New Jersey-born / LA based singer-songwriter Maddy Davis released her debut EP, MUD – a coming-of-age story of a middle kid who isn’t afraid to go for her dreams.

Davis is a self-taught vocalist, songwriter, and producer whose authentic and introspective songwriting thrives on MUD. The EP is fueled by nostalgic angst, yet Davis’ sound is current and what’s next in music. 

Davis shared a mini documentary that explains her thought process and the creation of MUD:

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself, like so many others, stuck in my hometown reflecting on who I’ve become and who I want to be. With MUD, I’m completely transparent. I wanted this project to serve as an open book to the public eye. I chose vulnerability when crafting this project, knocking down all of my walls – ones that I might not have even realized I was keeping up until I started putting pen to paper.“ 

Maddy Davis

MUD kicks off with self-diss track, ‘Middle Kid’.  

LOUD WOMEN favorite and album stand out, ‘Sally! I Met A Boy’ is a fun and energetic track that feels like Davis is talking to you directly.

The EP shifts in tone with ‘If You Wrote Me A Song’. Davis shows painful vulnerability and  honesty. 

I’ve told you for a while 
I wish we had met at a different time 
because I don’t know myself 
I’ve got some fucked up mental health 

MUD closes with a somber track, ‘Kinda Thought’. Davis shares the pain of losing someone that you thought would always be there.

With MUD, Maddy Davis is no longer the forgotten middle kid. 

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