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Luna Neptune: Your Gods – video premiere

We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of Luna Neptune’s solsticetastic new song and video, ‘Your Gods’.

Starring acclaimed artist and choreographer Dana McPherson, the video was shot, edited and directed by Luna Neptune, and filmed on the banks of Loch Lomond. 

It’s a music video that’s been 7 years in the making. In 2013 my dear friend, artist Dana McPherson asked me if I’d film her while she got naked in the woods and then set herself on fire. I of course said yes. 

The footage was used as a video installation, and we talked about putting music to it but never found the right song. When I recently found the lost footage I realised that it would be a beautiful match to Your Gods. I’d been unsuccessfully searching for the right visuals for that track, and it was a great moment when I realised, combined, it would be the culmination and completion of 2 creative projects that had been so important to me.








Emmrose: Ballad for the Boy Next Door – video premiere

LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the premiere of New Yorker Emmrose’s video for their haunting indiefolk ‘Ballad for the Boy Next Door’, shot in Long Island.

Emmrose wrote her first song five years ago in math class. She is now a 17-year-old songwriter, currently working on the follow-up to her first EP, Hopeless Romantics, released in 2019. Despite quarantine, she continues to perform live streams for her fans (weekly), attends high school (remotely), and write songs during classes (frequently). 

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Feral Five: Get a Grip – video premiere!

Excited to bring you today the premiere of Feral Five’s space-tastic video for single ’Get a Grip’. We featured the track on our site on release day and described it as “a sexy 80s synth-goth disco in space” – and the video has completely captured this vibe!

“It’s a song for when enough is enough, and you need to reclaim your own power.”

Kat Five

Grab the single here.

StanLei: Wake Up – video premiere

We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of Toulouse’s StanLei‘s dreamily scenic new video for ‘Wake Up’.

StanLei says of the track:

“Most of our modern social systems are broken, and the powers that rule – the 1% – still prefer to keep us sleepwalking, docile, not questioning the status quo or what we’re doing. Wake Up is about taking back our power to make change before it’s too late.”

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Themme Fatale: The Girl That Never Was – new music PREMIERE

LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the premiere of the beautiful and poignant new single from Themme Fatale. ‘The Girl That Never Was’ is out tomorrow:

“This song is about grappling with what reality could have been if I transitioned earlier. I used the metaphor of accidentally (or not?) killing a girl in a car accident because that’s what the hesitation feels like every day when I see my body mutilated by puberty.

The track is taken from forthcoming album Let’s Destroy Themme:  

It’s basically a kind of DIY musical diary investigating dysphoria, self-sabotage, loneliness, etc., and letting all those negative feelings go. I’ve spent so long diminishing myself and putting myself down that I wanted to use it as an opportunity to let something go into the world that might be rough around the edges, but it expresses a lot of raw emotions in a cathartic way that I hope will resonate with people who feel similarly. 

Themme Fatale describes themselves as “a nonbinary, genderless and genreless artist who uses their music to experiment with whatever they feel like”. Really looking forward to hearing this talented young artist’s album when it appears!

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Mars Rodriguez: Black Summer – video premiere

Words by Heather Hellskiss of LOUD WOMEN LA

Today’s video of the day comes from LA (via Nicaragua) singer/songwriter Mars Rodriguez: ‘Black Summer’ premieres today.

A bittersweet jangly guitar takes us down an uncertain path that escalates into a distorted emotive anthem of surrender. It’s unique how she blends multiple genres such as post punk, latin rock and electronic elements to create a raw, but also atmospheric sound.

The song draws inspiration from these isolating pandemic times and how it affects our mental health plus the importance of self-care and checking in with each other. We see the artist walk through a desolate rose-tinted city of angels with a broken hearted plea. Mars tells us:

“The video is about being lost. Life can be a strange, beautiful and chaotic experience, all at the same time.”

‘Black Summer’ video filmed by: Ryan Dietzenbach 
Edited by: Ryan Dietzenbach and Mars Rodriguez
Photos by: Ryan Dietzenbach
From the new EP “Don’t Wait for Nothing”,
released September 17, 2020

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Ducks! x Maya Shenfeld: With Compliments – new music PREMIERE & interview

Stonked to bring you today the premiere of a newie from Berlin electropop twosome Ducks!: With Compliments, a single released in collaboration with guitarist and composer Maya Shenfeld (formerly of Leoprrrds).

