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Everything and Everybody: Lifequake – new music premiere

LOUD WOMEN is thrilled to bring you the premiere today of ‘Lifequake’, the new single from Berlin alt-pop trio Everything and Everybody. We asked them to tell us in their own words what inspired the song:

“The sheer question of what does it mean to be a woman or a man or something in between or neither of them. The ongoing debate and the resulting reality check are very present in every part of our daily life. They shake our fictional collective truth and thinking, which seemed set for way too long. Our song lists a small selection of one-dimensional gender stereotypes and cliches, that still exists in our culture. We don’t want to blame someone, we want to ask each and everyone of us one question: which and how many parts do you want to live out, regardless of the classification as typical feminine or typical masculine? “Choose life” is a motto George Michael once wore on a T-shirt. I love it.”

And about the funky video …

“It is a game of associations. We see something and something else pops up in our mind. This happens with people, situations, symbols – and also with fruits. Their shapes could create specific associations and, for example, classify the banana as a phallic fruit and the orange as the female opposite – interestingly we don’t have a word for “that” in german, do you have one in english? Vulvic? Apart from this, fruits have always been a symbol for life, sensuality and fertility. We really should enjoy fruits more often, each in his* or her* own way.”

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LibraLibra: Listerine – new music premiere

LOUD WOMEN is thrilled to bring you today the premiere of art punx LibraLibra’s minty fresh new single – ‘Listerine’. The band treat us to some hauntingly stripped back piano, dreamy synth, and a gut-wrenchingly emotional vocal performance – altogether hugely reminiscent of FKA twiggs’ ‘Cellophane’. The accompanying video turns up the intimacy with a single camera longshot as the band perform in a homely, flower-strewn Brighton flat. The overall effect is a mesmerising closeness, which makes it feel all the more poignant that we can’t get to see this extraordinary band play live just yet. We are just itching to hear this beautiful song performed live!

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Themme Fatale: Be Around – new music premiere

LOUD WOMEN are honoured today to bring you the first listen of a stunning new single from New York’s Themme Fatale. Be Around is out today, and it’s an empowering story about overcoming transphobic family hostility. Themme Fatale/Jack tells us:

“I have a better relationship with this family member now, but this song was written when I was asked to not come around them when I was wearing the more feminine clothes that I wanted to. They didn’t understand my nonbinary identity, but still said they were upset that I wasn’t really reaching out to them. This was my response – if I can’t be myself, I’m not coming around. Don’t put that on me! I wanted to write something for the trans people who felt like they had to compensate or compartmentalize pieces of their identity to appease others. Demand the respect you deserve and surround yourself with people who will respect your authentic self!”

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SUSU: Work Song – new music premiere

We bring you today the premiere of NYC rockers SUSU’s phenomenal new single, ‘Work Song’, out today, ahead of forthcoming EP ‘Panther City’ due this November.

Smouldering blues vocals over southern rock and roll guitars provide a heady soundtrack to this gutsy protest anthem. The band say:

“‘Work Song’ is Nina Simone staring down Ted Nugent’s ‘Stranglehold’ as they both walk along the same chord structure. This is THE meeting of the minds. This is the duality of our times. A Civil unrest deeply woven in the fabric of the U.S. A Global pandemic that has infected ALL of US. This song is for US – the disenfranchised, black, brown, minority, middle class, poor, trans, gay, and subjugated communities stepping down off the auction block, breaking the stranglehold; saying: ‘If a house gets in my way, you know I’ll burn it down.’ As Nina Simone once said, ‘An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times’.”

SUSU features two lead vocalists and songwriters – Liza Colby and Kia Warren. They say:

“We aren’t shy about being black women in Rock and Roll. There is an aliveness, an awareness, and a spirituality to SUSU that are both timely and timeless.”

We want to hear lots more from SUSU.

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All Flags are Grey: Blood Box – new music premiere + interview

We are stoked to be hosting the premiere today of a new single from alt rockers All Flags are Grey. ‘Blood Box’ is out today, tackling as they say “elements of control within relationships, be it sexually or platonically”, and the stunning video is once seen never forgotten. We had a lil chat with the band …

We love this song! What’s it about?
Lyrically the song explores the narrative of coercive control be it in a sexual relationship or a relationship that is purely platonic .

On our previous EP we had focused on incorporating more electronic production styles, but both our roots lie in alt rock and on this record we wanted to add a larger element of this with a hint of doom.

