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Introducing… Kate Stapley

by Kris Smith

Kate Stapley releases her new single, a digital double ‘A’ side, today – featuring the tracks ‘Hermit‘ and ‘Hours‘.

Only the second solo record proper from this London-born, Bristol-based DIY singer-songwriter, it follows last year’s well-received six-track Centella EP, also issued on the Breakfast Records label, with two more songs in her trademark singular, slightly-uncategorisable style, her engagingly heartfelt vocals here overlaying subtle, skilful production by Oliver Baldwin (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey).

Loud Women has caught live performances from Kate at both folk and riot grrrl gigs over the last couple of years, and she demonstrated an ability to hold the attention of a room with only an acoustic guitar and her wits which transcends genre – and thus helps to make any attempt to gauge her musical influences here (Kathryn Williams, Martha Wainwright, Peter Doherty, Nico?) nigh-on impossible.

Making a mental note to quiz her on the subject sometime soon, we’ll settle for observing that it’s a rare type of wistful, autumnal, yet happily-in-love song that begins with imagery such as ‘Hermit‘s “I’ve been pissing like a racehorse.” A blend of such deftly-wielded curveball turns of phrase with relatable observations of everyday vulnerabilities perhaps explains why Kate projects an aura of wisdom beyond her years – albeit as a relative veteran, with a decade of gigs in rearview.

Second track ‘The Hours‘ is the reverse image of its ‘A’ side, an intimate confessional, volunteering doubts to contrast ‘Hermit‘s happy ending. “I will stay inside today, and run circles round my crinoline” is a stand-out line.

An intriguing, beguiling two-track taster for Kate Stapley’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Hermit’/’The Hours’ is out now.

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Gauche: new favourite band

Your new favourite band today is Gauche – brand spanking new DC groove-punk band spawned of Downtown Boys‘ Mary Jane Regalado and Priests‘ Daniele Yandel.

Debut single ‘Running’ is out now, ahead of the launch of their LP ‘A People’s History of Gauche’ (check out the limited-edition pink marbled Peak Vinyl, which comes with a flexi of the previously released ‘Conspiracy Theories’).

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Gauche open for Bikini Kill in Brooklyn in June, and will be touring North America this summer:

06/05/19Brooklyn, NY Kings Theatre w/ Bikini Kill
07/27/19Carrboro, NC MRG30 Festival
07/28/19Athens, GA The World Famous
07/29/19Birmingham, AL The Firehouse
07/30/19New Orleans, LA Gasa Gasa
07/31/19Houston, TX The Satellite
08/01/19Brownsville, TX Carlotta K Petrina Cultural Center
08/02/19Austin, TX Hotel Vegas
08/03/19Dallas, TX Regal Room
08/05/19Albuquerque, NM Sister
08/06/19Phoenix, AZ Valley Bar
08/07/19Tucson, AZ Club Congress
08/08/19San Diego, CA Whistle Stop
08/09/19Los Angeles, CA Bootleg Theater
08/10/19Oakland, CA Oakland Metro
08/11/19Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
08/12/19Seattle, WA Barboza
08/13/19Vancouver, BC CanadaBiltmore Cabaret
08/16/19Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
08/17/19Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club
08/18/19Chicago, IL Subterranean
08/19/19Detroit, MI Deluxx Fluxx
08/20/19Toronto, ON CanadaThe Baby G
08/22/19Montreal, QC CanadaCasa del Popolo
08/23/19Providence, RI AS220
08/24/19Brooklyn, NY Alphaville
08/25/19Philadelphia, PA PhilaMOCA
08/26/19Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery

BullMoose: new favourite band

BullMoose, punkrock kiddies from Augusta GA, are your new favourite band today.

I fell for them when I heard ‘Deadbeat Millenial’ – a perfect, banging anthem for the enfranchised youth. These BullMooses have thoroughly checked their millennial privilege and are responding in the correct medium: sarcastic punk.

