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Merpire: Heavy Feeling – video of the day

Video of the day comes from Melbourne’s Merpire – the beautifully poignant ‘Heavy Feeling’, out today.

Merpire explains; “I write music to get those thoughts out of my head so that they seem like less of a reality I’ve created and more just thoughts that will pass. This song is more straight-up lyrically, melodically, production-wise than previous releases. Straight to the point of ‘anxiety is shit so I’m going to write a loud, strummy song to get it out’.”

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Soulish: All I Had Known – video of the day

Video of the day today from Toronto’s Soulish: ‘All I Had Known’. A belting indie-punk anthem that, surely, must be worth having gone through the break-up the song is about? They say:

“Its not about the person, but it’s about the hole they left and living with that hole.”

True. But you know what they say’s the best thing to do with a hole … yep, write a indie-punk anthem about it, that’s it!

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Lauren Aquilina: Bad People – video of the day

Today’s video of the day is ‘Bad People’ by Lauren Aquilina, who we suspect to be very good people in fact. She says of the song:

“The message is very personal but also feels profoundly political in the current world, everyone can relate to that moment where they feel that maybe life would be easier if they could simply be more of a villain.”

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Wargirl: Dancing Gold – video of the day

Video of the day comes from California’s Wargirl – Dancing Gold. The band lay claim to funk, garage rock, psychedelia, soul and reggae influences, but maybe someone’s also been listening to a streaky rock duo (and thankfully adding the funky-AF bass line that song always needed – what, say something.) Anyways, this is a belter. This is what the band, fronted by vocalist Samantha Parks, have to say:

“In Costa Rica at sunset, the sky turns a million colors, sometimes the last sunlight is golden and it dances on the evening water and time stands still and you remember that all of life is a crazy miracle. All of us people are magical living beings, some of us get lost along the way, but at our best we are all Dancing Gold. This is a song to remind us to really live life as it is a gift and not be stuck in negativity.“ 

Released via German-based label Clouds Hill.

13 March  London, Old Blue Last
14 March  Bristol, The Crofters Rights
16 March  Brighton, The Hope & Ruin 

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