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Browsing Collection: Pizza Slice Paradise

Today’s track of the day is the rockingly tasty ‘Pizza Slice Paradise’, out today from Sweden’s Browsing Collection. What’s it all about? Guitarist  Moa Lenngren explains …

 “It’s new times now. Everyone wants pizza, there’s no question of that. Why then keep insisting on serving old dry bread and fish? The whole song is about questioning older generations’ way of looking at society while the listener is allowed to follow how a modern pizza baking with Jesus would have been like. Brilliant right ?! “

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Hightime: Quit Ya Job – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is a cure for those Monday morning blues: ‘Quit Ya Job’. An undeniably great idea in super-salty surf-punk form, from Australia’s Hightime. They say:

“Quit Ya Job isn’t a song telling people to just sacrifice their employment or financial stability; it’s a song to encourage people toward embracing what makes them happy and gives them a sense of purpose and meaning.

It’s a conversation about how (all to our own varying degrees) we are able to steer our lives in certain directions and with a bit of agency, responsibility and determination, we have the power to improve our lives and in turn achieve a certain level of happiness and fulfilment.”

Boarder: Chew Me Up – track of the day

Today we are mostly listening to your soon-to-be favourite new band Boarder, from lovely Leicester, and their new single ‘Chew Me Up’ is our track of the day. They say it’s…

“a song about the way that people have become disposable, and how it feels to be chewed up and spat out.”

This band sounds like a keeper. Looking forward to hearing more from the trio.

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Tanya Ryan: Almost Famous – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is Tanya Ryan‘s ‘Almost Famous’ – a relatable singalong for DIY musicians everywhere!

The Canadian singer/songwriter says,

“I created this song for artists, creators, writers; for anyone that delivers their soul into their work no matter how thankless or seemingly fruitless it can be. For those who fearlessly love their craft and what they do – and pursue it infinitely. Because it’s better to be heartbroken by living as close to your dream as possible – than it is to live a life where you wonder what you would’ve done by taking one more step.”

Single taken from Tanya Ryan’s first full-length album, Open, out now.

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Marble: I Become a Ghost – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is the eerie indie-rock of Seattle’s MARBLE with ‘i become a ghost’.

MARBLE is a duo of songwriter and guitarist Chantel Bailey and guitarist Matthew Blount. The pair say of this, their debut releaese:

‘“i become a ghost”, is a call to sit with yourself in the darkness, allow it to engulf you, and honour your humanity in the very feeling and passing of it. Examining themes of mental health and spiritual dissonance, ‘i become a ghost’ will leave you in a trance, floating atop cathartic gloom poetry and weighted by visceral, mood-driven chord progressions and distinctive voicings.’

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Jay Miners: Real Love – track of the day

Photo by @thisisjeffd

Today’s track of the day is New Yorker Jay Miners‘ alternative Valentines Day ballad – ‘Real Love’ is written from the POV of her smartphone. She says:

“It’s very much a commentary on our current digital society. The inspiration behind it came from attempting to “break-up” with my phone and realizing that so much of my life is on it – from navigating the city, to planning where to eat, to finding love.”

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