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LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 – new date and a new band!

We have some news – LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 has a new revised date of 18 September 2021

Same venue, 229 London, and same format of 20 awesome bands over one day.
With vaccines on the close horizon, we feel confident that the new date of 18 Sept 2021 will allow us to hold our fest exactly how we all want to experience it – nicely packed, up close and personal, and above all safe.

We have already personally contacted everyone who has already purchased tickets for the fest to let them know about the new date, and offer them a refund if necessary. All tickets purchased for LW Fest 5’s previous dates are valid for 18 Sept 2021. If you have any queries, contact us at

LIBRALIBRA joins the lineup!

Of the 13 bands already announced for the festival, 12 will still be performing the new date of 18 Sept 2021. Sadly the date was a clash for Pink Lemonade, but we will hopefully get to see them another time on a LW stage once we return to regular gigging.
We are delighted to announce though that Brighton’s so-hot-right-now LibraLibra are jumping on board the line-up!
With further bands still to announce, our LW Fest 5 line-up is currently announced as:

  • ARXX
  • Bang Bang Romeo
  • Breakup Haircut
  • Bugeye
  • ĠENN
  • Hagar the Womb
  • Honey Joy
  • I, Doris
  • Jelly Cleaver
  • LibraLibra
  • Lilith Ai
  • MIRI
  • The Empty Page


This is Cassie Fox here at LOUD WOMEN HQ. We can’t get together this year to hold the kind of big loud party I would absolutely love to be throwing tonight. But there’s lots to celebrate, so that’s what this video* is here for!

It’s been 5 years since the very first LOUD WOMEN gig–  it was 3rd October 2015 at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park. It was such a fun event, we did it again, and again, and again …

at venues all over London, at least once a month! Around those gigs there sprung up a fantastic online community, offering support, solidarity and connections for women in the DIY music scene.

In 2016 we held our first full-day festival at T-Chances in Tottenham, with bands like Vodun, The Franklys, Fight Rosa Fight, Grace Petrie … 2017 we held LOUD WOMEN Fest at DIY Space for London, with Hands Off Gretel, LIINES, Sink Ya Teeth … that one was so busy we had to turn people away on the day, so in 2018 we moved to the bigger venue, The Dome in Tufnell Park, and we hosted Petrol Girls, Dream Nails, The Menstrual Cramps and more …

We’ve also hosted some child-friendly punk matinee gigs at the Lexington and the Half Moon, which have been some of my very favourite gigs ever.   

2019’s festival shifted up another gear, with the feel of an international showcase – with The Txlips and Pleasure Venom from USA, Hello Delaware from Canada, Secondhand Underpants from Turkey, and the amazing Belgians Vaginas, What Else?

Pleasure Venom at LOUD WOMEN Fest 4 – photo (c) Keira Anee

Then we were given a rare opportunity to co-host an event at the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar room in March 2019 – featuring Ill, and Lilith Ai.

LOUD WOMEN also graced the radiowaves for a stint, hosting a show on the Women’s Radio Station, with guests like Ms Mohammed and Stephanie Phillips.

We’ve also now put out two compilation albums featuring some of the bands who’ve played for us.

2019 was also the year we saw the launch of new LOUD WOMEN chapters around the world. In February 2019 I maxed out my credit card, travelled to New York with my band I, Doris, and our awesome friends T-Bitch to play the first LOUD WOMEN NYC gig at Brooklyn’s The Well – along with Basic Bitches, and Slut Magic. Since then, more LOUD WOMEN chapters have sprung up, in LA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

Meanwhile in London, our regular nights have found a home at the Hope & Anchor in Islington – a venue rich in punk history, having famously seen early gigs by bands like The Clash, Dr Feelgood and the Sex Pistols. I just love how we’ve been able to add some music Herstory to the venue too.

Last year we also launched a lovely new acoustic night at the Queens Head, which introduced us to fantastic artists like Delila Black, I Am HER and Naz & Ella.

And early in 2020, just before the pandemic ruined everyone’s party, we started doing some really brilliant open mic nights at the Apple Tree in Clerkenwell.

Not that we knew it at the time, the last gig we were to run in 2020 was in our second home of Newport, Wales, at Le Pub – with Hurtling, Hot Sauce Pony and my I, Doris.

