As a woman from Pakistan who writes and prodcues her own music within this genre Asteria is already setting new precendents and breaking boundaries. Hallelujah for that. What is all the more joyous though is that she does it with such panache and irresistable audio style as can be heard in ‘Monaco’ – her second single. The sound is her own, carrying tones of music she adores (Tame Impala, Muse – unlikely bed fellows but there you have it!) but remoulded by her own orginality. The song has slink, swagger and uderstated drive. Layerings of audiobite/backroom clippings intro before the song kicks in, fuzzed up sliding bass with demure, pyschedlic rock guitar riffs segued into the mix enough to rough and surge but not jar. The vocal style again is hard to pin dowm. If you mix together Portishead, Garbage, Goldfrapp, Wolf Alice you might get close to what this woman delivers. She exhibits a range that recently I’ve only heard from the luscious Katie Oldham of Sit Down. But dont take my word for it – listen for yourselves. You won’t regret it. Out now. Follow her on Soundcloud and Insta via the links below.

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