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Missing live music? Timeline full of dudes playing RHCP covers in their mum’s kitchen? We got ya back.

LOUD WOMEN online gigs start tonight, 9.30pm, with Helen McCookerybook, and continue tomorrow with MIRI, as part of the Balcony Festival, in aid of Musicians Against Homelessness.

Helen McCookerybook is hugely inspiring singer-songwriter – formerly of English psychedelia-punk band The Chefs, these days playing regularly across the land as a solo artist. 

Catch Helen on the LOUD WOMEN Facebook page (NB, the page, not one of the groups … yeah yeah, it confuses all of us, you’re right!) This link here, anyway:


Then Saturday afternoon, LOUD WOMEN is honoured to be hosting a virtual stage on the awesome Balcony Festival – MIRI will be performing at the festival, which will be raising money for Musicians Against Homelessness, teaming up with our bloggy friends at Joyzine, Louderthanwar, God is in the TV, Cro Cro Land, TheZineUK and more.


March Gigs guide

Spring is in the air (honest), it’s International Women’s Day this month, and there’s a squillion awesome gigs going on up and down the UK. Too many to choose from? Here’s our top picks for your diary …

1 – London: Lemondaze, Maud & Bugteeth @ The Shacklewell Arms

3 – London: Fighting Tories: The Force Awakens (Free Our Unions fundraiser) Janine Booth poetry book launch @ The Betsey Trotwood

4 – Bristol: Grandma’s House + more @ The Crofters Rights

5 – London: Scrounge + more @ Pinups

5 – Blackpool: Catlow Morris’ Open Mic @Dirty Blondes (Monthly Event)

5 – London: Hurtling + more @ The Unicorn

6 – London: Bechdel Weekender – DJ Rosie Riot @ The Book and Record Bar

6 – London: Kimmi Watson, Jax Braithwaite, Al Neville, Khashoggi @ Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel

6 – Folkestone: Big Joanie/ARXX/Pink Suits @ The Quarterhouse

6 – Norwich: Lemondaze, Fes, Pin Ups & Kulk @ The Karma Kafe

6 – Guildford: Salvation Jayne + more @ The Star

6 – Hastings – Bev Lee Harling for IWD @ The Beacon

7 – Newport: Hurtling / Hot Sauce Pony / I, Doris – Newport

7 – Belfast: GRSNI Presents: The Big IWD Gig! Sasha Samara, Alumna, Problem Patterns, Gender Chores and a special DJ set from Sister Ghost & Heart Shaped.

7 – London: Bechdel Weekender – Chroma, Jemma Freeman, Foundlings, Rookes & Faultress @ The Windmill, Brixton

7 – Nottingham: IWD – ‘Bras Not Bombs’ Festival with Witch Of The East, You Want Fox, A Void + more @ various venues

8 – Birmingham: The Sunset Beach Hut / Glass Ceilings / Fawner / Graywave / Shanghai Hostage @ The Sunflower Lounge – IWD Women’s Aid fundraiser

8 – London: IWD – Salvation Jayne, After London + more @ the Camden Assembly

12 – London – Baby Shakes @ the 100 Club

13 – London: Ghost Car/Gaptooth/The Other Ones/Minimals @ the Finsbury

13 – Nottingham: The Regrettes @ The Rescue Rooms

14 – St. Leonards: Baby Shakes & Hotwax @ The Piper

14 – Liverpool: The Regrettes, Lauran Hibberd, Gaffa Tape Sandy & more @ Invisible Wind Factory

