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Tanaya Harper: Emma – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Perth, Australia’s ‘queen of moody indie rock’ Tanaya Harper. ‘Emma’ is unashamedly 90s and totally catchy.

“Emma is a sad song thinly veiled as a fun song. It’s about a couple months of recklessness I embarked on following a breakup. At the time I felt totally justified in my actions when really, grief and denial were always looming. I was partying pretty hard and having lots of fun with all my friends but once I was alone it would just hit me, all the confusion and unresolved issues and the ‘what ifs?’” 

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Tríona O’Neill: Little One – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Tríona O’Neill, with a poignant, awareness-raising message especially for today – World Prematurity Day. ‘Little One’ is dedicated to O’Neill’s nephew, Conn, who was born at 25 weeks. The release is in aid of Holles Street Hospital, and the artist is bringing together fellow Irish artists Stephanie Rainey, Elly O’ Keeffe, Irish/NYC hybrid Pet Beast, and spoken-word artist Sasha Terfous for a virtual fundraising show.

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Drones ft. Ren Aldridge: Our Hell Is Right Here – track of the day

Our track of the day is the title track of hardcore punx Drones‘ forthcoming album ‘Our Hell is Right Here’, featuring Petrol GirlsRen Aldridge on guest vocals in the middle section. A mid-90s Revelation Records feel to this whirlwind head-holder, in the manner of Sensefield.

“‘Our Hell Is Right Here’ is the product of my experiences over the past few months. There’s a lot of sadness on this record, but I can now look back and celebrate who I have become in spite of it all.”

Lois McDougall, vocalist

‘Our Hell Is Right Here’ will be released 12 February 2021 via Lockjaw Records in the UK with Thousand Island Records releasing the full length in North America.

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Mumble Tide: All Weather – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Bristol lo-fi indie-pop duo Mumble Tide, aka Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers. ‘All Weather’ is taken from their debut EP Love Thing. They tell us:

“All Weather is another one we wrote together whilst jamming over a drum machine loop. We fleshed it out in our little home studio with loads of sweet yacht-rock inspired dual guitar moments and glittery synths – plus a boat load of harmonies. We wrote it after a tricky phone call on the side of a motorway. One of those, ‘well if you’re not on board, we’re sailing without you’ moments. (There is absolutely nothing nautical about this song)” 

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Sprints: Manifesto – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from our Dublin favourites Sprints. ‘Manifesto’ is the second single from their EP of the same name, coming out next year on Nice Swan Records and produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox. FFO The Joyce McKinney Experience. Foot-stomping rhythm section, roof-lifting guitars and call-to-arms punk vocals – the perfect rabble raising anthem! We can’t wait to see this live …

“Manifesto is all about control, and the seeming lack of it we have sometimes – control over our own lives, our own bodies, our own societies. Written during the time of the Repeal the 8th referendum in Ireland, it’s a call for equality. 

Life can feel like it’s unravelling around you. We see our countries fall in and out of economic crisis, we see the homeless crisis worsen by the day, we see the rapid rise of addiction and drug problems, and nothing is being done about, yet when it comes to telling women what they can do with their own bodies, that’s when people (the bigots) step in and show up? It baffled me.

Manifesto is about turning your cheek to the critics and bigots and those who judge and doubt, to  try shake the shackles of everyday existence and mundanity and go carve your own path.

Karla Chubb, lead singer and songwriter of Sprints

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Alesha Hartley: Take Your Medicine – new music

Out today from Manchester-via-San-Francisco’s Alesha Hartley, ‘Take Your Medicine’ is a funky truth pill. She says of this, her second single:

“I was talking to a friend about addictions, she believes we’re all addicted to something. She asked what my addiction was. I had to think, then realized I was drawn to bad relationships. The ups the downs, the adrenaline. It’s so toxic but it can be hard to walk away from.”

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Vanessa Anne Redd: Dark Minds – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from London-based British/German singer-songwriter Vanessa Anne Redd: ‘Dark Minds’ is out today, a fuzzy garage rock anthem with 60s folksinger jangles, recorded and mixed on analogue tape and 70s equipment at London’s Gizzard Studios. The single is released ahead of her third album, Sweet Way Around, out next year. on Sharp Attack Records, and comes this supercute with handmade video performed with live puppetry on a Czech mountainside.

“…it tells the tale of dark forces toying with a girl on a quest. Whispered lies, swirling insects, harsh stones and bloodied windows glare in the hot sun, as we’re led on by the scent of roses and the optimism of wishful thinking. We find a land of “perfect dust”, but still dance victorious into a new world, out of “our dark scorched minds”. A tale of conquering all, and how the beauty of darkness will lead us out.”

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