Since then, the world’s become a very different place. In the last six months we’ve kept our spirits up as much as possible. We’ve put new music on our blog every day. We’ve run online gigs with new friends like Rhiannon Scutt, Pity Party, Foundlings. And we’ve had more online gigs too in partnership with the Balcony Fest series run by the Joyzine blog.

In I, Doris, we’ve been keeping our peckers up with a Dorising podcast, shooting the breeze with some of the brilliant people we’ve met on the LOUD WOMEN scene – rapper Miss Eaves, Lorna Tieflholz, Debbie Smith, Joyce Raskin, and Audrey Campbell.

The Dorising Podcast – episode 7 with Dunstan Bruce, Chris Fox, John Szymanski and Jon Langford The Dorising Podcast

Doris, Doris and Doris from the band I, Doris host the seventh episode of The Dorising Podcast, celebrating International Men's Day on 19 November 2020 – with guests: Dunstan Bruce (glamorous man-songstess of Chumbawamba and Interrobang‽)Chris Fox (HAB and male bassist of man-fronted band The Charlemagnes)Jon Langford (wonderman of Mekons and more); and a bonusJohn Szymanski (male guitarist and Chris Fox lookeelikee). Dorising about the manly topics of hairstyling, parenting, and the difficulty of playing guitar with stubby man-hands. With music from Chumbawamba, The Hysterics, The Men of Gwent, The Mekons, The Charlemagnes, Interrobang, plus live performance by Jon Langford and John Szymanski.
  1. The Dorising Podcast – episode 7 with Dunstan Bruce, Chris Fox, John Szymanski and Jon Langford
  2. The Dorising Podcast – episode 6. With Julie Riley of I Am HER/Rosa Mota, MIRI and Lilith Ai
  3. The Dorising Podcast – episode 5. With Charley Stone, Delila Black, and Stephanie Phillips of Big Joanie
  4. The Dorising Podcast – episode 4. With Joyce Raskin, Seana Carmody, Audrey Campbell & Sarah Lay
  5. The Dorising Podcast – episode 3. With Debbie Smith, Karen Amsden of Hagar the Womb, and Janine Booth

The 5th annual LOUD WOMEN festival was planned for last month, but we’ve moved it ahead now to March 2021, at the new-to-us venue 229 in Central London. With funding in place from the Arts Council, it’ll be bigger than ever. We’ve already announced 13 of the 20 bands that will be playing – including Bang Bang Romeo, ARXX, Hagar the Womb, MIRI … and we’ll be making our next announcement next month.

Ooo! Forgot about the Hercury Prize! This has become an annual alternative award – won so far by The Menstrual Cramps, Ill, Dream Nails, and this year by the brilliant Nova Twins.

So lots and lots to celebrate over the past 5 years, and lots of brilliant people to thank. Team LOUD WOMEN help me run all of the fun things that we do. We are a team of around 70 volunteers from around the world – musicians, journalists, photographers, and music lovers who write for our ever-growing website, advise on new bands, and help out at events. I’m massively grateful to each and every one of them for helping keep the LOUD WOMEN community thriving and growing.

Petrol Girls at LOUD WOMEN Fest 2016 - (c) Keira Anee
Petrol Girls at LOUD WOMEN Fest 2016 – (c) Keira Anee

Since starting out with that one gig back in 2015, we’ve hosted around 100 events, featuring around 300 acts. We’ve helped DIY bands get played on national radio, and get signed by record labels. And we’ve provided some bright ideas for other promoters and festivals looking to make their lineups more diverse. Most importantly, we’ve had lots and lots of fun.

And there’s lots more to come. The LOUD WOMEN community is unstoppable, even in a pandemic, and we’re finding lots of way to keep in touch, keep the music playing, and keep women’s voices getting heard. Like this video! We’ve been sent some awesome contributions and messages from bands and friends on the LOUD WOMEN scene, including some excusive new music. So please enjoy this video and join us in wishing everyone involved with LOUD WOMEN – the bands, the venues, the DJs, the writers, and the music lovers, and you! –  a very happy birthday.

