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Lauren Lakis: Sail Away – video of the day

Today’s video of the day comes from LA-via-Baltimore’s queen of shoegaze Lauren Lakis: ‘Sail Away’ deals with coming to terms with childhood trauma. Lauren explains:

Thematically, Sail Away explores the idea of running away with my inner child, protecting and parenting her. It’s me becoming my own mother, which was something I had to do at a young age. 

As the daughter of my mother, I had to learn how to take care of myself and grow up quickly. She struggled with addiction until I was almost 10 years old; I don’t have many memories of my childhood before that age. I’ve spent some years in Alanon, connecting to my inner child and learning how to “re-parent” her as a way of healing those wounds. The inner child is the part of us that is innocent, vulnerable, playful, full of wonder, freely trusting and loving. It hasn’t always been easy to connect with that side of myself.

I didn’t feel like I had a voice as a kid, and I had no control over what was happening around me. In spite of, or perhaps because of this, I grew into an extremely strong, resilient, capable adult. This song explores my longing for having had an adult like me around, when I was a child…as well as the anger I’ve carried with me for having missed out. I’ve had to accept that no one can go back in time and fix that for me.

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Luna Neptune: Your Gods – video premiere

We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of Luna Neptune’s solsticetastic new song and video, ‘Your Gods’.

Starring acclaimed artist and choreographer Dana McPherson, the video was shot, edited and directed by Luna Neptune, and filmed on the banks of Loch Lomond. 

It’s a music video that’s been 7 years in the making. In 2013 my dear friend, artist Dana McPherson asked me if I’d film her while she got naked in the woods and then set herself on fire. I of course said yes. 

The footage was used as a video installation, and we talked about putting music to it but never found the right song. When I recently found the lost footage I realised that it would be a beautiful match to Your Gods. I’d been unsuccessfully searching for the right visuals for that track, and it was a great moment when I realised, combined, it would be the culmination and completion of 2 creative projects that had been so important to me.








Everyday’s a Gift: T-Bitch – Friday Soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday comes courtesy of the inimitable T-Bitch: ‘Everyday’s a Gift’ is out today on Bandcamp, in aid of South East and Central Essex Mind. Who better than our favourite glitter punx T-Bitch to soundtrack our Friday with a message of positivity and support. Front-bitch Stevie tells us:

“everybody, including us as a band, has been challenged mentally throughout this last year and this song is in recognition of that.  In usual T-Bitch style, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but with a serious message hidden away. The title ‘Everyday’s A Gift’ is a line from our guitarist Cheeky Kev, who has his own health struggles to contend with.”

The song features regular band members Stevie, Cheeky Kev, Fanny Von T, T-Red and a special guest appearance from Ren Stedman.

Smiling through the tiers, T-Bitch cannot wait to join you all back on stage at some point in 2021 – until then, remember, ‘Everyday’s A Gift.’

All proceeds from the Bandcamp download will go direct to South East and Central Essex Mind, which is a charity close to the band’s hearts.


Grab the track from T-Bitch’s Bandcamp here.

Iraqis in Pajamas: Cancer Is My Engine – video of the day

Out today from Seattle’s Iraqis in Pajamas: ‘Cancer is My Engine’ – I can honestly say we’ve never shared a song quite so unique!

Iraqis in Pajamas combines ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers with alt rock fuzzed up guitars, and spoken word. This song tells the story of frontwoman Loolwa Khazzoom’s decision to approach a 2010 cancer diagnosis as an opportunity for radical healing and transformation – ultimately leading her back to her lost-love of music, following which the nodules started shrinking.

“I have been healing from cancer through music and lifestyle medicine. The song combines original alternative rock with an ancient Iraqi Jewish prayer, with the themes of light and faith, in a time of darkness and fear.”

Loolwa is launching the song tonight with a combined video release watch party and last night of Hanukkah candle lighting in the Iraqi tradition – event details here.

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Charley Stone: Merry Christmas Actually – video of the day

Multi-talented artist and all-round good egg Charley Stone just dropped a suitably 2020 DIY video for her festive single, ‘Merry Christmas Actually’.

Featured as our track of day earlier in the month, the song is a brilliant indiepop riposte to problematic festive film ‘Love Actually’. Stone’s crowdsourced video features her friends offering their ideas for Keira Knightley’s character to respond to him off of The Walking Dead turning up on her honeymoon doorstep to hold up signs professing his unsolicited love for her. Contributors playing the role of Knightley include Stone’s bandmates Jo Bevan of Desperate Journalist and Marjne van der Vlugt of Salad. My personal favourites are ‘Bugger off, Egg, find your own wife’ and ‘Have you got my Waitrose order?’.

What would your response have been?

Emmrose: Ballad for the Boy Next Door – video premiere

LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the premiere of New Yorker Emmrose’s video for their haunting indiefolk ‘Ballad for the Boy Next Door’, shot in Long Island.

Emmrose wrote her first song five years ago in math class. She is now a 17-year-old songwriter, currently working on the follow-up to her first EP, Hopeless Romantics, released in 2019. Despite quarantine, she continues to perform live streams for her fans (weekly), attends high school (remotely), and write songs during classes (frequently). 

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