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CATBEAR – 5 question interview

Indiepop duo of the moment CATBEAR release today their third single of the year – ‘Who Are You?‘ – one for fans of 80s-tastic synths and catchy hooks.

We caught up with Zoe for a quick interview to find out more …

1. Tell us in your own words ‘Who are you?’
We evolved out of the band Cat Bear Tree. Initially it was a bedroom production project of mine which turned into the beginnings of CATBEAR. We just decided to have fun with music and not put any pressure on ourselves or not worry about what style it fitted into. We’ve kept our indie roots but now they’re drenched in poppy synths.

2. Tell us about the single.
‘Who Are You?’ was written and recorded in spring this year. The melody and words came to me on one of my last commutes before lockdown. I have quite a short commute so it came out kinda quickly and I had to sing it into my phone on the platform at Blackfriars station.
We always seem to write lust songs and this one is no exception! The instrumentation is quite full on and it kind of represents the intense physical feelings you have for someone in the early stages, but it’s tinged with some uncertainty as to whether they’re right and whether you know them well enough to be getting in so deep.

3. Which artists are you most excited about/inspired by at the moment?
Jenn Champion – her music videos make us want to dance around in lycra, we’ve shared the stage with Nova Twins before and they are one of the best live acts we’ve seen, Skies we’ve played with too and they’re awesome and have worked so hard going live keeping fans happy through lockdown, and Bryde because she is heartachingly fantastic.

4. What are your top 3 lockdown tips?
Having a healthy routine – I have started having a cold shower and a run every morning, I even set my alarm for 6am now. It’s a bit ridiculous how lockdown has made me feel fitter and healthier than ever! It’s been really important to keep creating – we made both this single and our last single Girl Crush during lockdown. And staying social has been really important, making sure Sarah and I keep in touch and see each other as much as possible when we’re allowed!

5. If you could be a cat or a bear, which would you choose?
Well people seem to think that I’m the cat and Sarah’s the bear. So I guess we’re stuck with those now! But we both kind of like cats and bears so that’s cool.

CATBEAR online:

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Caiine: Breakdown – one to watch

Solo artist Caiine releases her single ‘Breakdown’ today, and we are more than a bit in love with her rich buttery vocals and instant-classic songwriting. The song was originally called ‘Camden Breakdown’, written on a train on the way back from a warm up gig in London for SXSW 2020. She says,

“The lyrics are basically an expression of desperation and helplessness at being lied to, and the feeling of wanting to break with the old routine that goes with it.”

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Chloë Black: SACRIFICE – new favourite

Our new favourite today is Chloë Black – a Franco/Australian LA-based multilingual singer, songwriter, rapper and director. New single Sacrifice is out now and it’s a pop anthem to resilience in the face of adversity. She says:

“I’ve been told countless times that I should quit. I’m well aware that I’m someone who is incredibly privileged and yet even I have had a journey full of rejection, hard times and failures… so I tell my personal story of ‘Sacrifice’ and struggle in case someone reading this has just been told that they’re worthless and should give up. There is really no shame in the struggle. Things worth fighting for usually don’t come easily – but I’m just as proud of my resilience as I am of my achievements.”

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Rats and Daggers: Vampires – new music

Just had to share this debut single from Dutch punx Rats and Daggers – Vampires. They tell us:

“Het nummer gaat over het hebben van slechte vrienden verwikkeld in een metafoor over vampieren.”

Which roughly translates as this song being about the universal problem of false friends who drain your soul and aren’t worth the time. Boo to those energy vampires, hurray for Rats and Daggers!

Introducing… Kate Stapley

by Kris Smith

Kate Stapley releases her new single, a digital double ‘A’ side, today – featuring the tracks ‘Hermit‘ and ‘Hours‘.

Only the second solo record proper from this London-born, Bristol-based DIY singer-songwriter, it follows last year’s well-received six-track Centella EP, also issued on the Breakfast Records label, with two more songs in her trademark singular, slightly-uncategorisable style, her engagingly heartfelt vocals here overlaying subtle, skilful production by Oliver Baldwin (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey).

Loud Women has caught live performances from Kate at both folk and riot grrrl gigs over the last couple of years, and she demonstrated an ability to hold the attention of a room with only an acoustic guitar and her wits which transcends genre – and thus helps to make any attempt to gauge her musical influences here (Kathryn Williams, Martha Wainwright, Peter Doherty, Nico?) nigh-on impossible.

Making a mental note to quiz her on the subject sometime soon, we’ll settle for observing that it’s a rare type of wistful, autumnal, yet happily-in-love song that begins with imagery such as ‘Hermit‘s “I’ve been pissing like a racehorse.” A blend of such deftly-wielded curveball turns of phrase with relatable observations of everyday vulnerabilities perhaps explains why Kate projects an aura of wisdom beyond her years – albeit as a relative veteran, with a decade of gigs in rearview.

