London artist Donna Thompson released her debut EP, Something True. A blend of bedroom R&B with undercurrents of jazz, Thompson stands out as a top emerging artist of 2022. 

After taking a hiatus from music, Thompson came back to create a beautiful debut release. 

“I’ve had to sing for my supper. The fact that I’ve even made it to this point is really a surprise to me but it’s where I’ve wanted to be for a long time. I’ve found love, a home, friends and my passion for music is growing every day. Working on this EP was a way to sketch my own world in the way I hear it now, having been through all of that.”

Donna Thompson

Something True is the soundtrack for a rainy afternoon drifting into dusk. Within these four tracks, Thompson creates a bubble of comfort and calm. 

“I recorded a majority of the vocals in my bedroom as that’s where I feel safest at the moment. Being safe means being able to be vulnerable… but I try to leave myself open to ideas to flow through my mind at any time in any place. I’m quite sensitive and my work is predominantly focused on how I’m feeling at that present moment. I sometimes incorporate samples of the room at the time of recording so that the song is kind of like a musical snapshot of the flow happening. Improvisation is key to my sound.”

Donna Thompson

Something True is the foundation of Donna Thompson’s limitless future. 

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