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UV: Summoning – video of the day

A stunning video of the day today from UV, aka Marina Elderton, for her hauntingly hypnotic a capella ballad ‘Summoning’. Shot while 9 months pregnant, the video gives a ‘glimpse into the shape shifting female form’.

Previously fronting ethereal-psych band KULL and electronic duo White Russia, Marina Elderton is also co-founder of the female sound artist collective Erinyes.

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Bloods: U & M E – humpday hymn

It’s that time of the week again – time for a #HumpdayHymn to guide through to the weekend! Today we’re loving Seattle’s Bloods new video out today – U & M E. An alphabetical lesson in feelgood pop-punk.

About the song the band’s Marihuzka Cornelius AKA MC says:

U & M E was inspired by the Nat King Cole classic L-O-V-E. I loved the idea of writing a song using the alphabet to spell out romantic sentiments. The childishness seemed to capture the immaturity of infatuation so well.

During the ‘infatuation’ stage, you simplify any individual’s complexity by focusing on the things that they make you feel. The object of your affection becomes so perfect and unflawed because they turn you on or you like their smile, life without them becomes impossible to fathom. 

The track is taken from Bloods’ new EP ‘Seattle’ which sounds like it’s going to be well up our alley.

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NEW YEAR NEW Dream Nails

Our favourite punk witches Dream Nails are kicking off 2020 with their hotly-anticipated first studio release, ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns). And it’s sounds amazing! A perfectly captured punk parcel giving us a tantalising taste of what’s to come from their album this spring!

We caught up with the ‘Nails (Janey, Lucy, Mimi and Anya), on the road today heading off on tour …

We are mega-excited to hear your first studio-recorded release! Tell us more.

This summer we took a Dream Nails holiday up to Liverpool to sit in a hot studio with Tarek Musa from Spring King and lay down ten beautiful tracks for our first full-length LP. It was a magical, albeit intense, process and we’re really proud of what’s come out of it!

Congratulations on signing with Alcopop! Records. What made you feel they were the right match for you?

They really respect our DIY ethics, the importance of our connection with our fanbase and respect us having 100% creative control. We just clicked! We love some of the bands signed to Alcopop! like Happy Accidents, Peaness and Cheerbleederz so it’s nice to get an invite to the punk family dinner table. 

So the hot gossip is that ‘Text Me Back’ was inspired by two of the Nails being ghosted by their Glastonbury festival crushes … what messages would you like to send those heartless ghosters now?

One says: “Thank you for being our completely oblivious romantic muses. What can we say, we’ve learned and grown but sometimes even now when our phone bleeps, we jump out of our skins.”
The other says: “Mate you were off your nut.”

You’re off on a megatour with Anti-Flag, and have an album on the way … any more exciting plans for 2020 you can tell us about? 

Antiflag is awesome, we’re currently in Lisbon about to go and sample some nata. Then we’re going to Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and some other cool spots. We will be embarking on a headline tour running up to our album launch show in London on April 23 at Oslo, Hackney!  Catch us all around the UK!

Now you’re starting to break through the DIY ceiling and share your witchy pop with a wider audience – what advice would you give to fledgling DIY bands who want to follow in your footsteps? 

When you commit to being in a band, commit to regular rehearsals. Once you unlock that magic, you’ve got to keep the momentum going! And get some merch as soon as you can. Our Hex the Patriarchy patches are pretty much the only way we can pay for our rehearsal studio in the first place!

Catch Dream Nails on tour:

JAN (supporting Anti-Flag)
08 Lisboa, Portugal – RCA Club 
09 Madrid, Spain – Caracol 
10 Vitoria, Spain – Kubik 
11 Zaragoza, Spain – Sala López
12 Barcelona, Spain – Estraperio
14 Milan, Italy – HT Factory 


10 Cardiff, UK – Wales Goes Pop!
11 Leicester, UK – Shed
23 London, UK – Oslo – Album Release Show
24 Bristol, UK – Louisiana
25 Reading, UK – Are You Listening? Festival
26 Southampton, UK – Heartbreakers

Plus more to be announced.

Connect with Dream Nails:

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Party Fears: Money – video of the day

Today’s video of the day is a newie from the solidly-awesome Party Fears – Money.

Their most punk release yet, the song is features hard-hitting lines, painfully recognisable as the advice young girls are given about sexual assault:

We’re told to shout fire. Every girl knows when not to take a shower

Party Fears’ Maggie Devlin explains

There are these moments of “compromise” when you’re a woman that feel so horribly wrong. Refusing a come-on by lying and saying you have a boyfriend, for example. But there are also capitulations we make every day; these little blips of moral grey. And cash is usually at the centre of it: in the things we buy or the wage we earn. So it’s a song about money and a song about power.