The 6th LOUD WOMEN Fest will be held on 2+3 September 2022, at Amersham Arms in London. Featuring:

  • Bugeye
  • Charley Stone
  • Chroma
  • Deux Furieuses
  • Deuxes
  • Dinosaur Skull
  • Fraulein
  • Gilan
  • Hannah Rose Kessler
  • Hotwax
  • I Am Her
  • I, Doris
  • Killdren
  • Lambrini Girls
  • Lilith Ai
  • MIRI
  • Muff
  • Okay, Bye
  • Pink Suits
  • Queen Cult
  • Rabies Babies
  • Shelf Lives
  • Snoozers
  • The Menstrual Cramps
  • YNES

We are also partnering up with some key feminist organisers and activists, including:

  • Level Up – led by Janey Starling (who just scooped a Kerrang! Grassroots award), running bystander intervention training and campaigning on behalf of pregnant women in prisons
  • Safe Gigs for Women – a team of volunteers creating a safer environment for women at gigs and festivals
  • Girls Against – a nonprofit organisation standing up against sexual assault and misogyny in the live music scene
  • Alliance 4 Choice – a Northern Ireland abortion support campaign group 

“LOUD WOMEN has always campaigned for better representation of women in the music industry – it’s all about building a strong platform and passing the mic to those who most need their voices amplified. There’s strength in numbers, so this year we’re using that platform also to amplify the voices of our sisters campaigning on important topics which are relevant to our audiences – e.g. access to abortion healthcare, keeping gigs safe from sexual assault, and protecting ourselves, our sisters (and not just our cisters) from state violence.”

LW’s founder Cassie Fox

The festival has grown year on year, to become the largest female-led festival in the UK, attracting performers and attendees from around the world, and securing LOUD WOMEN’s position as the leading international showcase for female and non-binary alternative bands and artists in the grassroots/DIY music scene. Check out coverage of LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 in Kerrang! and NME.

Keep in touch on our socials for other opportunities to get your voices heard.

In the meantime, a little reminder of just how amazing our previous Fests have been …

18 thoughts on “LOUD WOMEN FEST 2022

  1. I hit return to try and add a new paragraph to the description of my band and why we would be perfect for Loud Women and it submitted the form instead..i dont want to be annoying and apply twice…


  2. Hi. When do you think you’ll be deciding on the bands? I know it’s quite a long way off, but we’re trying to sort out our Autumn gig dates now, and we definitely want to save the date in case you include us!


  3. Hi, I just had the same issue when trying to add to our bio on the application page! Alteration would be a great addition to the line up as we are female-fronted and always love to represent that aspect of our band – we always say there aren’t enough women in rock! We have a punk edge to our music and can fit alongside any other rock bands as our style is pretty diverse. Plus it sounds amazing!


  4. May have accidentally submitted twice… Apologies if I have! The page crashed when I tried to complete the details of our genre etc.


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