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Sister Ghost: Fake Friends Run This Country – premiere

Very excited to bring you today a premiere of the new single from Belfast’s finest punk band, Sister Ghost – Fake Friends. It’s an instantly on-yer-feet fist-pumping anti-anthem for those frenemies who can absolutely do one. The vitriolic lyrics resonate in NI politics, in celebrity Twitter-storms, and in your DMs. Balls to the fake friends, and hurray for Sister Ghost!

“See what happens when the Stormont Ghosts take over Parliament and change things for the better, using nothing but love and common sense.”

For the uninitiated (and those who weren’t lucky enough to catch their outstanding performance at LOUD WOMEN Fest 3 in 2018) Sister Ghost is the the band of musical powerhouse and all round superb human, Shannon Delores O’Neill. You may also know Shannon from the Girls Rock NI chapter, which she set up in 2016.

Fake Friends is out now! Find Sister Ghost on

ILL: Kick Him Out the Disco – video premiere

Proud as punch to bring you today the video premiere of ‘Kick Him Out The Disco’ by ILL, our favourite glitter-post-punks, and winners of the 2018 Hercury Prize.

KIOTD is a rolicking good time with middle fingers firmly up to “manipulative exes and incompetent overlords”

“Plank-walk him off your ship:
He’s a twit,
And he doesn’t deserve your love!”

Such. Relatable. Content. Catchy AF too!

Kick Him Out The Disco is out now – grab it on ILL’s Bandcamp

Austel: Now We’re Here – video premiere

Delighted to bring you the premiere of Austel’s new video for delicious moody electro-pop single ‘Now We’re Here’ – filmed at The Cause in Tottenham.

Austel – aka Annie Rew Shaw – says of the track:

‘The song is essentially about the impact of toxic relationships and dismantling the pedestals we put people on. Learning to be comfortable with your own identity. Commanding a new-found sense of confidence and inner strength. 

It also touches on the idea that we as a society have grown so distant from each other, and ourselves. In an age where communication devices are practically glued to our hands, most of us feel lonelier than ever. We’re not built to socialise through screens; we crave a warm, human connection. So Now We’re Here is also about trying to process that, and why it’s so hard to open up and be vulnerable when you’re met with ‘cold love’.’

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The Empty Page: He’s Very Good At Swimming – video premiere & interview

Thrilled to bring you today the first viewing of Manchester’s The Empty Page’s video for their stunning single ‘He’s Very Good at Swimming’. Chillingly beautiful post-punk with a crashing maelstrom ending, the song is a battle cry for the #metoo generation, tackling the subject of rape and victim-blaming head-on.

This band have been lighting up our radar for several years now, and their new releases show them to be ripe for explosion into the mainstream – they are undoubtedly ones to watch.

Singer-songwriter-bassist Kel, guitarist Giz and drummer Jim had a chat with our Cassie Fox.

  • The video touches on some sensitive subject matter in a powerful way – how important do you feel it is to tackle topics like this head on?

Kel: I think it’s important as a songwriter to write about whatever sparks emotions in you. But it’s not really a preconceived thing, I have always written about things that make me angry or sad because music is massively an emotional outlet to me. I don’t know what I’d do without that vent to let all my hot air out. I’d probably spontaneously combust. With this particular song, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, but I was quite worried about putting into words how I felt about it as it’s such a big issue and not something I have direct experience of. I’m just really fucking angry about it. So I probably rewrote these lyrics more than any I have ever written. I really hope I have done it justice. I am close to tears every time we play it. In terms of the video, it was very important that a woman made it, and there was nobody else I wanted to do it but Debbie [Ellis of asupremeshot] , so I’m very glad she said yes.

Content warning: themes of sexual violence and imagery of the aftermath of rape.

Jim: Purely from a male perspective, very. We need to be made aware that it’s our actions that need to change, not women’s. This ‘boys will be boys’ nonsense – what does that even mean? I can get away with behaving like an arsehole and blame it on genetics? Don’t be daft.

Giz: For me music or art is always most powerful when its got a creative thought process behind it. 

  • How did the song itself come about? What’s the writing process like for TEP?