What the fluff is going on in this video then?
We’re big fans of 80s cult horror movies and this definitely influenced the video, but we wanted to take a more comic style approach to the aesthetic so we teamed up with visionary artist Ben Coiacetto who directed and produced the video for us.

We also did this video during lock down all filmed on green screen – social distancing most certainly applied! 

What’s next for you?
Live wise we are really looking forward to playing again. We had a tour in the U.K. and dates in Germany which was was due to start in April but sadly cancelled , at the moment where working on some tracks for film sync projects but have new tour dates next year we will announce soon.

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Alison James: Wonder – new music premiere

We are delighted to premiere today the new single from New York’s Alison James. ‘Wonder’ is the new lead single from her forthcoming EP Theories of Relativity, slated for the Autumn.

‘Wonder’ is a very satisfying combination of delicate pop vocals, funky Nile Rogers-y guitar (courtesy of James’ producer husband, James Madx), and political message.

“An array of colours on our skin … empathy is paper thin …We’re all made of stardust”

The track was also inspired by the artist’s fascination with astrophysics and includes samples from NASA audio of actual star/space sounds. Pretty far out.

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Jasmin Albash: Going Out To See You – NEW MUSIC PREMIERE

We are delighted to bring to you today the premiere of Jasmin Albash’s mesmerising electropop single ‘Going Out To See You’, ahead of its release tomorrow. The track is the third release from the Swiss artist’s forthcoming album ‘Gold’ – a record steeped in her personal biography, as she confronts her roots and family history in Palestine. Looking forward to hearing more from this Basel-based artist.

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Ana de Llor: Penelope – video premiere

Delighted to bring you today the premiere of ‘Penelope’, the powerfully-sexy new video from Lisbon-born, London-based avant-pop artist Ana de Llor. She says of the track:

“Have you ever wanted to use your own body to furiously wash away the stain someone left on you? I believe those thoughts and those actions are seen as unbecoming when they come from a woman but men have always been given the freedom to be as a sexually liberated as they so desired.

“As a woman, I feel we are not allowed be as sexually liberated, the same way Penelope wasn’t in the Odyssey. It was expected of her to turn down any suitors that came on to her while her husband was away on an indefinite journey that amounted to 20 years in the end. While away he made the decision to move on and lay with Goddesses, nymphs and common girls alike. I wanted to imagine a world where Penelope moved on and chose to be happy instead. Where she put her needs and her desires first.”

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Potpourri: Dearly Departed – premiere

Today we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of Sheffield’s Potpourri‘s gorgeous new video for their latest release, ‘Dearly Departed’. Both the song and the video were created in lockdown, and the band say,

“Staying creative has really helped to remain upbeat and positive.”

The video was inspired by the lockdown distractions they have been using to keep themselves occupied: the Italian film Bicycle Theives and the work of Hitchcock. HC Gordon, a Dublin-based illustrator created some bespoke silk scarves for the band for the film!

Potpourri’s lead singer Lauren Dowling says the song was inspired by her jog around Burngreave Cemetary, in Pitsmoor. She says,

“This song is dedicated to anyone who has lost someone in this pandemic, or otherwise.”

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Lauran Beth: 11 Years – PREMIERE

We’re excited to bring you today the premiere of Lauran Beth‘s cracking new single, ’11 Years’. The video delivers a stark climate change message, contrasted by Lauran delicate vocals – with, refreshingly, no masking of her beautiful natural accent. Lauran tells us:

“’11 Years’ is a climate change song about how selfish and cruel people have become in relation to the environment. It expresses the opinion that, as a society, we have become indifferent to the pain and suffering endured by animals and plants, and only care about ourselves. Climate change is an emergency, and in order to fix the problem that we’ve created, we must learn where we’ve gone wrong and change our relationship with the environment.

Writing ’11 Years’ was a therapeutic experience for me, as I personally have many fears and anxieties around climate change. I have always worried about the environment and the effect that our behaviour has on plants and animals. Writing this song really helped me in calming my fears and expressing how I really feel in a way that is unique to me.

Lockdown has been a strange, yet interesting experience. From doing schoolwork, to writing music and learning more songs from other artists, lockdown has helped me to broaden my horizons in terms of music. I have gotten time to think about the type of music I want to write and the opinions I want to share through my music. Even though it is a scary time, music has helped me through.”

11 Years is out now via Beardfire Music.