There was undeniably a fuck ton of Bad Shit that happened this year, but let’s end it with a look back at some of the Good Shit we’ve witnessed! Team LOUD WOMEN members Keira, Lucy, Karis, Chris, Tony and Cassie told us which bits of 2019 were their Top Shit.

Photo by Keira Anee – Bikini Kill at Brixton, June 2019

Keira Anee: The picking Up The Pieces EP By The Other Ones deserves a mention I think! Plus I loved the Nova Twins‘ releases, the emergence of Big Sea Creature, every gig I saw Gold Baby, Gaygirl, Junodef, Calva Louise, Ghost Car, Lilith Ai and Cocaine Piss play and a great unexpected album by Amy Studt. Discovered Straight Girl, Sudan Archives, Secondhand Underpants, The Empty Page, Cable Ties and loved seeing Adia Victoria, Gaptooth and band, Pleasure Venom, Miss June and LIINES live! Dammit – and LibraLibra for sure!

Lucy Morgan: Bikini Kill gig, isn’t it.

Cassie Fox: Yessssss. Seeing Bikini Kill kicking supreme ass this summer was hugely inspirational. On smaller stages though, LOUD WOMEN has done a lot this year … we’ve put on some amazing bands, in London, New York, LA and Perth. Too many to mention here (maybe I’ll do a separate 2019 hall-of-fame!) but extra special joy was sparked by T-Bitch, Slut Magic, The Noise and the Naive, GGAllan Partridge, Miss Eaves, HAVVK, Shitsick, Gaptooth, Hagar the Womb, and – fuck it I’ll say it – my brilliant I, Doris, who I am superproud of achieving so much this year. And we got to put on a gig at the Royal Albert Hall, with the awesome ILL! My top highlight was of course LOUD WOMEN Fest in September, where Pleasure Venom absolutely blew my head off and completely made all of the hard work organising the festival worth it.

Karis: For me, DEFINITELY seeing Bikini Kill for the first time and seeing the Gossip for the first time in a long time. But particularly getting to see Big Joanie support both of these bands – I’m so happy that they’re doing so well!

Chris Fox: I really liked that Misfortune Cookie Record. And the Lakes record – the Constance LP. And I really liked Pleasure Venom – I thought they were amazing at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Those are my top LOUD WOMEN things of the year.

Hannah from ARXX – photo by Keira Anee

Tony Rounce: “Good shit that happened in 2019”? How much space have I got!
The unstoppable rise of ARXX on their way to future world domination, the impossible not-to-adore double whammy emergence of the Slugs and Breakup Haircut, the Phoenix-like arrival of Big Sea Creature, truly great records from all of the aforementioned except the yet-to-debut BSC – plus Gaptooth, Personal Best, The Other Ones, Scrounge and Lauran Hibberd, beautiful live and vinyl memorials to Long Teeth, Loud Women 4 and the prospect of Loud Women 5, some super download-only stuff from Lemondaze, Goddammit Jeremiah, Party Fears, I, Doris and above all Currls, great gigs and the prospect of great recordings from newbies Lime and Wife Swap USA, the rebranding of Cryptic Street as Genn (although they’ll always be CS to me), the double-headed vinyl 45 of the year in Bloom’s ‘Ground’ and ‘Escape’, great shows from other old favourites Nervous Twitch, Calva Louise and the Regrettes, a rare chance to see the wonderful Catlow Morris on another wet night in New Cross – so much more besides, and did I mention ARXX (who are always worth a second mention if not more).

“Best good shit gig day of 2019” was the Saturday of the Great Escape Festival in Brighton in May, started it by seeing Cryptic Street in New Cross in the afternoon and ended it by seeing Cryptic Street (again!) at 1AM on Sunday in Brighton, with gigs from Bloom, Lime and ARXX (there they are again!) in between…

“Bad shit that happened in 2019?” Mercifully very little that affected my listening habits, but I’m sad that Wolf Girl called it a day, Queen Zee and the Sasstones fragmented and my lovely, completely adored Bloom went on a hiatus from which I hope with all my heart they will return…

…I’ll raise a glass to the oncoming new decade with the same optimism that I’m saying goodbye to the current one. Let’s try to keep it LOUD!