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Secondhand Underpants: Pre-LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 Question Interview

Secondhand Underpants are our very favourite riot grrrl activist witch trio from Istanbul – Fulden, Temmuz and Ceren. Can’t wait to see them at LOUD WOMEN Fest on 14 Sept – 2.30pm on the Dome stage. Here’s their 5 question interview.

1. For people who’ve not seen you play live before, what can we expect from you at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

It’s going to be wild and loud and not very pretty, but also maybe kind of cute in the way that Chucky or a trainwreck is cute. All likeminded feminist killjoys should come and join the fun and the angst. Let’s riot!!

2. Fill in the blanks…

“Our sound is like the lovechild of Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland with a bit on the side from L7.”

3. Give us your band manifesto in no more than 20 words.

Smash the patriarchy, friendship is magic, boys lie, queer as in fuck you, riots not diets & fuck your racist borders.

4. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

Fulden: Petrol Girls. I fell in love with them ever since I heard Talk of Violence. They have a sound that is so powerful yet vulnerable and haunting. The perfect combo of strength and softness. They ended up being one of my all time favourite bands. I would’ve loved for them to play in our home country Turkey, as would many other fans I know. Hopefully I’ll get to bring home some souvenirs!

Ceren: Also Petrol Girls. I am so gutted that I won’t be there, enjoy it for me too sisters. [Sadly Ceren can’t make the trip – boo, we’ll miss you Ceren!]

Temmuz: The Txlips. I am stoked. They are so forceful and also a bit psychedelic with the heaviness of the keys at times which has this whimsicalness that I am so drawn to. I love how they combine virtuosity with spontaneity in their solo sections, the drumming is furious! This is a great opportunity for us to see them live since they are based in the USA.

5. What made you want to play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

We are tired of being perceived as one of the few punk bands in our country with a queer feminist agenda, which feels isolating, hence it is super important for us to feel solidarity with other loud women and share the same space/stage. We love the ezine and the community and very much look forward to finally partake in the festival! Also, it looks like we’re going to be first Turkish punk band to ever play in the U.K. and we’re super stoked about that!!

LOUD WOMEN Volume Two compilation album: track listing revealed

Drumroll please as we can finally announce the full 22 track listing for the hotly-anticipated LOUD WOMEN Volume Two compilation album, which will be launched 14 September 2019 at LOUD WOMEN Fest 4!

1The FranklysNot Guilty
2The TxlipsThe Lost One
3I, DorisThe Girl From Clapham
4The Menstrual CrampsNo Means No
5The CleopatrasForty
6LIINESNever Wanted This
7PussyliquorMy Body My Choice
8Pleasure VenomHive
9ARXXIron Lung
10Ms MohammedNever Again
11The Baby SealsIt’s Not About the Money, Honey
12Peach ClubNot Your Girl
13T-BitchFrighty Nighty
14Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic SomethingSomeone Else to Blame
15Jelly CleaverYarl’s Wood
16Secondhand UnderpantsThe Anthem
17GaptoothPost-Patriarchy Disco
18Vaginas, What Else?Loose Tile
19GGAllan PartridgeI Feel Lobe
20HurtlingDon’t Know Us
21Personal BestRadio
22Bridget HartLet Loose Lucy

The CD is available to pre-order now for just £5 from our Bandcamp page – and as a thank you for pre-ordering, when the CD releases after 14 Sept we’ll also send you a copy of Volume One! So that’s 42 of the loudest of loud women, all for a cheeky fiver.

Praise for LOUD WOMEN Volume Two:

“Scabrous riffs, inventive songcraft and full force in-your-face woman power from all bands involved. Loud Women festival shows up the mainstream by exhibiting the very best of women in rock.”

– Paula Frost, Vive Le Rock

“LOUD WOMEN are inspiring social change”

– Kerrang!

At a time of toxic masculinity in the industry, platforms like Loud Women are a brilliant, and brazen, beacon of hope shining a floodlight on marginalised musicians. Turn it up LOUD.

Cheri Amour, Soho Radio / She Shreds magazine


DJ John Kennedy, Radio X

LOUD WOMEN Fest 4 – final lineup revealed!

14 Sept 2019 at London’s Dome and Boston Music Room looks set to see the biggest (and best?) LOUD WOMEN Fest yet! Here’s the news we’ve been dying to tell you for months … our final* lineup, in no particular order …

Plus afterparty DJs, food, zines, records, and all manner of fun things we’ve not even thought up yet – get in touch with us on loudwomenclub@gmail.com if you’d like to get involved!

Earlybird tickets are now sold out but you can still grab regular advanced tickets from here.

*I mean, as final as anything is that could possibly have slight changes here and there in cases of sickness, injury, best friends throwing last-minute weddings, that sort of thing. But pretty damn final I’d say!

LOUD WOMEN Fest 4 – second wave lineup announcement!

