Australian rock act Body Type released their colossal debut album, Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising. Entirely self-funded and created on the eve of the pandemic, Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising  is an impressive debut album. Body Type’s sound weaves around garage rock and punk. The band is playful yet serious throughout the album, which makes this an unforgettable debut. 

Album opener and latest single, ‘A Line’ sets the tone for the listener with a hypnotic beat. The video is fun and experimental with a confident edge. Body Type collaborated with director TV Moore for this trippy video. 

“The ‘A Line’ video is a dreamed-up decentralised collaborative approach of  “MAKING”… punk meets pantomime in a post-modern hologram shot on our phones in New York, Canberra & Port Kembla, in our bedrooms and our cities!! Moving through time and through minds, reversing frat boy aesthetics, tributing femme punk, 90’s girl power & LSD, showing glimmers of colour and imagination in a frenzied world. ‘A Line’ goes on in all directions.”

TV Moore

Prior single releases just scratched the surface of what Body Type is capable of. 

‘The Charm’



It isn’t ‘surprising’ that Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising is amazing, just from the singles alone. Each song brings out a different layer to Body Type. 

‘Couple Song’ is the non single standout track, showcases Body Type’s vivid storytelling that sets the scene and mood. A voyeuristic point of view with eerie vocals.

‘Flight Path’ takes you on a glitzy wild ride inspired by the Chateau Marmont and a chance encounter with Nick Cave, Susie Bick… and a nameless egotist. Here’s to hoping this is the next music video! 

Ending title track, ‘Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising’ brings the album to a perfect close. Just like the opening track, ‘Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising’ is trippy with hypnotic vocals and dizzying instrumentals. 

Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising is one of the best albums released this year and only the beginning for Body Type. 

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