“championing women in music through putting on great gigs with great people” – Parallel Magazine

“Fans of women-centric punk, rock and riot grrrl will heart this UK-based promoter.” – DIVA magazine

“Loud Women will undoubtedly be the beacon for all the best new female talent” – The Morning Star

LOUD WOMEN is a group for all those who support putting women on stage, and turning up the volume. It’s a not-for-profit initiative run by Cassie Fox of I, Doris, with help from some brilliant friends.

LOUD WOMEN projects include:

In a band and think you’d fit in nicely on a LOUD WOMEN line-up?

Or just want to keep in touch with the best in female-fronted LOUD music?

Join the Facebook group – www.facebook.com/groups/loudwomen
Or like the Facebook page – www.facebook.com/loudwomen
Follow us on Twitter – @LOUDWOMENclub
Do whatever it is you do on Instagram – @LOUDWOMEN
Email LOUDWOMENclub@gmail.com

Here’s what the LOUD WOMEN themselves say about us …

“Best shows in London for grrrrl fronted guitar action! Inclusive, friendly and inspiring.” – Tegan from The Ethical Debating Society

“Awesome crowds, amazing bands and one of the most supportive promoters you’re likely to meet.” – Angela from Bugeye

“LOUD WOMEN is a long-overdue opportunity to enjoy fierce and feisty female-led music – and, for me, to take poetry to an audience of people who don’t usually like poetry.” – Janine Booth

“LOUD WOMEN showcases an array of women with something to say, something to play. Take it or leave, they’ll do it anyway. ” – Solange from Madame So

“Our fairy punk mothers” – Anya from Dream Nails

“Joyously rageful” – Janey from Dream Nails

“Absolutely lovely atmosphere!” – Molly from Crack Foxes

“Ass kicking bad ass taking it way beyond grrrrl power” – Louisa from Crack Foxes

“Real feminism and sisterhood in action with a rrriotous score.” – Diane Goldie

“Spank Spank Spank!” – Lauren from Spanking Machine (there’s always one…)

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For all those who support putting women on stage, and turning up the volume

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