Kel: Our writing process kind of varies. But generally we come up with bits of musical ideas when messing around in the rehearsal room, and one of us will go, I like that, and then we’ll record it and have a jam around with it until it starts to take shape. Usually it comes from Giz because he’s just an incredible guitar player, but sometimes I spark something while I am messing around with the bass, which is what happened with this track. I always say I am not a bassist, I kind of fell into doing it because I wanted the next band I was in to be a smaller unit. So my ideas are just me messing around really. I started playing this weird bass line and Giz came up with some beautiful guitars that sort of worked and were sort of discordant at times, and it just felt good. I came up with some snippets of vocal melody, it just kind of grew organically. The verse lyrics came later, amid the aforementioned wrangling. The scream leading to the heavy bit at the end just kind of erupted out of it at some point. Songwriting is so weird. For us at least, it’s never linear. It took us a while to finish. It was important to all of us that we got it right.

  • TEP has been playing the DIY scene for a while now – does this work for you, or is there a bigger plan afoot?

Giz: It works because we get to go and play our music, but obviously we’d like to do more if we got the opportunity.

Kel: Erm, yeah it works I guess. The main thing for me is that we just write and play music that we are proud of. I want people to love it too and I am very happy that some people do, but as I said earlier, for me this is something I just have to do. I tried to stop at one point because being in an active DIY band takes a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment. But my life was hollow without it. It really does give life meaning for me, so that’s the crux of it. We had some help with the last single from Punk Fox records who put out the 7” and it was so great to have that support and feel like someone was fighting our corner. I’d love to have that in more of a long term way, but it would have to be for all the right reasons. 

  • What current/new bands/musicians inspire you?

Jim: Fontaines DC, False Advertising, Little Simz… 

Giz: Canadian band No Joy are really good, they’ve been around for probably about ten years so not that new but they make really cool shoegazey music.

Kel: SO MANY! Impossible to list them all but I always feel inspired at gigs of smaller bands, there’s just something magic going on there, I guess it’s what I described above. A searing passion, a desire to make art that means something, an outlet. It’s not always tangible when you’re watching someone who’s been a millionaire for ages play radio hits to a shitload of drunk people in a stadium. Recent bands I’ve watched that have made my arm hairs stand on end have been Big Joanie, Desperate Journalist and Blanchard, but there really are loads. We have this band Spotify playlist that we update about once a month with new and old bands we like. I think it’s well worth a listen.

Catch The Empty Page live:

20/08 Sesh @ Polar Bear HULL

21/08 Fulford Arms YORK

31/08 The Crofter’s Right BRISTOL (with She Makes War)

20/09 The Victoria, Dalston LONDON (SWS 7th birthday, with Pussy Liquor)

28/09 The Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, BIRMINGHAM (With Desperate Journalist and more)

16/10 Jimmy’s MANCHESTER (With Saint Agnes)

Just Friends and Lovers: Role Model – video premiere

Delighted to bring you a very gorgeous video premiere today: the band is Just Friends and Lovers from Vienna, Austria, and the video is for single ‘Role Model’, taken from their album ‘Her Most Criminal Crimes’, out today. Dissonance, harmony, and indiepunk in the park – perfect. FFO Sonic Youth, The Raincoats

Catch the band live in Europe from tonight:

20.06. @ Graz, Sub

21.06. @ Innsbruck, Café Dezentral

22.06. @ Wien, AU

28.09. @ Darmstadt, tba

03.10. @ Nürnberg, Flit* Bar

04.10. @ Wien, Venster 99

05.10. @ Prag, Kasárna Karlín

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Secret Treehouse: The Big Rewind – video premiere

Grab some popcorn and settle in with Norweigan Secret Treehouse‘s compelling video for single ‘The Big Rewind’. Dreamy indie-pop goodness with a chorus to die for. Lead singer, Anja Bere, tells us: 

“In the video all five of us has our own specific story to tell. My story is based on a person looking back on her life and a time where she felt stepped on by others, and accepted people doing it. This person looking back and telling the story is visualised in the video with a confident attitude wearing green luscious make up and big hair telling the world how strong she is now. She is rewinding time to incidents where people told her that she was not good enough and put her down. The character,  in the rewinded story, which is the younger self, is visualised in dark colours and giving  off an apathetic and destructive feeling. I think we all can relate to this, where we sometimes rewind time and hopefully see how strong we have become!”

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Malak: Visa – video premiere

Excited to bring you the premiere of Malak’s awesome new video and single, ‘VISA’.

Malak’s music reflects her mixed background – a gorgeous fusion of Western and Middle Eastern pop culture.

Says Malak:

“I wrote Visa about being denied opportunities based on your background instead of on merit, and how certain gatekeepers perpetuate this by claiming you’re not qualified. But in fact, where I come from is the only difference between us.”

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