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LOUD WOMEN on Women’s Radio Station

wrsWe were so thrilled to be asked to create a radio show for the brand new Women’s Radio Station, launching this month! The station will feature “experiences and knowledge women want to hear about and would like to educate themselves on … fashion … health and wellbeing … beauty … how to write a book … mastering dating … how to make gourmet dishes in different cultures around the world …Tarot reading …” and, from us, news and talk and music from female and non-binary musicians!

wrsladiesSo far, LOUD WOMEN has just recorded one taster show, presented by our Cassie Fox, Kate Whaite and Lauren Murphy. The show also included a special guest appearance from the famazing Ms. Mohammed! We had loads of fun recording it, and can’t wait to get back into the studio and get broadcasting … there is just so much awesome music to play and talk about!

You can hear LOUD WOMEN’s taster show as part of the ‘teaser’ playing live on the station right now, here!

You can find out more about WRS on Facebook and the WRS website. The station is currently looking for sponsors for shows, so if you’re an organisation in a position to sponsor the LOUD WOMEN show, please do get in touch with getinvolved@womensradiostation.com

DUJUNRVW0AEL9SrIncidentally, we heard this week that, having only just launched, the station has already been nominated for an award! Check out the Diversity in Media nominations here.

We are thrilled to be involved in this awesome new station from the start!






Advent Galendar Window no. 7 – Ms Mohammed

It’s time to open LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar window number 7, and who’s that appearing in a swirl of dry ice and red chiffon …

Woah – it’s Ms. Mohammed!


The famazing Ms Mohammed played for us this summer when we teamed up with the Matchwomen Festival, and she dazzled us all with a stunning performance.

Her debut album ‘Alibi’ launched this autumn, given plenty of review love right here from Ful Shup of Turkey’s Secondhand Underpants.

Ms Mohammed has become a much loved friend and part of Team LOUD WOMEN. As such, she joined us when we recorded the pilot episode of the first ever LOUD WOMEN radio show for Women’s Radio Station – listen out for that big launch in the new year!

Find Ms. Mohammed on Bandcampher websiteTwitter and Facebook

Jitterz: ‘Get A Real Job’ – EP Review 

Jitterz EPreview by Ms. Mohammed
Jitterz: ‘Get a Real Job’ (EP)
DL/CD from Bandcamp

This Leicester duo claims to be the “uncoolest band you’ll ever meet” but that is the very definition of modesty. The EP kicks off with the impossibly infectious ‘One Good Song’ and quickly establishes their confidence in their chemistry and craft. Punky rock ‘n’ roll is served straight up with effortlessly cool (there’s that word again) vocals from lead singer Beth. “One Good Song could be my way out of here” laments the singer, bemoaning her small town existence. If there was ever any one song that could deliver, it’s this one.

JitterzThe no-frills yet polished approach to production perfectly compliments their style. The drum sound is reminiscent of Kill Rock Stars releases in the early noughties and that is a very good thing indeed.
The band’s guitar/drums call and response get even more interesting when they indulge in their bluesy dark side, as is evident on ‘Lobotomy Eyes’, delivered with tongue firmly in cheek as always. Before things get too serious they catapult us into the catchy singalong chorus of ‘Unicorns and Glitter’. The more you listen, the more you love this one.
Jitterz LiveBeth’s vocals are pure ear candy on all 4 tracks but she also shreds like a muthafucka on the the 12 bar blues of ‘Girl I Hate You’, pouring her heart and soul into the old 6 strings.
The Jitters’ ‘Get A Real Job’ EP reminded me of why I fell in love with punk rock in the first place! Punchy, passionate, energetic and grabbing life by the lapels. Rejoice! Rock n Roll lives! Get this EP – thank me later.

Find Jitterz on BandcampFacebook Twitter and SoundCloud

Ms. Mohammed: ‘Alibi’

danareview by Ful Shup
Ms. Mohammed: ‘Alibi’ (LP)
DL from Bandcamp
September 2017

Light a candle. Burn some sage. Set your intentions. Brew some lavender tea. For Ms. Mohammed’s debut album Alibi will set you to discover the powerful energy emanating from a full moon and a full heart.

Alibi opens with a groovy drumbeat and continues thereon to present a hypnotic experience. Tribal drums paired with smooth, intimate vocals, Ms. Mohammed leaves us as her “alibis” to a ritual.

Picture2Like the moon herself, we are sometimes whole, but often left feeling broken, dismembered, incomplete. We have a dark side. Alibi attests to that state of being as you can hear both strength and vulnerability both in her voice and in the cyclical movement of the music. As where one lets oneself be most vulnerable, one shows the greatest strength. And that is the ritual: the struggle to grow whole again, as the moon does in phases. But not without breaking apart, not without shattering. That is the mantra of the moon goddess. Alibi is a fiery offering to her. You will hear the music growing tense with the rise of feminine energy as you listen to ‘Pandora’. That feminine energy permeates the rest of the album. It peaks in ‘Written In Time’ where you hear most vulnerability, courage, festivity, and sadness all at once.