Ducks! describe it as “a tangy slice of indie dance with a swirl of psychedelic bossa-nova guitar”, and if that isn’t enough to make you fall in love with them, please note that these darlings sign their emails off with the line “Don’t go chasing waterfowl…” We just had to find out more, so we tasked them with our 5 lazy questions …

  1. Tell us about Ducks and Maya – how did you come together?

    Ducks! met in early 2014, when Lani had just moved to Berlin. A mutual favourite human in Australia digitally introduced us, and we started making music together pretty much straight away. Maya came into our world when we played a gig with her indie rock band Leoprrrds at a classic Berlin DIY venue called Loophole (the excellent Party Fears were also playing that night). We got to know each other a bit better, and eventually saw Maya perform an experimental electronic piece composed for a sixteen channel sound installation at the Humboldt Forum, which seriously impressed us and made us really want to work with her. We found an excuse to make something together soon after that – a Walkmix for Ableton’s Loop summit in LA in 2018. 
  1. Tell us about With Compliments.

With Compliments was recorded in two sessions earlier this year. The first one was in the pre-COVID times. Lani was hungover and fell asleep for a while and woke up to Craig & Maya’s beautiful sounds and some subliminally-delivered inspiration, and sang some vocals. The second one was when we were coming out of the first lockdown, the sun was shining, and we were all feeling a sense of relief. We worked in the classic Ducks! method of taking turns adding parts, which is always very playful. Maya recorded a dreamy guitar part, Lani added saxophones, Craig added some keyboards weirdified with ageing tape loops. And we all had fun making a choir together. The song’s about false compliments, meaningless small talk, and the masks we all wear in social situations – which makes it sound grim, but it’s a lighthearted take on it. We were working very quickly and trying not to overthink things, which adds a nice naïveté to the mood. 

  1. What artists are you most excited about/inspired by at the moment?

So many! Our friends TV Heads make beautiful dusty Californian indie rock, and their video for Ribbons gives us all the feels. Skwirl’s album Planned Obsolescence is a head-nodding, samplicious good time – if you can get your hands on the tape that mix is especially tasty. Yvois makes lo-fi hip hop with such a great blend of textures. We’re really loving her sexy remix of Ohrkid’s Cherry Juice. Then there’s Ori Moto, who’s been live-streaming his way through the pandemic with all different flavours of beats – slow rave, 80s house remixes, hip hop… all sorts. We’re also obsessed with this B-side called Run 4 U off our friend Sparrows’ latest single – it’s full of ear candy and the raspy vocal style is awesome.

  1. What are your top 3 lockdown tips.
  1. Get a ceiling projector, lie on your back and binge the whole of Twin Peaks: The Return. It’s even better as a giant movie marathon. Add hallucinogens if that’s your vibe.
  2. Dance alone with headphones to Middle Eastern dabke.
  3. Make music with those special people you already sneezed on (keep it in the bubble, friends!)

5. Please draw yourselves as ducks.

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Yumi and The Weather: What Has Become of the Wishing Well – video PREMIERE

We are delighted to bring you this morning the premiere of a minty fresh indiepop soundtrack from Yumi and the Weather. ‘What Has Become of the Wishing Well’ is a cute live video, filmed at the supercool Small Pond Recordings in Brighton.

Yumi And The Weather (aka Ruby Taylor) is a Brighton vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Commenting on the track, Taylor says:

“The story behind ‘What Will Become Of The Wishing Well’ is about the current situation with COVID and how there are so many lies around it all. It’s also about the theory that we are heading into a cashless society, so I thought people won’t be throwing coins to make wishes anymore. Wishes are such a nice thing as it’s all about hopeful thinking for a moment—about desires and things we want, almost like little prayers. Ultimately it’s about the recent struggle of not knowing what the future holds, but keeping grounded in a time when truth and information are up in the air.”

Taylor will also be exhibiting work alongside others in forthcoming musicians’ art show SUPER COOL DRAWING MACHINE, curated by Yuppies Music and touring this winter in a creative and forward-thinking use of UK music venue spaces in lieu of live performances.

Yumi And The Weather online:

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Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons: Hey Honey – new music PREMIERE

LOUD WOMEN is delighted to premiere today a lush newie from Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons: ‘Hey Honey’ is out today, a stripped back, up-close-and-personal slow building explosion. Puss tells us:

“The people think they know what’s best for you, that you don’t know your own mind. Pay them no mind.”

The single comes from the new album BEAST released on Hound Gawd! Records, distributed by Rough Trade Dist.

The video was made by Puss’ boyfriend Oliver Harrison – although Puss lays claim to the pyrotechnics (sparklers)!