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  • Goddammit Jeremiah: Let’s Just Give Christmas a Miss – video of the day
    Today’s video of the day comes from the exquisite Goddammit Jeremiah: ‘Let’s Just Give Christmas a Miss’.
  • Cowboy Destroy: Bang Your Friends – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from LA-via-Texas brand new band Cowboy Destroy: ‘Bang Your Friends’ is out today. Garage rock with whiff of surf punk – this is a strong debut and we can’t wait to hear what forthcoming album ‘Demolition’ has in store for us.
  • Fierce and Fearless: M.I.A. and the modern protest song
    Molly Tie continues her Music Herstory series The poster child for the fusion of outspoken political views and incredible musical talent is British rapper Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, known by her stage name M.I.A. She raps. She sings. She is an advocate for refugees, and her songs and aesthetics document the experiences of those who have been displaced throughout the world. … Continue reading Fierce and Fearless: M.I.A. and the modern protest song
  • Poor Traits: Psychiatric Ward – new music
    Out today from Vancouver alt-rockers Poor Traits: ‘Psychiatric Ward’ is frontwoman Alex’s moving account of being gaslight in a toxic relationship.
  • Morchella: Woman of Now – new music
    Out today from London-via-Ukraine’s Morchella: ‘Woman of Now’ is the title track of her new EP, also out today.
  • New Talk: Amytis – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from Perth post-punk quartet New Talk: ‘Amytis’ is out today. Gothic vocals over lush guitarscapes provide a powerful platform for the song’s themes of mistreatment of both First Nations peoples of Australia and also the migrants. The song’s title refers to “he legend of Amytis who, being sated by her husband King Nebuchadnezzar II, had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built for her to remind her of her homeland”.
  • Dead Naked Hippies: Curiosity (Dawn) – video of the day
    Out today from Dead Naked Hippies: ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’ is our video of the day. A change of style for a band known for rock guitars and drums, this is an alt-disco bedroom banger born of lockdown necessity.
  • Feral Five: Get a Grip – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from London electropunx Feral Five: ‘Get a Grip’. It’s a sexy 80s synth-goth disco in space!
  • Emilie Østebø & Lokoy: A Mistake – video of the day
    Today’s video of the day is a sparklingly indiepop collaboration between Norway’s Emilie Østebø and Lokoy from Stavanger punks Sløtface.
  • The Double Happiness: Not What You Said – track of the day
    Our track of the day today comes from Brisbane ‘surfgaze’ The Double Happiness. ‘What You Said’ is out today, the final track on their album Surfgazing out Nov 26.
  • Party Fears: 5 question interview
    The delightful Party Fears (of Berlin via Northern Ireland) releases lush new single ‘Time in Space’ today – a dreamy pop shuffle, showcasing Maggie Devlin’s honey vocals, and space age retro effects.
  • Cat Ryan: Mary Shelley Song – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from Newcastle-upon-Tyne trio Cat Ryan: ‘Mary Shelley Song’ is out today. A catchy little number continuing the British indie tradition of absolute nonsense lyrics …
  • LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 – new date and a new band!
    We have some news – LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 has a new revised date of 18 September 2021.
  • Themme Fatale: The Girl That Never Was – new music PREMIERE
    LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the premiere of the beautiful and poignant new single from Themme Fatale. ‘The Girl That Never Was’ is out tomorrow, ahead of their upcoming album Let’s Destroy Themme.
  • Nuala Honan: K.I.T.Y. – Cat of the Day
    OK so Cat of the Day is now officially a thing. This fine feline is Mrs Nesbit and it’s her birthday today – happy fluffin birthday Mrs Nesbit! Here she is starring in a pop video with her chums, Buns and Swanson – made by her owner Nuala Honan, whose talents include choosing awesome cat names, and making brilliant music.
  • MAWD: Hot Shit – track of the day
    Our track of the day is some rousing rocknroll from LA’s MAWD, aka Madeleine Mathews. ‘Hot Shit’ is an angry anthem about seeing people clearly for the first time and the weird power trips that come with some people on social media.
  • Catch up with LOUD WOMEN online on YouTube
    This funny ole year we’ve hosted some absolutely splendid online gigs over on our Facebook page – and now we’ve popped them all on an awesome YouTube playlist so you can catch up with any you missed the first time! Cosy lockdown performances from the homes of:Helen McCookerybookJelly CleaverRhiannon ScuttNervous TwitchHannah Rose Kessler Siel LienOde … Continue reading Catch up with LOUD WOMEN online on YouTube
  • Monowhales: BL/FF – new music
    Out now from Ontario, Canada’s Monowhales: ‘BL/FF’ (Better Lovers / Fake Friends) is some instantly gratifying indie-pop, on the timeless theme of the booty call.
  • FVRmind: Onto You – new music
    Out now from Sweden’s FVRmind: ‘Onto You’ is taken from their forthcoming EP. One FFO Björk, Massive Attack, and Portishead.
  • Hannah Campbell: For The Kids – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from Australia Gold Coast’s Hannah Campbell: ‘For the Kids’ is a hauntingly beautiful song about missing out on going home for Christmas, but not being able to.

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