“Daddy’s money got me far but I’m prob’ly gonna die alone”

Loving frontwoman Marisa Williams’ hard-hitting vocals (and superb SCREAMING!). And guitarist Dave “Dave” Knight can shred like a motherfucker – the solo on this balances just perfectly on that edge between a brief flash of genius and bourgeois showmanship.

I’m off to explore the rest of their debut EP, ‘Hot Garbage’.

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Oosterbanger – Loud Womxn AUS

oosterOosterbanger are a four piece band from Perth in Western Australia. What started off as a solo venture for singer and guitarist Ellen Oosterbaan has become a full band with dirty poetic grit, ready to take you on your next adventure. Songs like “Odysseus” mix Greek mythology with feminism and screaming guitars. As well as being fronted by Ellen the band features Indigo Foster-Turke, Jane Azzopardi and drummer Jordan Shakespeare who are all veterans of the Perth indie rock scene. They will be playing the first Aussie Loud Womxn show in Australia, in Perth on the 8th of June at the Bird.


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Have a listen to their latest release :

Vaureen: New Favourite Band


Brooklyn goth punx Vaureen are our new favourite band today. They’ve released this 90s AF single, Turn to Face the Sun, and it’s just gorgeous – listen!


They have an album coming out – ‘Extraterra’ – described as “early The Breeders meets Fugazi meets Chelsea Wolfe meets The Sword”. I’d stick All About Eve and Siouxsie in there for good measure too, but I’m having that kind of day.

Speaking about the album, Andrea Horne (vocals/guitar) says:

I came to music from an art background and I have a form of synesthesia. For me the album is highly visual. The title comes from my personal interest in spaces beyond direct perception, both within and without… like Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot and Charles & Ray Eames’ Powers Of Ten.”

119738Extraterra by Vaureen is our on Rising Pulse Records on 26 October 2018.

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An interview with genre-defying stars of Brixton, Coltana

Brixton's Coltana, led by Cat Mardindale, are a band making big noises around the UK. We found out more ...

The most striking thing about your music is the range of genres it spans – by your own description, ‘grunge, brit-pop, punk and heavy metal’! Is that due to different musical tastes/influences within the band? And if so, which of you brings each of these influences? Or are you all eclectic in your tastes?

Yes we play with a lot of different genres. I mean genres are a weird thing anyway right? I think they are useful to give people an idea of what something sounds like but they can also be restrictive. If you like something you like it. I think a lot of bands have multiple genres in their music but they just choose to describe themselves using only a few of them. We all have quite broad tastes. Very early on in the bands formation the guitarist Baj and I had a discussion about genres and he argued that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to one. I was arguing that not everyone has such broad taste in music like him and that we would only appeal to very open minded music fans. However once you’re in the studio and you’re writing and you’re listening to loads of different types of music and that’s all coming out in your work and the song about heartbreak feels right as a progressive song and the song about your dead cat feels right as a punk song you just do what is right for the song. We have had rejections because we mix genres. We’ve had people say we’re too hard to sell. And it makes it hard to get gigs sometimes because you need promoters who actually think about their nights and put effort into programming and who had an audience for their venue who trust their curation. Equally it makes us very unique. There are no other bands I have heard who sound like us. It makes our fans very loyal and it gives us quite a broad programming scope as we can play alongside loads of different types of bands which takes us to loads of different venues and festivals so we never get stuck in one scene.

Talk us through the writing process for Coltana – who does what?

Well there is a slight divide in the writing process right now. The songs you hear on the EP where written with my [Cat’s] words as a starting point and the music and vocal melodies in response. The songs we are about to record for our album were written with music first and my words and vocal melodies as a response to the music. We wrote the songs for the EP all together in a room. I presented poems and the band picked ones they liked and someone would come up with a guitar or bass melody and we all improvised a bit until we had a few parts and then we tried different structures. The next set of songs we will release were written by Baj presenting his ideas on guitar and the drums and bass writing parts to go with his songs and then me putting words and vocal melodies on top. Still all in a room for a week. We generally go to the countryside and stay somewhere for a week so we aren’t in the hussle of London and we can get creative. It’s one of my favourite parts of being in Coltana!

