for The Shoals in Alabama to record their debut album. An inspiring move that infused the album’s soulful sound and even the album name. 

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