14 – London: Spit Sisters @ St Moritz club

15 – London: Jeanines/Breakup Haircut/Athabaska @ The Shacklewell Arms

15 – London: Salad @ The Lexington

16 – Glasgow: The Regrettes @ The Garage

17 – Manchester: The Regrettes @ Gorilla

18 – Birmingham: The Regrettes @ 02 Academy

19 – London: REWS & Novacub @ the Camden Assembly

20 – London: Killdren @ New River Studios

20 – Reading: The Menstrual Cramps & Genn @ The Purple Turtle

21 – Brighton: Hidden Herd Festival with ARXX + 11 other bands @ Patterns

21 – London: Breakup Haircut, Queen Colobus & Pop Miri @ The George Tavern

24 – London: All Day Breakfast Cafe @ The Windmill, Brixton

24 – London: Lauran Hibberd & more @ the Sebright Arms

26 – London: Breakup Haircut, Th’ Sheridans & more @ The Cavendish Arms

27 – London: Bitch Hunt & Adults @ The Victoria

27 – Bristol: Genn, T-Bitch & Frankie Delta @ Zed Alley

27 – London: The Golden Age Of TV, Currls & more @ The Finsbury

29 – London: LOUD WOMEN Apple Sauce Open Mic Night with Alotta Nerve @ The Apple Tree (Monthly Event)

New LOUD WOMEN open mic night at the Apple Tree, London, starts 23 Feb!

Very excited to announce the first of a new monthly open mic nights – 23 Feb at The Apple Tree London! Hosted by the inimitable Alotta Nerve … everyone is welcome, especially musicians and poets who consider themselves to be LOUD WOMEN!

Sign up here for a spot in advance or on the night … or just come along and be entertained. Free entry 💋

February Gigs Guide

Lots to pack in the shortest month! Here’s our pick of the hottest tickets to head for now that long awaited January pay packet has come in …

1 – London: Tokyo Taboo + Healthy Junkies + Yur Mum @ Dublin Castle

5 – London: The Other Ones & more @ The New Cross Inn

7 – London: Shopping @ Rough Trade East

7 – Southampton: Wife Swap USA + Currls @ Heartbreakers Bar

8 – Sheffield: Duck + Nervous Twitch + Lunar Sounds @ Hatch

8 – London – LOUD WOMEN! Killdren + Anarchistwood + T-Bitch + Petty Phase + I, Doris @ Hope & Anchor

12 – Reading: Scrounge & More @ the Purple Turtle

14 – London: Not Your Galentines Day – photographic exhibition and gig curated by Brazen Hussy @ Amersham Arms

14 – Cambridge: Lemondaze & Maud @ The Portland Arms

14 – Manchester: Dollie Demi & ARXX @ The Castle Hotel

14 – Hove: Chloe Pamplin & Kymara & More @ The Bees Mouth

15 – Leeds: Girl Gang Leeds Birthday Party with Witch Fever, ARXX, Nervous Rex, Babe Punch & lots more @ Wharf Chambers

15 – London: Flesh Tetris EP launch @ Dublin Castle

15 – London : Crack Foxes, Miss Kill and Am Samstag @ The Birds Nest

16 – London: Lambeth LGBTQ+ Zine Fair @ Brixton Library

17 – London: Gold Baby @ The Waiting Room

18 – Manchester – Nervous Rex & More @ The Peer Hat

18 – Norwich: Lemondaze & Bug Teeth @ Norwich Arts Centre

19 – Bristol: ARXX, Garndma’s House & Fraulein @ The Crofters Rights

20 – London: Lauran Hibberd @ The Camden Assembly

20 – Brighton: Lime (Single launch) @ The Rossi Bar

20 – Birmingham: Piss Kitti, The Menstrual Cramps & more @ The Castle And Falcon

21 – Manchester: Cultdreams @ YES

21 – Gateshead: Otoboke Beaver @ Sage

23 – Hastings: Under Radar Sunday with Lime & lots more @ The Carlisle

26 – London: Sleater-Kinney + Big Joanie @ Brixton O2

29 – Mossley: Nervous Twitch & More @ The Rising Sun

Anarchistwood: 5 Question Interview

Pioneers of prank rock Anarchistwood are bringing their technicolour punk circus to LOUD WOMEN at the Hope & Anchor on 8 Feb and we can not wait! In the meantime, we asked mastermind Funkcutter 5 pertinent questions …

1. What  can we look forward to on 8 Feb?

The first date of our Bitch’n’wooD tour. Anarchistwood embark on a convergent / divergent tour with T-Bitch. This might be the only one where we all have voices (possibly not funkcutter, unless they shut up in good time), limbs attached, nervous breakdowns shusshed, hearing intact (except Scarlet Carsen – wood drummer – who is deaf as a post-punk, “Eh? Pardon?!”) and don’t all want to kill each other. Date two is in Lancaster on Valentines Day in the St Valenstein’s Day Massacre Weekender part one with the Crippens and Slug Butter and we’ll have to be loving on that day shurley Shirley?