Your EP ‘Blighty’ came out 15 June and it’s a treat! Can you give us a quick summary of each of the 5 tracks, what each one is about, and anything you’d like to say about the recording of the EP? 

Thank you! We have had a great response which is really very encouraging for us!

So Blighty the EP starts with the title track ‘Blighty’. I wrote the words for this one on a plane coming back into London from being in Mexico. I was listening to the Brits on the plane having a good moan and noticing how we behave with each other and the judgements we make of each other and comparing it with what looked like a more relaxed way of interacting in Mexico. I am sure if I was Mexican I would understand the intricacies of Mexican social interactions and perhaps they are just as judgmental as we are but it was having been away from the UK which made me see us Brits from the outside a little. So I wrote it in protest really. It was me making a commitment to myself not to become cold and distant and judgemental.

‘Waiting for the Storm’  is again a commitment to myself to not worry about things that haven’t happened. I sometimes feel as if I am waiting for a crisis and it is no way to live so its me saying I won’t do that. Better to roll with the punches.

‘Fuck Those Fuckers’ is written to a friend who was struggling with things in her past and how they were affecting her now and it’s me saying ‘fuck them…what’s the worst that can happen?’. The verses are about us two being hand in hand while she sticks two fingers up to people who may have made her feel bad about herself or told her she wasn’t good enough. I imagine we have our armour on and we are at the edge of a cliff and they are trying to rip us apart and we are strong together and showing them we won’t let them hold us down anymore. It’s a song about mental health really.

‘Break Her’ is about jealousy. It’s about feeling in competition with another woman. It is wrong that women get compared to each other and especially in regards to how they look and I guess it’s me admitting I am jealous of other women sometimes. As I get older it happens less and I do agree that it isn’t a useful feeling. But we are told not to feel jealousy yet some women get praised for how they look and others don’t. Some women get to be models and others don’t and I do see changes in their area, we are making great progress but we still aren’t there yet. The words in the final verse some it up ‘She’s so skinny and so funny and so carefree, she is so much better than me, I just want to break her’. I don’t think we can get change until we admit that these comparisons happen and those ideas get internalised and we get set up against each other. It is sexism.

‘Finally Bitter Sweet’. It’s about a relationship. It’s about wanting someone desperately and also wanting independence.

We recorded the EP in Kettering at Parlour Studios. We stayed in the room next door in bunk beds and played pool and cooked on a gas stove in the carpark. It was extremely glamourous. The rest of the band are all male so the shared toilet was a delight. Luckily one of them brought his girlfriend which helped! It was great. We recorded live first for the drummer and then bass, guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals. That was a lot of fun. We would sit around in the evening and make up vocal harmonies to record the next day. It was mixed by our main man Xaiver Stevenson in Brixton who we would be nothing without. He is one of the most hard working men in music and brutally honest which we find very important. It was mastered by Noel Summerville in Peckham and the artwork is by Joe Furlong in Deptford so we brought it home to South London for the finishing touches!

Any plans for more touring, or recording – a full album maybe?

Live dates coming up are:





We’ll keep playing after that UK wide and our album is due at the end of the year! Very excited about that!

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New favourite band: Crucial Features


Crucial Features are a “riot grrrl inspired” band from Vilnius, Lithuania –  FFO Petrol Girls, Downtown Boys and Pussy Riot. They’ve just released their debut EP, ‘Kaprizai’ (“Caprices”), and it’s awesome. Have a listen:

The band say the EP:

“deals with the absurd mindset of the ones who believe that emotionally violent topics are not dialogue worthy.”

The all-girl trio formed in 2016, in response to the lack of female role models in the Lithuanian music scene. Right after releasing their debut single ‘Miršta Sovietynas’ (“Dying Sovietism”), the band provoked plenty of serious discussions about the socially and culturally damaging heritage of the Soviet era.

Fast, full of rage and sincere cynicism driven by catchy riffs, dynamic vocals and vigorous drums, the band continues paving their way to confront social issues, inequality and stereotypes of post-soviet Lithuanian society. We want to see them in London as soon as their legs can carry them here!

