Another glorious LOUD WOMEN Fest over for 2019 – what a day! We’d be keen to have your feedback on the event, so if you have a couple of minutes spare please complete this short survey …

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What a belter of a day we had on 14 Sept! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along and made our 4th festival such a great success – and particularly this year’s amazing team of helpers who kept everything running amazingly smoothly, and ensuring good times were had by all. Up the punx.

Huge thanks to all the incredible bands – The Cleopatras Secondhand Underpants T-Bitch Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something GGAllan Partridge I, Doris ARXX The Menstrual Cramps Petrol Girls Pleasure Venom Nervous Twitch Vaginas, what else? Gaptooth Hurtling Lilith Ai Hello Delaware The Baby Seals Peach Club Personal Best The Txlips

A few photos here by our official snapper, the best damn photographer in the world, Keira-Anee Photography.

Eternal gratitude to my righthand woman Lucy, and everyone else in the mighty Team LOUD WOMEN: Abby, Keira, Jelly, Chris, Jenny, Lorna, Beth, Keastie, Karis, Martin, Jen and Hannah (many of whom were playing in bands as well as crewing – absolute stars of the scene!).

Massive snogs to my fantastic Mr Fox for being a rock (and lugging amps).

Big love to T-Bitch’s gorgeous Kris and Steevie for the awesome DJing at the afterparty, as well as the hosting, conga-instigtation, and generally being very good people.
Thanks Dana Mohammed for expert stage hosting!

Oh and wow how good was the food?? So many happy faces filled with Creole vegan delights by Lilith Ai’s entire family, aka Global Fusion Vegan Creole Bakery – hugely recommended.

I’m off to bed for a few weeks. See you at LOUD WOMEN’s 4th Birthday Party 12 Oct!

Cassie 💋💋💋


13 thoughts on “LOUD WOMEN FEST”

  1. I hit return to try and add a new paragraph to the description of my band and why we would be perfect for Loud Women and it submitted the form instead..i dont want to be annoying and apply twice…


  2. Hi. When do you think you’ll be deciding on the bands? I know it’s quite a long way off, but we’re trying to sort out our Autumn gig dates now, and we definitely want to save the date in case you include us!


  3. Hi, I just had the same issue when trying to add to our bio on the application page! Alteration would be a great addition to the line up as we are female-fronted and always love to represent that aspect of our band – we always say there aren’t enough women in rock! We have a punk edge to our music and can fit alongside any other rock bands as our style is pretty diverse. Plus it sounds amazing!


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