Ridiculously excited to let you know the next 8 bands to make up our 20-strong lineup for LOUD WOMEN Fest 4! Drumroll please …

Joining us on Saturday 14 September at The Dome and the Boston Music room will be …

  • The Baby Seals
  • Personal Best
  • Pleasure Venom (USA)
  • Gaptooth
  • GGAllan Partridge
  • The Cleopatras (Italy)
  • Nervous Twitch
  • and The Samba Sisters

These awesome eightsome are in addition to the lovelies we have already announced, namely:

  • ARXX
  • Hurtling
  • Peach Club
  • Secondhand Underpants (Turkey)
  • The Txlips (USA)
  • The Menstrual Cramps

Which means that right now our lineup looks like this!

Best fest yet already … and there are still 6 more acts to announce!

Grab your earlybird tickets now:

Three Fierce Feminist Factions

Review by Jas Robinson (from The Baby Seals)

With the Christmas party season firmly behind us, it’s safe to say that January is a difficult month to get right. Resolutions are at risk of being broken and that person you promised yourself you’d become hasn’t yet materialised. But, you know what? Fuck that. Use these three compilation albums to reassert yourself, KonMari the hell out of your music collection, remind yourself how to say ‘no’, and make you want to start (another) band.

With a change in how we consume music, compilation albums can revive that feeling of buying a CD, rinsing the fuck out of it, listening to songs you know and finding new gems. Like: when I bought ‘Now 34’ from a shop in Sunderland just so I could listen to The Spice Girls, but then discovered Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle.

So, yeah, just like that, but it’s 2019, and I’m kicking off with Hell Hath No Fury Vol 2 by Hell Hath No Fury Records. El Knight has compiled 18 bangers for our aural delight. Available now from Bandcamp for £4, of which 50% of proceeds will go to Future Festival 2019, a three-dayer close to Bristol with music and performances by trans and enby artists plus practical and political workshops and more! The album compliments perfectly. Tracks selected from artists such as Wolfgirl, Gender Chores, Colour Me Wednesday, Dream Nails, Big Joanie, Charmpit are definitely at the more political end of the spectrum. Listen carefully, and use these as your inspiration for 2019, create your own manifesto and don’t take any bullshit. Turn Big Joanie’s No Scrubs up to eleven and crack open your bullet journal during Dream Nails’ DIY.

HERESY by Ankara-based community, Chaos, I Am Your Mistress (CIAYM), opens with Secondhand Underpants single ‘Your Little Bitch’. If Barbara Stanwyck started a band, this is what it would sound like. This dark and head-banging opening track is bound to annoy neighbours, so make sure to play it LOUD and LATE. The digital album is available on Bandcamp for the devilish price of €6.66. Proceeds go towards supporting women and other marginalized genders in underground music. The album also features tracks from REVULVA, Cryptic Street and Twin Pigs. It’s worth emailing the address on the BC to request the CD, because then you get two extra tracks from GUTTFULL (The Power and That’s What He Said)!

Last, but not least, get your chops around Birds Of A Feather Vol 2 by Anthrax (UK). And before you ask, no, it’s not an album of duets by Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson with Lesley Joseph on the lute. Rather, it’s of the classic punk, head-banging-greatness variety. But, it’s loud, proud and inspiring, with tracks from Zombie Met Girl, Kiss Me, Killer, Bratakus, and loads more! Such a great offering from Anthrax (uk) on Grow Your Own Records, it’s out now on Bandcamp, as a digital album or CD. Don’t forget to hold it, embrace the joy and kiss it before putting it back neatly into its jacket.

So, there you have it. There’s enough here to keep you going for a few months. Go forth, find new favourites, enjoy the tracks you know and don’t forget smash the patriarchy.”

Read more by Jaz over at Halopygian Music.

Secondhand Underpants: ‘Slayer’

SecondhandUnderpants^Artworkreview by Bernadette Dales of MOLLYANNA
Secondhand Underpants: ‘Slayer’ (EP)
DL out now on Bandcamp

‘There’s a riot between my legs and you’re not invited’

is the guttural opening cry of ‘Slayer’ – the new EP from Secondhand Underpants. The riot grrrl trio from Istanbul tackle body politics, relationships, ninjas and even cannibalism in their third record.

Fuzzy, grunge guitar riffs dominate each track and the raw production captures the essence of live performance well. The vocal style jumps from obnoxious nasality to heavy screaming – the lyrics are incomprehensible at times but it just adds to that perfectly unpolished, punk aesthetic.

The stand-out tracks on the EP both emphasise power and authority over our bodies. Opening track ‘Autopleasures’ is about owning and enjoying your sexuality unapologetically, while ‘Anthem’ is an articulate response to body-shaming in all its forms – after all, declaring ourselves ‘good enough’ is probably the punk-est thing you can do in 2017. The trio show their whimsical side with their second track ‘Ninjas!’ and an eerie song about boiling someone to death in ‘Bathwater Soup.’

Clocking in at only 15 minutes, ‘Slayer’ is just a short and sweet taste of what Secondhand Underpants can do. If you like strong, riot grrrl anthems with a side of the absurd, follow Secondhand Underpants on Facebook, and listen to their back catalogue on their Bandcamp page.

Image by Burak Bayrak