*PS here’s a lil index of the birthday video:

00:00 – Message from Cassie Fox
01:42 – Delila Black – ‘You’re So Common’
05:33 – Message from the Fox Bros
06:07 – Message from Kat Five of Feral Five
06:14 – Footage of Rabies Babies performing ‘Girl Band’ at the LW 4th Birthday party at the Hope & Anchor, October 2019
08:02 – Message from Tony Rounce of Team LOUD WOMEN
09:05 – Exclusive premiere of Charley Stone performing ‘Does She Mention Me?’
13:35 – Message from MIRI
13:52 – Footage of The Noise and the Naive performing at LOUD WOMEN at the Hope & Anchor, 24 April 2019
16:39 – Message from Jemma Freese
17:11 – Jelly Cleaver and her band performing ‘The Mirrors’
19:23 – Footage of Ill performing at LOUD WOMEN at the Hope & Anchor, 9 Feb 2019
20:36 – Exclusive preview of Lips Choir performing ‘Dancing on My Own’
25:37 – Message from GENN
25:53 – Rhiannon Scutt performing ‘My Farewell’
30:30 – Footage of Slut Magic performing at LOUD WOMEN NYC at the Well, Brooklyn, 1 Feb 2019
31:14 – Footage of Lilith Ai performing at LOUD WOMEN at the Royal Albert Hall, 17 Mar 2019
32:58 – Message from Shannon from Sister Ghost
33:13 – Footage of I, Doris performing at LOUD WOMEN at the Royal Albert Hall, 17 Mar 2019
36:46 – Maddy Carty performing ‘Future Daughter’
40:41 – Message from Donald Strachan on the radio
41:11 – Exclusive premiere of The Twistettes performing ‘Tory Cunts’


Today, 12 September 2020, is the day we had originally planned to hold LOUD WOMEN Fest 5! We have moved the festival to 20 March 2021 so let’s keep up those positive vibes and hopefully we’ll get to see our wonderful bands in London then.

In the meantime, to keep our peckers up, we made a gorgeous playlist of the LW5 bands we’ve announced so far. Get these stunners in your yurrs right now …

And if you’re so inclined, you can get yourself a ticket for the Festival right here:

LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 lineup announcement

We are proud to announce 12 more womxn-led bands on the LOUD WOMEN Fest 2021 line-up. Our message to all other festivals who insist on booking unequal lineups: your future headliners are right here!

The new additions to the LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 line-up are:

  • ARXX
  • Breakup Haircut
  • Bugeye
  • ĠENN
  • Hagar the Womb
  • Honey Joy
  • I, Doris
  • Jelly Cleaver
  • Lilith Ai
  • MIRI
  • Pink Lemonade
  • The Empty Page

BANG BANG ROMEO are set to headline the event, having played a 24 date stadium tour with Pink across the UK & Europe in 2019, as well as selling out their own UK headliners last year. They also collaborated with DJ/Producer Example on their single ‘Love Yourself’. The band’s debut album is out now and reached number 4 in the iTunes chart.

Interview with Bang Bang Romeo’s Stars

LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox caught up with BBR’s awesome frontwoman Stars (Anastasia Walker) on Zoom – here’s a transcript of the video if you’d rather read!

Stars: It’s actually called ‘LOUD WOMEN Fest’? That’s the best festival name I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’m buzzing! I’m buzzing for it! There just isn’t enough females on festival line-ups. There isn’t enough variation. And whether that’s down to not enough women being seen or inspired, either way there needs to be more of it, and it’s a pleasure to be part of something that is going towards the cause of getting women playing guitars and getting seen on stages. It’s like a massive inspiration hotpot. The amount of women I’ve spoken to who might be an amazing bedroom bass player or something like that, but have never gone on to play in a band. A lot of the reason is because, well, you don’t really go anywhere do you? You don’t really get on any line-ups. And I think this is another brilliant way of inspiring – oh no, actually you can! But we’ve got to fight together to get on those line-ups and to get seen. You want to be able to see yourself, in the future, being able to do that. And if there’s not enough representation on current, everyday line-ups, then how are we supposed to inspire the next generation of women to pick up drum sticks, microphones, write songs, etcetera.

Cassie: I think we’ve got a great opportunity now, with lockdown as well this year. Like, nothing happening. It’s almost like the slate’s been completed wiped clean. Maybe all the festivals could look at their line-ups next year and think ‘OK, well maybe we won’t just book Oasis or whatever to play everything!

Stars: When it comes to massive acts, it’s like – they were free this year, but then they might not be available next year. That’s also a great reason for festivals, and event organisers and promotion companies to be like ‘right OK, let’s look at the up-and-coming female acts’. It’s like we’ve almost got a second chance here. Anyone of you guys listening, we’re inspired, and we’re hungry, and we’re ready … and this festival is going to prove that. So listen!

