Single Review by Reva May

At only 16 years old, Gabriella Zauna is a singer, producer, and multi-instrumental talent. Writing and producing since age 12, this self-described “sad kid” is relatable to all ages. Zauna’s voice and lyrics are raw and haunting. Diagnosed with synthesia – meaning Zauna’s senses are intertwined – each song is associated with its own color, number, texture and shape. All of which she uses within her aesthetic and music. For example, Zauna’s connection with the color blue is incorporated within her overall branding as an artist. 

For “Gold Bentleys and Red Carpets” Gabriella notes,

“this song is written in character about an old Hollywood 50’s family who has all the money and fame in the world, yet they are the most unhappy people to exist. Throughout the song you see them slowly starting to fall apart. The deeper meaning behind this characterization is the fact that people put on facades to show a happy fake version of themselves, when in reality they actually are ripping at the seams. You never really know who someone is.” 

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