2. Fill in the blanks…

Our sound is like the lovechild of your worst nightmares and CIA torture with a bit on the side from Zappa, Crass, Gang of Four (according to the review in Razorcake magazine of The Nasty Album)

3. Give us your band/artist manifesto in no more than 20 words

Omnia Sunt Communia 

4. Who’s your favourite band/artists playing on the DIY circuit at the moment? 

Without a doubt The Crippens totally flip my wig, float my boat, tenderise my meat. Every member has hep to-die-for skills – the bass is whoppingly solid and rhythmic, vocals have a perfect timbre, width and density, guitar riffs and solos are beyond sublime and the drums – the drums, oh the drums – are excessively precise and give me mega goosey moments. The Cravats tickle us pink especially as their new album is about to be released and we are supporting them at the launch. yum yum yum…. also have to shout out to the marvelous The Sinictones with whom we have several 2020 gigs. First spotted at Griffstock featuring AJ and Nat Sinic of Kiss Me Killer, plus the previously unseen (to my eyes) Jodi Super-Mare on bass, they delivered absolutely blinding music and performance. Recently shared floor space again in The Chelsea Inn in a fund raiser for the Bristolian – their permanent drummer Abi showed superb skill and tricksy little rolls that make your belly butterflies do back flips. We have rocked and rolled by P.I.G. (Perish in Glory) but not enough – we want more please! so were playing our last Bitch’n’wooD tour gig in Southend for World Kidney Day with then and also Sarah P.I.G. and funkcutter’s birthday doo back in Bristol with another firm favourite – Kiss Me, Killer their very selves! Oh frabjous day! As ever, Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something pull and stretch our ears and heart strings – we are totally and utterly on their dick.

Mustn’t forget the chunky growls of Poisonous Cxnt, especially as we have just co-released the album “Make me a Sandwich” by them on our label Ex Gratia Recordings and the huffin, puffin, gruff Jesus Hooligan who’s side project Natural Noise Natural Chaos CD/DVD we also put out. Other grand bands I could mention are the exceedingly good line up we have for our Spring Subterfuge 2020 on the 16th May with Blank Milk – Industrial-Rant-Rave with cyber sounds from Deex on the knobs and vocalist John Lee Bird, Igam Ogam – sublime psychedelia from South Wales, plus the not even publicly announced yet (shhhhh!) Army of Skanks – knickers were almost wet when this mega power trio was confirmed.

5. Draw us a picture.

Artwork by “The Wife”

Catch Anarchistwood live at the Hope & Anchor on 7 Feb with Killdren, Petty Phase, T-Bitch and I, Doris

T-Bitch: 5 Question Interview

T-Bitch are the loudest, sparkliest, most FUN, and most important bands on the DIY punk scene right now – LOUD WOMEN hearts them big time. So how blimmin excited are we that they’re coming to play our next gig! 8 Feb at the Hope & Anchor, joining a riotous lineup of Killdren, Anarchistwood, fellow Southenders Petty Phase, and our ‘house band’ I, Doris. A night not to be missed – grab your tickets quick! And have a read of T-Bitch’s 5 question interview while you’re at it …

1. What  can we look forward to on 8 Feb?


2. Fill in the blanks…

“Our sound is like the lovechild of The Clash and Nirvana with a bit on the side from Minor Threat

3. Give us your band/artist manifesto in no more than 20 words

Make up, make noise, dress up, be pretty, fuck the patriarchy…

4.Who’s your favourite band/artists playing on the DIY circuit at the moment? 

I, Doris

5. Draw us a picture.

Catch T-Bitch live at the Hope & Anchor on 8 Feb for LOUD WOMEN – tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door.

Gold Baby: Dogbone – in her own words

Photo by Keira Anee

London’s Gold Baby play the kind of breezy fuzz-pop that raises the hairs on your arms, and the soles of your shoes too. They’ve been storming the DIY gig scene lately, fast becoming what the PR slicksters call ‘ones to watch’. So we’ve gone and booked them for a LOUD WOMEN show at the Hope & Anchor on 11 April, so we can all get to see ’em before they get enormous! In the meantime, Gold Baby’s powerhouse Siân Alex, told us in her own words all about their gorgeous new single, ‘Dogbone’.

