Review by Chris Fox

There was a time, in the late 1980s, when UK melodic punk met US melodic punk for the first time. Out popped Mega City 4, Senseless Things, Snuff, HDQ, Sofahead, Leatherface, Joyce McKinney Experience and so on. This spawned a brief period of brilliance – and the odd unexpected hit single – before the existence of the genre gave inevitable rise to the generic. Since then the UK has always had plenty of bands kicking around doing that thing, and almost none of them has done anything special with it.

With ‘Heavy Seas’, Misfortune Cookie have done something very special. It’s awash with pop sensibilities, folk tinges, UK punk chugging and US punk arpeggios. The personnel are old enough and self-aware enough to know that they can’t be singing songs about teenage concerns, but are smart enough to know that those songs need to feel as if that’s what concerns them. So the record is rammed fully of  urgency, plaintiveness and righteous anger coming from people at their weakest who want to assert their vision for a better tomorrow. The pedigree is there, of course; I mean, it’s basically Bear Trade with Helen Chambers fronting them. So it’s phenomenal punk rock of the tradition I outlined earlier, plus Helen Chambers. And everyone loves Helen Chambers.

Ten songs. All brilliant. Buy the record.

Misfortune Cookie – Heavy Seas – out now on Everything Sucks Records