Second track ‘The Hours‘ is the reverse image of its ‘A’ side, an intimate confessional, volunteering doubts to contrast ‘Hermit‘s happy ending. “I will stay inside today, and run circles round my crinoline” is a stand-out line.

An intriguing, beguiling two-track taster for Kate Stapley’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Hermit’/’The Hours’ is out now.

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Gauche: new favourite band

Your new favourite band today is Gauche – brand spanking new DC groove-punk band spawned of Downtown Boys‘ Mary Jane Regalado and Priests‘ Daniele Yandel.

Debut single ‘Running’ is out now, ahead of the launch of their LP ‘A People’s History of Gauche’ (check out the limited-edition pink marbled Peak Vinyl, which comes with a flexi of the previously released ‘Conspiracy Theories’).

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Gauche open for Bikini Kill in Brooklyn in June, and will be touring North America this summer:

06/05/19Brooklyn, NY Kings Theatre w/ Bikini Kill
07/27/19Carrboro, NC MRG30 Festival
07/28/19Athens, GA The World Famous
07/29/19Birmingham, AL The Firehouse
07/30/19New Orleans, LA Gasa Gasa
07/31/19Houston, TX The Satellite
08/01/19Brownsville, TX Carlotta K Petrina Cultural Center
08/02/19Austin, TX Hotel Vegas
08/03/19Dallas, TX Regal Room
08/05/19Albuquerque, NM Sister
08/06/19Phoenix, AZ Valley Bar
08/07/19Tucson, AZ Club Congress
08/08/19San Diego, CA Whistle Stop
08/09/19Los Angeles, CA Bootleg Theater
08/10/19Oakland, CA Oakland Metro
08/11/19Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
08/12/19Seattle, WA Barboza
08/13/19Vancouver, BC CanadaBiltmore Cabaret
08/16/19Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
08/17/19Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club
08/18/19Chicago, IL Subterranean
08/19/19Detroit, MI Deluxx Fluxx
08/20/19Toronto, ON CanadaThe Baby G
08/22/19Montreal, QC CanadaCasa del Popolo
08/23/19Providence, RI AS220
08/24/19Brooklyn, NY Alphaville
08/25/19Philadelphia, PA PhilaMOCA
08/26/19Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery

BullMoose: new favourite band

BullMoose, punkrock kiddies from Augusta GA, are your new favourite band today.

I fell for them when I heard ‘Deadbeat Millenial’ – a perfect, banging anthem for the enfranchised youth. These BullMooses have thoroughly checked their millennial privilege and are responding in the correct medium: sarcastic punk.

“Daddy’s money got me far but I’m prob’ly gonna die alone”

Loving frontwoman Marisa Williams’ hard-hitting vocals (and superb SCREAMING!). And guitarist Dave “Dave” Knight can shred like a motherfucker – the solo on this balances just perfectly on that edge between a brief flash of genius and bourgeois showmanship.

I’m off to explore the rest of their debut EP, ‘Hot Garbage’.

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Oosterbanger – Loud Womxn AUS

oosterOosterbanger are a four piece band from Perth in Western Australia. What started off as a solo venture for singer and guitarist Ellen Oosterbaan has become a full band with dirty poetic grit, ready to take you on your next adventure. Songs like “Odysseus” mix Greek mythology with feminism and screaming guitars. As well as being fronted by Ellen the band features Indigo Foster-Turke, Jane Azzopardi and drummer Jordan Shakespeare who are all veterans of the Perth indie rock scene. They will be playing the first Aussie Loud Womxn show in Australia, in Perth on the 8th of June at the Bird.


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Have a listen to their latest release :

Vaureen: New Favourite Band


Brooklyn goth punx Vaureen are our new favourite band today. They’ve released this 90s AF single, Turn to Face the Sun, and it’s just gorgeous – listen!


They have an album coming out – ‘Extraterra’ – described as “early The Breeders meets Fugazi meets Chelsea Wolfe meets The Sword”. I’d stick All About Eve and Siouxsie in there for good measure too, but I’m having that kind of day.

Speaking about the album, Andrea Horne (vocals/guitar) says:

I came to music from an art background and I have a form of synesthesia. For me the album is highly visual. The title comes from my personal interest in spaces beyond direct perception, both within and without… like Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot and Charles & Ray Eames’ Powers Of Ten.”

119738Extraterra by Vaureen is our on Rising Pulse Records on 26 October 2018.

Find Vaureen on Facebook and Soundcloud.