Philadelphia rock group Stud Count brings beautiful chaos with their debut self-titled album. 

Stud Count is a fast paced album worthy of repeat spins. Norelle Green‘s vocals and instrumentals range from raw to melodic throughout the album. Stud Count’s signature sound of relentless guitars and a steady beat are provided by Max D’ambra and Matthew Green on guitars, Jake Beaver on bass, and Bret Hart on drums. Stud Count has a hardcore backbone and punk running through their veins.

Stud Count’s latest single, ‘Maniacal Laughter’, is manic and everything is exposed. ‘Maniacal Laughter’ is a track that shows the Stud Count formula of mixing different rock elements and layering that with personal lyrics. 

“We wrote this song about losing your friends to their own devices. Sometimes it’s drugs, sometimes it’s rumours, sometimes it’s other stuff . Regardless of the source, it’s painful as hell to watch people go from friends to strangers, but way worse to watch them go from friends to monsters. ” 

Stud Count

‘Give Me Time’, instant LOUD WOMEN single of the week, also exposes less than ideal friendships. Instead of losing friends, it’s about remaining friendships that never surpass surface level interactions. 

Other previously released single, ‘’Through My Window’ continue to show Stud Count’s talent for pulling from personal experiences and layering it with fast guitars and heart-stomping beats. 

“We wrote the song about growing up and recognizing the things we unlearn as we mature in relationships. When I was a kid, I thought like a kid, but now that I’m grown, I think like I’m grown. There’s something precious found in the intimacy of commitment with one person, I’m blessed to have found that.” 

Norelle Green (Vocalist)

Stud Count is a band that you could see opening for Garbage or headlining their own tour. A contender for a top album release for 2022, Stud Count is an impressive debut album. What makes Stud Count stand out is their capability for honest storytelling and pairing that with instrumentals that is hardcore and chaotic.

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