Berlin powerhouse Dyan Valdés has just smashed February with new album Stand. Like all the best punk albums, Stand is full of depth, strength, humour and truth, but it is Dyan’s incredible charisma that makes it a compulsive listen. 

Despite not containing a love song (a rarity in itself), the album could be considered a love-letter to womankind – from the empowering defiance of titular single ‘Stand’, through the scorn of the “perfect woman” narrative in ‘I Don’t’, to the gentle understanding that life doesn’t always feel great in ‘Fade Away’. 

Dyan’s musical talent is profound, considering she was the sole performer on every track, but I must also congratulate whoever was responsible for the seamless transitions between songs, as the album flows so well.

I cannot stress enough how much of a joy Stand is to listen to (I was honestly so sad there wasn’t more when it ended). I guess that’s the beauty of powerful, feelgood feminist music.

Album of the month – no question! 

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