Secondhand Underpants are our very favourite riot grrrl activist witch trio from Istanbul – Fulden, Temmuz and Ceren. Can’t wait to see them at LOUD WOMEN Fest on 14 Sept – 2.30pm on the Dome stage. Here’s their 5 question interview.

1. For people who’ve not seen you play live before, what can we expect from you at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

It’s going to be wild and loud and not very pretty, but also maybe kind of cute in the way that Chucky or a trainwreck is cute. All likeminded feminist killjoys should come and join the fun and the angst. Let’s riot!!

2. Fill in the blanks…

“Our sound is like the lovechild of Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland with a bit on the side from L7.”

3. Give us your band manifesto in no more than 20 words.

Smash the patriarchy, friendship is magic, boys lie, queer as in fuck you, riots not diets & fuck your racist borders.

4. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

Fulden: Petrol Girls. I fell in love with them ever since I heard Talk of Violence. They have a sound that is so powerful yet vulnerable and haunting. The perfect combo of strength and softness. They ended up being one of my all time favourite bands. I would’ve loved for them to play in our home country Turkey, as would many other fans I know. Hopefully I’ll get to bring home some souvenirs!

Ceren: Also Petrol Girls. I am so gutted that I won’t be there, enjoy it for me too sisters. [Sadly Ceren can’t make the trip – boo, we’ll miss you Ceren!]

Temmuz: The Txlips. I am stoked. They are so forceful and also a bit psychedelic with the heaviness of the keys at times which has this whimsicalness that I am so drawn to. I love how they combine virtuosity with spontaneity in their solo sections, the drumming is furious! This is a great opportunity for us to see them live since they are based in the USA.

5. What made you want to play at LOUD WOMEN Fest?

We are tired of being perceived as one of the few punk bands in our country with a queer feminist agenda, which feels isolating, hence it is super important for us to feel solidarity with other loud women and share the same space/stage. We love the ezine and the community and very much look forward to finally partake in the festival! Also, it looks like we’re going to be first Turkish punk band to ever play in the U.K. and we’re super stoked about that!!