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From Martin to Ada – a poem by Janine Booth

Poem by Janine Booth
(referring to this:

You’ve won the Women’s Ballon d’Or
You dribble, tackle, shoot and score
But do you twerk?

You strike a hard and well-aimed ball
Around a wide defensive wall
But do you twerk?

Top scorer in the Champions League
But one thing fills me with intrigue:
Do you twerk?

I know your sporting skills inspire us
But do you move like Miley Cyrus?
Do you twerk?!

As I present the great award
I don’t know where my sense is stored
It doesn’t work
What a jerk

‘HARVEY IS A SEX ADDICT’ by Janine Booth

poem by Janine Booth

Harvey Weinstein is an addict
Harvey, he just has to have it
Harvey’s checked into a clinic
Not convinced? You heartless cynic
Harvey can not help himself
Please pray for Harvey’s failing health

Poor Harvey, he is sex addicted
Please don’t mock the sad afflicted
He’s compelled to grope and woo
His penis tells him what to do
He has no choice, he must obey
He needs to sate his lust each day

So Harvey’s at it like a rabbit
Finds it hard to kick his habit
He’s a slave to his libido
Hands won’t stay in his tuxedo
Doctor! It’s pathology!
Why can’t you show some sympathy?!

But here’s the thing that’s overlooked
It wasn’t sex got Harvey hooked
‘Cause sex is pleasure, sex is sensual
Most of all, sex is consensual
Harvey’s targets cringe and cower
Harvey gets his kicks from power

Go and tell your editor:
Harvey is a predator.

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Disaffected Middle-Aged Women

by Janine Booth

Somewhat like the angry youth
But rather longer in the tooth
We’re gobby, feisty, loud, uncouth
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

Kicking our feet against the wall
Plotting in the shopping mall
Go tell them we’re not playing ball
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

Armed with Sertraline prescriptions
And feminist magazine subscriptions
Complaints of various descriptions
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

We won’t be judged on how we dress
We’re going to save the NHS
We’re doing yoga for the stress
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

With the leadership skills of Princess Leia
The kicks of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
We don’t chill out – we add a layer
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

We’re meeting to plan our strategy
By the gates at school at half past three
Pumped up on hormone therapy
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

Bosses and sexists, be afraid
We’re not your skivvy or your maid
We don’t care if our colours fade
We’re Disaffected Middle-aged Women

Forming a gang on an estate near you
Fighting cuts and misogyny too
Then home in time for a refreshing brew
With the Disaffected Middle-aged Women