SecondhandUnderpants^Artworkreview by Bernadette Dales of MOLLYANNA
Secondhand Underpants: ‘Slayer’ (EP)
DL out now on Bandcamp

‘There’s a riot between my legs and you’re not invited’

is the guttural opening cry of ‘Slayer’ – the new EP from Secondhand Underpants. The riot grrrl trio from Istanbul tackle body politics, relationships, ninjas and even cannibalism in their third record.

Fuzzy, grunge guitar riffs dominate each track and the raw production captures the essence of live performance well. The vocal style jumps from obnoxious nasality to heavy screaming – the lyrics are incomprehensible at times but it just adds to that perfectly unpolished, punk aesthetic.

The stand-out tracks on the EP both emphasise power and authority over our bodies. Opening track ‘Autopleasures’ is about owning and enjoying your sexuality unapologetically, while ‘Anthem’ is an articulate response to body-shaming in all its forms – after all, declaring ourselves ‘good enough’ is probably the punk-est thing you can do in 2017. The trio show their whimsical side with their second track ‘Ninjas!’ and an eerie song about boiling someone to death in ‘Bathwater Soup.’

Clocking in at only 15 minutes, ‘Slayer’ is just a short and sweet taste of what Secondhand Underpants can do. If you like strong, riot grrrl anthems with a side of the absurd, follow Secondhand Underpants on Facebook, and listen to their back catalogue on their Bandcamp page.

Image by Burak Bayrak