Indie-rock artist Soccer Mommy (Sophie Allison) released her third album, Sometimes, Forever. Sometimes, Forever is a stunning follow up to her GRAMMY nominated sophomore album color theory. Throughout the years, Soccer Mommy has grown and morphed into the singer-songwriter that has no limit to what she can do. 

Sometimes, Forever is a synth laced experimental ride you want to stay on. The dark synth soundscape was created with the help of producer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) whose credits include the Uncut Gems movie score and The Weeknd’s Dawn FM

Soccer Mommy’s latest album plays with duality. Polar extremes that battle back and forth track to track but work together as a whole.  Sometimes, Forever leans more into the darkness versus the light. 

“Sorrow and emptiness will pass, but they will always come back around — as will joy. At some point you’re forced to say, I’ll just have to take both.” 

Soccer Mommy

The darkness within Sometimes, Forever shows a different side of Soccer Mommy and her songwriting. ‘Unholy Affliction’ and ‘Darkness, Forever’ are the standout tracks that embrace the darker side of Soccer Mommy. 

‘Unholy Affliction’ creates an uneasy feeling and you can feel and hear the texture within the song. This introspective track exposes Soccer Mommy’s feelings about fame, success, and going through the motions of what worked to get to ‘perfection’. 

“I hate so many parts of the music industry, but I also want success. And not just success — perfection. I want to make things that are flawless, that perfectly encapsulate what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s an unachievable goal that keeps you constantly chasing it.”

Soccer Mommy
I’m tired of the money
And all of the talking at me
I’m barely a person
Mechanically working

‘Darkness, Forever’ is darkly cinematic and haunting. Pulling inspiration from Sylvia Plath and her end, this is where Soccer Mommy’s storytelling is the strongest. 

Head in the oven
Didn’t sound so crazy
My brain was burning
Hot to the touch

Sometimes, Forever isn’t all doom and gloom. Lead single ‘Shotgun’ has an explosive pop quality to the beat, an elevated version of a track that could’ve been on Soccer Mommy’s debut bedroom pop album, Clean

The accompanying music video shows Soccer Mommy within a bedroom set, a link to her bedroom-pop origins. That raw talent from her Clean era that’s still within Soccer Mommy’s DNA.

Look at your blue eyes like the stars
Stuck in the headlights of a car
You know I'll take you as you are
As long as you do me
So just let me lay here in your arms

Sometimes, Forever is Soccer Mommy at the next level of her path as an artist. We can’t wait for what’s next. 

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