BANG BANG ROMEO confirmed to headline LOUD WOMEN Fest 5

The fifth edition of LOUD WOMEN Fest will take place on 20 March 2021 at 229 The Venue in London. The volume will be turned up higher than ever at next year’s event with a boost from an Arts Council project grant.

BANG BANG ROMEO are set to headline LOUD WOMEN Fest 5, and LW’s founder Cassie Fox enthuses: 

“I am super-excited that Bang Bang Romeo are coming to play LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 – they are just explosive live, and Stars is such a driven and inspiring frontwoman, with a phenomenal voice. The perfect headliner for a festival celebrating female musical power!”

Bang Bang Romeo are a four-piece rock band from Doncaster/Sheffield way. In Summer 2019 they played a 24 date stadium tour with Pink across the UK & Europe, as well as selling out their own UK headliners last year. They also collaborated with DJ/Producer Example on their single ‘Love Yourself’. The band’s debut album is out now and reached number 4 in the iTunes chart.

Earlybird tickets for LOUD WOMEN Fest are available now at a special price of £16. Over 20 more artists are set to be announced and the event will take place across two stages at 229.


LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 – Date and Venue now announced!

We have very exciting news about LOUD WOMEN Fest 5!

First, we have just been awarded a grant by Arts Council England, so we can make the festival bigger and better than ever! This wonderful help means we can now ensure especially that all the bands playing get maximum coverage in the media, before and after the festival.

Given the current situation though, we thought that planning a festival in September might prove to be over-ambitious, so we are now moving it to 20 March 2021!

The venue is 229 The Venue – a fantastic Central London two-stage venue with fab big stages, lots of space backstage, a separate bar to chill out in etc. The Arts Council grant will allow us to hire really great backline for the bands to use too.

Additionally, the grant will allow us to put out a compilation CD of music by the bands playing the Fest, which will hopefully help the bands get heard long after the Fest.

We have a very exciting shortlist of artists already, and a few confirmed today who we can not wait to tell you about! For the final few spots we are going to keep applications to play the Fest open until 15 May 2020, to give more bands the chance to get in touch.

Tl;dr LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 is happening 20 March 2021, it’s going to be amazeballs, and if you’re in an awesome womxn-powered band you have until 15 May to apply here. Ticket links coming soon!

Petrol Girls: Pre-LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 Question Interview

Seeing Petrol Girls perform at the first LOUD WOMEN Fest back in 2016 was an emotional experience: rage, celebration, comradeship, and pure exhilaration. Punk as fuck. Since then, the band have enjoyed righteous success, including touring with War on Women, and even capturing the interest of the musical High Street with a recent live session on BBC Radio 1. Still punk to the core, they kick off their next UK headline tour this Saturday at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Do not miss! Here’s singer/force of nature Ren Aldridge’s 5 Question Interview …

1. For people who’ve not seen you play live before, what can we expect from you at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

Arguably too much ranting in between very loud techy post hardcore tunes about intersectional feminist, anticapitalist and antifascist stuff. And a pair of piss soaked sequined hot pants. And also a new stage backdrop which we’ll be making in 4 different countries on our way to the UK out of cut and stitched national flags… 

2. Fill in the blanks:

“Our sound is like the lovechild of Petty Bone and Refused with a bit on the side from RVIVR”

3. Give us your band manifesto in no more than 20 words.

Ideas like the gender binary/ nationalism are maintained through culture: so music/ culture is one front to attack them on. 

4. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

PHHHH that’s really hard because there’s so many incredible bands that we’ve played with before and also a load of new bands that we’re dead keen to check out! I’m gunna say The Baby Seals because they always make me so fucking happy and that nipple hair song is an absolute banger. I also think that a bunch of people singing along to a song about nipple hair is a beautiful thing. 

5. What made you want to play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

We’ve been lucky enough to play Loud Women Fest twice already, and its an absolute honour to be part of it again as it grows bigger and bigger, and makes a meaningful difference to the wider music scene by proving just how sweet a line up can be made from women and non binary people dominated acts. We’ve also discovered some of our favourite bands through this festival – especially Dream Nails who we went on tour with after meeting at Loud Women Fest! Can’t wait to discover more great bands this time round.