Jitterz EPreview by Ms. Mohammed
Jitterz: ‘Get a Real Job’ (EP)
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This Leicester duo claims to be the “uncoolest band you’ll ever meet” but that is the very definition of modesty. The EP kicks off with the impossibly infectious ‘One Good Song’ and quickly establishes their confidence in their chemistry and craft. Punky rock ‘n’ roll is served straight up with effortlessly cool (there’s that word again) vocals from lead singer Beth. “One Good Song could be my way out of here” laments the singer, bemoaning her small town existence. If there was ever any one song that could deliver, it’s this one.

JitterzThe no-frills yet polished approach to production perfectly compliments their style. The drum sound is reminiscent of Kill Rock Stars releases in the early noughties and that is a very good thing indeed.
The band’s guitar/drums call and response get even more interesting when they indulge in their bluesy dark side, as is evident on ‘Lobotomy Eyes’, delivered with tongue firmly in cheek as always. Before things get too serious they catapult us into the catchy singalong chorus of ‘Unicorns and Glitter’. The more you listen, the more you love this one.
Jitterz LiveBeth’s vocals are pure ear candy on all 4 tracks but she also shreds like a muthafucka on the the 12 bar blues of ‘Girl I Hate You’, pouring her heart and soul into the old 6 strings.
The Jitters’ ‘Get A Real Job’ EP reminded me of why I fell in love with punk rock in the first place! Punchy, passionate, energetic and grabbing life by the lapels. Rejoice! Rock n Roll lives! Get this EP – thank me later.

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