LOUD WOMEN on Women’s Radio Station

wrsWe were so thrilled to be asked to create a radio show for the brand new Women’s Radio Station, launching this month! The station will feature “experiences and knowledge women want to hear about and would like to educate themselves on … fashion … health and wellbeing … beauty … how to write a book … mastering dating … how to make gourmet dishes in different cultures around the world …Tarot reading …” and, from us, news and talk and music from female and non-binary musicians!

wrsladiesSo far, LOUD WOMEN has just recorded one taster show, presented by our Cassie Fox, Kate Whaite and Lauren Murphy. The show also included a special guest appearance from the famazing Ms. Mohammed! We had loads of fun recording it, and can’t wait to get back into the studio and get broadcasting … there is just so much awesome music to play and talk about!

You can hear LOUD WOMEN’s taster show as part of the ‘teaser’ playing live on the station right now, here!

You can find out more about WRS on Facebook and the WRS website. The station is currently looking for sponsors for shows, so if you’re an organisation in a position to sponsor the LOUD WOMEN show, please do get in touch with getinvolved@womensradiostation.com

DUJUNRVW0AEL9SrIncidentally, we heard this week that, having only just launched, the station has already been nominated for an award! Check out the Diversity in Media nominations here.

We are thrilled to be involved in this awesome new station from the start!





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