We are stoked to bring you the premiere of a gorgeous new single from Brooklyn’s Camp Bedford. Out tomorrow, ‘2AM’ showcases the trio’s powerful blend of harmonies, with witchy folk, gritty rock and satisfying pop. Ahead of their debut EP, So Often and So Sweet (out 31 March).

The band tell us:

“2 AM” was written after a pandemic breakup, when everything about the world (and the breakup) just felt so hard and unfair. Even when a breakup is mostly cordial, there’s often all of this anger that lingers and wants to be heard. We wanted honor and give space to that anger, especially because as women/femme people, we’re not often given societal outlets for rage. It’s so much healthier to feel the full scope of our feelings than trying to tamp them down, so we hope this track also serves as a cathartic listen to anyone who is processing these kinds of hurts.”

About the band, they say:

“After many iterations of playing in different groups and playing solo, we’re so thrilled to have found each other and to collaborate musically together. We’re deep friends and the trust and play that comes from making music with people you love is just an unbelievable feeling—we can’t wait to keep going.”

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