The beat moves you through the album, like an actual heartbeat, a lifeline. The beat reminds you that everything is connected. The beat is the connection: it is palpably felt in the percussions from the onset. “I am of the Earth and the Earth is of me,” the echo whispers as you move your body to the flow. Dancing too is a part of the ritual.

With ‘Never Again’, you will hear that the sound notably transitions into alt rock, yet it is the most natural of all transitions. Here we have a bridge between the old and the new: think Savages meets Texas. All in all, Alibi presents a powerful, eclectic fusion of traditional Caribbean beats with contemporary alt rock. The result? It is magic. Your inner goddess will scream.

Find Ms. Mohammed on Bandcampher websiteTwitter and Facebook

Ms. Mohammed offers a solid Alibi


Island-punk artist Ms. Mohammed releases her debut EP, Alibi, this Autumn.

‘Stay in your lane’. It’s a familiar barb, a warning to would-be rebels to let the status quo stand. But what if defiance is your calling? What if there is no lane for a queer, Fender-commanding Trinidadian femme of south Asian descent? And what if, like MIA, Grace Jones and PJ Harvey before her, Ms. Mohammed means to blaze her own, unique path?

After a brief stint in side projects that saw her appearing at Reading Festival and on Later…with Jools Holland, the London-based artist released a self-titled LP of attitudinal alt-blues as Dana Jade in 2012, earning strong reviews and support slots with the likes of PJ Harvey collaborator, John Parish.

But major changes have occurred in the intervening years. With LGBTQ and feminist progress has come a conservative backlash: austerity, Brexit, Trump, the #MuslimBan and Far Right fukry across the globe. And as life for marginalised voices becomes increasingly fraught, it feels increasingly important to own and value our otherness. Hence the name-change:

“Continuing under my Dana Jade [middle name] moniker didn’t feel right anymore. That title was too Anglicised, too safe; it avoided the weight of my government surname, Mohammed. Many of my loved ones are facing a lot of hate right now and I want to stand with them, to be counted.”

That gritty, resolute sense of purpose can be felt throughout her debut EP, Alibi, as Ms. Mohammed. “Before I made these songs, I asked myself: what can I bring to the table? My only goal was to make music I hadn’t already heard. I think I managed that.” The sound she’s crafted is a sultry, blistering alt-fusion of indie guitars, south Asian percussion and tropical riddims: island-punk, or rock & dhol, if you will.

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LOUD WOMEN at Matchwomen Fest ’17

What an awesome day we had yesterday at the Matchwomen Festival. LOUD WOMEN was honoured to be part of the event, helping to put together the evening’s music, following a day of truly inspiring women speakers. Highlights of the day, for me, included Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti, both such warm and engaging women; and Nina Malik from the Freedom Programme, gave a heartbreakingly personal account of survival from abuse.

The music from our LOUD WOMEN kicked off with Gaptooth, aka Hannah Lucy, who gave an explosive performance of her biting feminist keytar pop. Her songs are dancy and clever and funny and endearing. Really excited that this talented woman is joining us for LOUD WOMEN Fest in September.


Next up was The Menstrual Cramps, who were playing their second ever gig (their first being LOUD WOMEN on International Women’s Day this year). This awesome band of young feminist punks are just so exciting – they’ve grown hugely in confidence during the last few months, and gave a slick performance which won them a room full of devoted new fans. Catch them next at Who Run the World’s birthday party on 13 August at the Fiddler’s Elbow.

The Menstrual Cramps
The Menstrual Cramps

Next up was Thunder on the Left. Agonisingly, we never got to see this awesome band play last night, due to horrendous technical problems caused by the venue (more on that later, but suffice to say for now we would not be recommending anyone book the London Irish Centre for live music events in future!). We apologise profusely to the band and the people who’d come to see them. We’ll get Thunder on the Left back on a LOUD WOMEN bill very soon – watch this space.

Finally, we were treated to a mesmerising set from Ms. Mohammed. She opened with her stunning hit ‘Alibi’, which had become the anthem for the Matchwomen Festival. Watching this exquisitely polished new popstar close up felt like a very special treat – can’t wait to see what’s next from her.

Ms Mohammed
Ms Mohammed

Big thanks so Louise Raw for getting us involved with her brilliant festival!

31 March – Clit Rock

16904944_1204495819605074_2039115170984735116_oJoin the Clitterati for an evening of celebrating women who rock and saying No To FGM!

Live sets from:
Art Trip and the Static Sound
Rose Red and The Butterflies

Sandra D
Mammory Tapes

Ms. Mohammed – Clit Rock founder brings the global beats from the Soca of her native Trinidad to R&B, Pop, Reggaeton and Afrobeat to Beyonce. We dare you not to dance!