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Party Fears: Money – video of the day

Today’s video of the day is a newie from the solidly-awesome Party Fears – Money.

Their most punk release yet, the song is features hard-hitting lines, painfully recognisable as the advice young girls are given about sexual assault:

We’re told to shout fire. Every girl knows when not to take a shower

Party Fears’ Maggie Devlin explains

There are these moments of “compromise” when you’re a woman that feel so horribly wrong. Refusing a come-on by lying and saying you have a boyfriend, for example. But there are also capitulations we make every day; these little blips of moral grey. And cash is usually at the centre of it: in the things we buy or the wage we earn. So it’s a song about money and a song about power.

Jemma Freese: Pleasure Island – video premiere

Delighted to present today the video premiere of Jemma Freese’s trip-hop electronica grunge soundscape, ‘Pleasure Island’.

Jemma is a keyboardist/vocalist/composer and also a part of GREAAT (Music:Leeds Gender Equality Advisory Group) which is a group of people supporting gender equality specifically focusing on Leeds and the surrounding areas. 

The single is taken from the Leeds trio’s recently released album ‘The Beast in the Blueprint’. Jemma tells us:

“The album is about emotional abuse that I have been through, with this track being about trying to find oneself. “

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Smoke Fairies: Disconnect – video of the day

Today’s video of the day comes from hot-right-now Smoke Fairies – ‘Disconnect’. The moody guitar+drums indierock duo is the first UK act to release a single on guitar+drums fan Jack White’s label, Third Man Records.

Smoke Fairies are old school friends Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire from Chichester. For their forthcoming album ‘Darkness Brings The Wonders Home’ they traveled to Seattle to record with producer Phil Ek (The Black Angels, Fleet Foxes, The Shins).

Katherine Blamire tells us: “The video was a really simple idea encapsulating how your everyday domestic world gets turned upside down when someone gets inside your head – how your normal world goes slightly askew and there is a sense of strangeness to everything you normally go about doing.”

Listen out for the band on John Kennedy’s Radio X show with an interview and live session on 28January, ahead of a Southern England tour in February.

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My Ugly Clementine: Playground – Friday soundtrack

Our Friday soundtrack is the perfectly-biting feminist indie-pop anthem ‘Playground’ from Austria’s My Ugly Clementine.

This one goes out to the fella from TRNSMT Festival who told the BBC this week that the reason he’d filled his festival lineup full of dull white blokes was a lack of female talent. We got news for you, Geoff …

My Ugly Clementine can sit with us. Find them on facebook instagram.

Frazey Ford: The Kids are Having none of It – video of the day

Video of the year more like – get your eyeholes round this beautiful piece of righteous art by Vancouver’s Frazey Ford, ‘The Kids are Having None of it’. No they’re not, and thank fuck for them. Frazey says:

“This song came out of a desire to envision change as though it has already happened and to champion the incredible movements that we’re seeing right now. Beyond our collective fear and anger about what is and isn’t happening, to create an image of the wave of change that most of us would like to see. The cast of the video are all close friends, moms and neighbourhood kids that my son grew up with. We had a beautiful day, being together. I think the love of community, real relationships, and the willingness to include the experiences of others is the real basis of activism.”

“The Kids Are Having None of It” is out now, in honour of Greta Thunberg’s initiative of #FridaysForFuture.

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