Find Crucial Features on:






Casey Tufnell – 10 question interview


Casey Tufnell is a an awesome protest folk-punk musician, and they're coming to play a LOUD WOMEN show on 9 June at the Hope & Anchor! To get to know Casey a bit better, we asked them our 10 questions ...

1. Who would you most like to cover one of your songs?
A member of public on the other side of the world. This is because success to me is reaching as many people as possible with my music and to have someone on the other side of the world cover one of my songs would show the expanse of my music. “GLOBAL TAKEOVER” (haha, just kidding.)

2. If you could add one member to your band – any person, living or dead, musical or otherwise – who would it be, and what would they play?
Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote. She is so talented, I love her style of music and writing and would love to work with her.

3. What was the last song you wrote, where were you when you came up with the idea, what inspired it, and how did it turn out?
The last new song of mine doesn’t have a title. I was playing at an open-mic night in SE London and I do improvisations in my set. The inspiration was literally the audience: I ask them to shout out random words (objects, emotions, whatever is on their mind at that point in time). I think people loved it! I think the audience love to be included in the making of something, which is what I find really special.

4. Which was your favourite gig you’ve a) played and b) watched?
My favourite gig I’ve played is probably the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg 2017. My favourite gig that I’ve watched would be Petrol Girls at Loud Women fest, I was going through something personal and their songs resonated with me so much it brought me to tears!

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.
Steve Lacy – Dark Red. I recommend this record (and music video) because it was all made on garage band on an iPhone using an iRig to record the guitar. Its genius and just shows that you don’t have to have the fancy equipment to make amazing music. The music video was all filmed on an iPhone as well. Pure and raw talent, I love that.

Jeff Garvin – Symptoms of Being Human. This book is the first time I was able to connect to any character fully. The protagonist is a gender-fluid person and really helped me normalise my gender, show me that it’s okay to identify as non-binary and that there are other people out there like me. Representation is so important, this is also what fuels me on with my music.

6. What’s your best piece of advice for young musicians?
Do it. Don’t listen to the adults telling you to be ‘realistic’. Take risks. And most importantly: tell those creepy men to fuck off if they tell you they can get you gigs in return for a sexual favour. You deserve way more than them.

7. Your top 3 most beloved albums ever – go. 

Choose Your Weapon – Hiatus Kaiyote

Update Your Brain – The Tuts

New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh – Erykah Badu

8. What are your musical goals?
To always keep exploring with genres, I’m the kind of person that can’t stick to one thing – and I often question whether or not that’s positive or negative I’ve decided to not think of things that way anymore. I wouldn’t like to get to a point with writing music where it feels like a chore, so keep on exploring sounds would be my first goal.

Another goal is to play. To play as much as possible, get more people listening to my music. I’m still quite new but I know what I need to do.

Also get merch and proper branding. I’m D.I.Y, so I’m learning a lot on the way, but I’m enjoying it!

9. Give your top 5 contemporary bands/musicians. 

Hiatuis Kaiyote

The Tuts

Erykah Badu

Steve Lacy

Peter and Kerry

Catch Casey Tufnell when she plays LOUD WOMEN on 9 June at the Hope & Anchor, with Think Pretty and Charismatic Megafauna.

track of the day: RUEN drops ‘Bad Behaviour’

RUEN Promo 2Rhiannon Mair is an awesome and in-demand producer, working with artists including Laura Marling, Port Erin, Kimberly Anne and Emma McGrath. She is also a talented pop artist in her own right, making her own music as RUEN. Her new single ‘Bad Behaviour’ is out today – check it out here.


Rhiannon says:

“The song was inspired by being close to someone in an abusive relationship. Witnessing the negative cycle of going back again and again after being repeatedly hurt. It’s as if they were becoming addicted to the abusers bad behaviour.”


Ruen_Bad_Behaviour_Single_ArtworkNEXT LIVE SHOW  3 JULY 2018 at THE FINSBURY