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The LOUD WOMEN Top Albums of 2018

The results are in! From nearly 100 nominations for LOUD WOMEN album of 2018, Team LOUD WOMEN has whittled a Top 20 from which we present the joint Top Five Albums of 2018 because frankly we can’t and won’t choose between them. (And if you want to skip right to the music, here’s a Spotify playlist of the winners to brighten up your afternoon!)

The 2018 LOUD WOMEN album of the year is therefore shared by five artists; and if that wasn’t enough we’ve inaugurated a spanking new LOUD WOMEN People’s Vote Readers’ Choice Award chosen by LOUD WOMEN readers themselves (who are clearly better at making decisions!)

Without giving too much way at this stage let’s just say that it’s been a good year for block capitals: here goes! 

The LOUD WOMEN Top Five Albums of 2018:

Big Joanie – Sistahs

With stellar gigs performed all over the London-based DIY scene that they call home and extensive radio play on shows like BBC Music Introducing, it’s been a big year for Big Joanie. The feminist punk trio have certainly ended 2018 with a bang thanks to the acclaim that’s already been given to their debut album Sistahs…By allowing their true feelings to be at the forefront of their songwriting, the band create tracks that truly empower the listener; not only to rebel but to check their own activism, to continue growing, and to do better. [Read full review here]

GUTTFULL – Tits and Nails

“An irrepressible sense of fun runs through Tits and Nails, in spite of everything its lyrics address. GUTTFULL has created a brilliant and uncompromising summation of the trials of being ‘other’ in 2018 and they’re ready to shout down their oppressors – with wit and with groove.” [Read more from this review]

ILL – We Are ILL

They write songs which are both silly and serious, and they attack them (as well as each other) playfully. You can make a case for pretension in art, but there’s none with ILL; like so many of the best bands they seem like a gang you’d love to join, but ILL go one better and make you feel like you’d be welcome: friendly if not quite family-friendly (unless the family in question is more Addams than Partridge, perhaps). … A perfect storm of enigma, whimsy and controlled violence, and a genre-straddling state-of-the-nation address. With added bear growls. [Read more from this review]

LIINES – Stop/Start

‘Long-awaited’ might be a cliché, but in the case of LIINES‘ debut album, it’s a fitting description for a band that’s evolved steadily from fin-de-siecle Manc post-riot grrrl stalwarts Hooker: the tightest, heaviest rhythm section in DIY supports Zoe McVeigh’s emotional vocals and haiku-like songwriting, together conjuring an atmosphere of taut, claustrophobic menace like a UK postpunk time capsule. [Read more from this review]

Sink Ya Teeth – Sink Ya Teeth

A perfect ten tracks of no wave-disco electropop on a brilliant debut album from this Norwich duo. Described by The Guardian as “Thrillingly chilly, perfectly funky, no-wave straight out of early 80’s NYC…except that Sink Ya Teeth are a duo from Norwich. In a different era they’d have been all over TOTP” 4/5

The LOUD WOMEN People’s Vote Readers’ Choice Award:

The Menstrual Cramps – Free Bleedin’

The Menstrual Cramps is an anti-capitalist feminist band, therefore expect direct attacks on Tories, Neo-Nazis, big brands, business owners, famous idols who shouldn’t be idols anymore, and of course, “boyz-who-will-be-boyz”. The songs are so catchy that half of the album will get stuck in your head after giving one listen to the whole album. They produce music rapidly, though diligently. This rapidity actually shows itself in the guitars as fast riffs, playful strokes and abrupt small silences and it just sounds so good and steady. [Read more from this review]

The Top Twenty in full:

  • Big Joanie – Sistahs
  • The Breeders – All Nerve
  • Colour Me Wednesday – Counting Pennies in the Afterlife
  • Doe – Grow Into It
  • Dream Wife – Dream Wife
  • ILL – We Are ILL
  • GUTTFULL – Tits and Nails
  • Gwenno – Le Kov
  • The Menstrual Cramps – Free Bleedin’
  • Fightmilk – Not With That Attitude
  • LIINES – Stop/Start
  • Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer
  • Muncie Girls – Fixed Ideals
  • Grace Petrie – Queer As Folk
  • Screaming Females – All At Once
  • She Makes War – Brace For Impact
  • Shopping – The Official Body
  • Sink Ya Teeth – Sink Ya Teeth
  • Skinny Girl Diet – Ideal Woman
  • The Twistettes – A Strange Play



