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Issue #20 of the LOUD WOMEN eZine is out now! Click here to view in your browser, and  make sure you’ve signed up to receive the next issue  straight into your email inbox.

In Issue #16:

  • LOUD WOMEN Fest line-up update
  • Introducing Jelly Cleaver and Think Pretty
  • Reviews of Grace Petrie and GUTTFULL
  • Videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #15:

  • Interview with Skinny Girl Diet
  • Reviews of The Coathangers, Dorja, Holly Henderson, Ivy Crown and The Franklys
  • Videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #14:

  • Interviews with Sink Ya Teeth and Radioactive Rats
  • Review of The Venomous Pinks
  • Record reviews, cartoons, videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #13:

  • Interview with Madame So
  • Reviews of The Baby Seals, PAMs, The Darts, Desperate Journalist
  • ‘Dear Dave’ released in aid of Young Minds UK
  • Record reviews, cartoons, videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #12:

  • Line-up announced for LOUD WOMEN Fest 2017
  • Interviews with The Baby Seals, The Potentials, and Desperate Journalist
  • Introducing: Pet Crow, Peaness, and The Pearl Harts
  • News of ‘Rebel Dykes’ by Siobhan Fahey
  • Record reviews, cartoons, videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #11:

  • News of our LOUD WOMEN Volume One compilation CD
  • Interviews with Dream Wife and Kill Bitches to Dress Foxes
  • Blog by Kirsty Diaz
  • Jess McPhee’s photos of Brosephine, Peach Club and Polynya
  • Record reviews, poetry, videos, gig news and more …

In Issue #10:

  • Our special ‘Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017’ edition, with our Music Editor, Kris Smith’s picks for Top Albums of the Year, Top Tracks of the Year, Bands to watch in 2017, and 2016 Band obituaries
  • Interview with Peach Club
  • Review of Doe
  • Exclusive news of the ‘LOUD WOMEN Volume One’ album launch in March 2017

In Issue #9:

  • Interviews with The Nyx, IDestroy, Hot Sauce Pony, Gaygirl, and Graceland
  • Live performance video from Slags
  • Scene report: Brighton
  • plus record and live reviews, and news of how LOUD WOMEN are taking over the world …

In Issue #8:

  • Interviews with LIINES, Tough Tits and Kamikaze Girls
  • Kitchen Session: Lilith Ai
  • Playlist from Terry Staunton
  • plus reviews, cartoons, videos and news

In Issue #7:

  • Interviews with DOLLS and The Franklys
  • Feature: Touring Brexit Britain as a Non-White Musician
  • Happy birthday to LOUD WOMEN!
  • plus gig news, cartoons, videos, playlists, free downloads and exclusive first listens!

In Issue #6:

  • Interviews with War on Women and MX Tyrants
  • 20 recommended recent records
  • 7 things girls in bands need to know
  • plus cartoons, videos, and news of our Fest

In issue #5:

  • Interviews with Fight Rosa Fight!, Louise Distras and Kathleen Hanna
  • Exclusive full line-up preview of LOUD WOMEN Fest
  • plus gig news, poetry, and loads of new videos

In issue #4:

  • Interviews with Petrol Girls and She Makes War
  • Reviews of The CoathangersBig Joanie and Typical Girls (comp)
  • Kate Whaite‘s love letter to Lemonade
  • Girls Rock London and Freer Ideas – workshops 4u
  • 10 women-led music nights in London
  • plus gig listings, fest news, cartoon, and new videos

In issue #3:

  • Video interview with The Tuts
  • An exclusive free download track from Argonaut
  • Kirsty Fife meets The Potentials
  • Emily C Smith introduces Madonnatron
  • plus gig listings, fest news, poetry, and new videos

In issue #2:

  • Efa Supertramp talk DIY touring in Europe and interviews Viva Zapata!
  • Kofi Smith introduces Little Fists
  • Video interview with Dream Nails at their EP launch
  • How to start a punk bank
  • plus gig listings, fest news, and new videos

In issue #1 :

  • Stephanie Philips talks about the unintentional violence of white femininity
  • Abigail Brady encourages you to pick up a guitar and teach yourself to play it
  • Kofi Smith introduces Actual Crimes
  • Keira Cullinane talks about the bands behind some of her amazing live photos
  • plus gig listings and fest news, and Katie Finnegan’s playlist: Now That’s What I Call Loud Women

Anything else you think ought to be in the first issue? Wanna contribute? Drop us a line at and let us know.



7 thoughts on “ezine

  1. Happy New Year! I just found your pg at one of my fav 1st finds of the New Year the band Husky Tones! At their Twitter pg. Looking forward to reading news and hearing /watching on line fm Indiana your wpress! You Rock!! Sincerely, Tammie Shepperd


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