Dogbone is the sound of screaming that you don’t care about something, when the fact that you have to say it at all, shows how much you do.

It’s weird, I didn’t realise that until I’d written it. I thought I was writing a song about how sad it is when memories are reframed by the things that come along afterwards that change the way you look back on them. I kept coming back to this idea that memories can change colour with time. I wanted to feel sentimental about certain things and I just didn’t anymore; I felt numb and I thought it was the saddest thing ever. But by the time we’d recorded the track, I realised that all that energy I’d used trying to tell myself and everybody else how much of a shit I didn’t give, was only proof of how much I still cared. It was therapeutic.

Listening back, I can hear how much my mentality at that time played into the songwriting and arrangement and how it’s influenced what the band has become. I’d been putting my heart and soul into Gold Baby and we just had such unfortunate luck with band members which meant that for a long time nothing took hold, we were always rebuilding. Each time someone left, I took it personally. I wondered what more I could be giving, and I compromised a little more of my creative vision. I was trying to be accommodating but by the time I started writing Dogbone I was seeing it in a new light – my fear of ever being the boss, my over-awareness of being fair and accommodating was like driving in a bus with no direction and asking people if they wanted to get on board.

I was listening to a lot of Speedy Ortiz and Hop Along at the time, two of my favourite bands, both led by strong women who’ve spoken either in their music or in interviews about being a woman working with others in music. I think it’s a real insidious habit for women, one we sometimes don’t know that we have, to undermine ourselves and our ideas or abilities for the fear of being bossy or naggy. I was writing Dogbone at a time when I finally had a little fire in my belly, an overwhelming desire to kick out, take up space and stop deferring to others. I was angry, mostly with myself. I sat down and wrote this guitar part I couldn’t play yet and went on in the studio to record way too many guitar parts that we ended up cutting. I felt like I was throwing myself through a wall I’d built in my brain, just to show myself what I was capable of.

That seems like a long time ago now, in the way that things sometimes do when circumstances feel very different to the ways that they once did. Gold Baby now consists of myself, Scott and Sara. Sara came on board shortly after we recorded Dogbone and Scott and I worked on Dogbone together with the brilliant mind of Ian Flynn, who produced the track. The band feels like a family now, and together we’ve been writing, rehearsing and gigging as much as possible over the last six months, building something strong, open and honest together that feels like what Gold Baby was always destined to be. Now we’re just looking to the future, making plans to gig, record and get out there as much as possible.

We’re currently recording an EP for release in the spring and are writing our first album. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on and are very excited to take 2020 by storm.

Siân Alex x

Dogbone – Gold Baby – Lyrics

Am I supposed to be sentimental?
Am I supposed to keep the way I felt
Keep all the photos inside my wardrobe door..
There was the first time, decayed in my mind
Why does the hangover have to come last?
We could have framed it, but then you changed it
The wind blows and some things stick like that

And it doesn’t mean shit to me now
It doesn’t mean shit

I got enough friends
I’ve got enough things
I’ve got enough memories to peruse
I cleared the house out
I got your stains out
yet all I see is you

And it doesn’t mean shit
it doesn’t mean shit

You are not the only one
You’re not the hope that I hang myself from
You’re not too long in bed or the song in my head
You’re no-one

You are not the dogbone
Or the wishbone
Or the rerun
Or the shit on my phone

You’re no-one
You’re no-one
You’re no-one
You’re no-one

You are not the drunk drive home
Not the length that I can’t go alone
You can’t have 3am or the time that it might take to mend

You are not my anyone
Not the name on the phone to my mom
Not the draw or the cut or the bruise in my gut
You’re no-one

Catch Gold Baby live 17 Feb with Hurtling and Schande, as they launch yet another awesome single – Japanese Racehorse – at the Waiting Room, Stoke Newington

AND catch them 11 April at LOUD WOMEN’s Easter Party at the Hope & Anchor, with Pussyliquor, Jeff, Woman Your Stole, Telgate and Jemma Freese