So so SO excited to announce the launch of the new LOUD WOMEN NYC chapter’s first gig, at Brooklyn’s The Well – with Basic Bitches and I, Doris confirmed so far, more TBA soon! This will be a night to remember – tell all your NYC friends! Event link here!

cadyThe new LOUD WOMEN NYC group has been set up by Cady Siregar, a musician we got to know through her awesome band Spare Rib, and also through a magazine she set up, Girl Fiend. In her own words:

I’m a transplant of the London DIY scene now living in NYC and I’m keen to start a Big Apple leg of LOUD WOMEN, and to build and grow a New York-based community of great female & non-binary musicians. I’m eager to start organising regular LW gig nights in the city with some amazing women-led bands. I’d also love some help with running the group and putting on events and reaching out to bands so if you’d like to join, please reach out! I’d love to put our first gig on sometime early in the new year.

it’d also be great for this to be a group for women looking to start and join bands, so we can form thousands of bands and then take over the world. 🆒.

***PLEASE ADD PEOPLE*** to the group who you feel would like to be involved, be it anyone who’d like to help organising events / musicians / bands / anybody wanting to start a band but needing that extra push / anyone & everyone who would like to be involved, period!
🤙🏽 peace out xxx


Synth Remix: Celebrating the Pioneering Women of Electronic Music.


Synth Remix – 8th-11th November, 2018 | U.K. Tour

In November 2018, _REMIX will tour their latest night, Synth Remix. Launching in London at 93 Feet East, and broadcast live on digital station, Resonance EXTRA, the night will tour to Manchester (the Anthony Burgess Foundation), Leeds (Belgrave Music Hall), and Birmingham (IKON Gallery). E

lectronic musician Jo Thomas will interpret music by the pioneering female composers of the 1960s and 70s including Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram and Laurie Spiegel. Archival research at the University of Manchester, BBC Archives and Goldsmiths College will offer performance of previously unheard music. The nights will culminate in a headline set by contemporary artist, Olivia Louvel, who will present her audio-visual work, Data Regina.

In London, Manchester and Birmingham, _REMIX will offer accompanying workshops (generously supported by The Fenton Arts Trust) for talented post-graduate musicians, sharing our archival research and performance findings. These will be ring-fenced for female practitioners.

Tickets £8-12



Get a massage at LOUD WOMEN Fest!

B1BAC47B-2514-42F5-91C4-7554D8264F99Blanca Gomez will be offering massages to attendees of this weekend’s LOUD WOMEN Fest!

FEAAC39C-0CC6-40CD-89A6-5E3831DCDD3AThe qualified massage therapist says,

“Massage allows the festival goers to release tension and relax their muscles to keep going and enjoy the festival.”

Massages are offered on a ‘pay what you feel it is worth’ basis. Blanca will be wearing a t-shirt identifying her as a mobile massage therapist, so keep your eyes peeled for her if you’re starting to flag from watching all the amazing bands playing the Fest

The WI will be serving up cake to punk rock revellers at Loud Women Fest, 15 Sept in London

IMG_6313The ‘Ladies of the Lock’ Women’s Institute group will be baking up a storm to raise funds, but not a village fete or church hall in sight – these cakes will be sold at the feminist punk rock festival LOUD WOMEN Fest, happening Saturday 15th September at London’s The Dome!

The local WI group, which covers Tufnell Park, Camden and Kentish Town will be selling a range of cakes to help raise funds to keep their WI going. Revellers can enjoy their tasty treats while listening to live music by 20 of the UK’s most hotly-tipped punk and indie bands, fronted by women and non-binary musicians, such as Petrol Girls, Dream Nails, Ms. Mohammed, The Menstrual Cramps and She Makes War.

Festival organiser Cassie Fox said:

“Home baking from the WI is actual the perfect cherry on the cake of our festival – what says ‘feminist punk’ better than women working together to help raise their sisters up? The revolution will be powered by sugar!”

wiThe Ladies of the Lock group are no strangers to innovative, militant baking – last summer the group ran a project called ‘Grrr!’ inviting members of the public to come and paint political slogans on biscuits at a pop-up art gallery!

You can enjoy the WI’s baked goods, and the festival’s raucous music, on 15 September at The Dome – tickets from WeGotTickets

Press release ends

For more information, contact Cassie Fox on