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Wolf Girl: Every Now and Then – LP review

Review by Katherine Stewart

Self-described ‘DIY Noisy Pop’ band Wola2348568604_10f Girl is on the verge of releasing brand new LP Every Now and Then (due to be released on October 19th; available for pre-order now) and we can tell you now – it’s a stonker.

The band, consisting of singer and bassist Healey, drummer Christabel, and guitarists Chris and Carl, hails from South London and released their first album, Mama’s Boy, back in 2016.  Over catchy pop melodies, their lyrics tackle sexuality, gender identity, and anxiety.  There is also the barest suggestion of a quarter-life crisis in some of their new lyrics.

Every Now and Then wastes no time, bouncing into life with Moody, one of its strongest tracks (the video for the single mainly consists of an onion massacre; make of that what you will). It’s immediately apparent that this is an album that will work brilliantly live. Moody is followed by Dream Partner, a short, swinging, 50s-style croon with reverb-drenched harmonies, which is bound to get fingers clicking and hips swaying. A barbershop rendition of this track is definitely in order.

Things get more full-on from there, with Get You, Breaking News (a slightly grungier number), Toast for Dinner and This One Summer providing more traditional poppy post-punk fare.  Samson starts slow with an endearing clean guitar sound – but if that’s not your thing, hold on before you skip to track 6 because the song contains a tense, Pixies-ish chorus that is 100% worth the wait. Album-closer Bad Weather is another stand-out track, introducing an unexpected male vocal, with guitars awash in fuzz.

The drums and vocals do seem a little low in the mix on a couple of songs and the harmonies, although perfectly in tune, a little baggy in places, but on the whole Wolf Girl has produced a brilliant second record. Roll on October 19th.

Wolf Girl’s website ~ Spotify ~  Bandcamp ~  Facebook ~  Twitter


LOUD WOMEN Fest – running order announced!

Saturday 15 September sees LOUD WOMEN Fest take over the stages of both The Dome and the Boston Music Room. Here’s the running order … note that there are no clashes whatsoever, so no need to miss any of the awesome 20 bands playing the Fest! Comfortable (dancing) shoes recommended!


‘Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube’ by Gail Thibert – coming to LOUD WOMEN Fest this Saturday 15 September

Author Gail Thibert will be taking to the stage at this weekend’s LOUD WOMEN Fest, to talk about her recently-published book Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube, an ‘anarchic stomp through London in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and features a huge cast of colourful characters, a chronology of bizarre experiences, some curious employment prospects, and a full spectrum of hair colours.’

Gail will be selling/signing copies of her book on the merch table, and hopping on stage to tell us more about it between bands!


Get a massage at LOUD WOMEN Fest!

B1BAC47B-2514-42F5-91C4-7554D8264F99Blanca Gomez will be offering massages to attendees of this weekend’s LOUD WOMEN Fest!

FEAAC39C-0CC6-40CD-89A6-5E3831DCDD3AThe qualified massage therapist says,

“Massage allows the festival goers to release tension and relax their muscles to keep going and enjoy the festival.”

Massages are offered on a ‘pay what you feel it is worth’ basis. Blanca will be wearing a t-shirt identifying her as a mobile massage therapist, so keep your eyes peeled for her if you’re starting to flag from watching all the amazing bands playing the Fest

The Baby Seals: Interview

The Baby Seals stole our hearts when they played last year's LOUD WOMEN Fest, and they're coming back again this year to capture our very souls ...

The Baby Seals! Tell us a bit about the scene in Cambridge.
There’s a vibrant scene in Cambridge, underpinned by a few venues who make putting on your own gigs affordable.  We love playing at The Blue Moon, it hosts lots of DIY and more mainstream acts, from the Cambridge Indiepop All Dayer to acts like Mary Ocher and Abi Wade.  There’s also a great collection of local acts, such as Mammoth Penguins, Model Village, Pete Um, Moonstrips and Beverley Kills to name a few.

We are SO looking forward to welcoming you back to LW Fest!
We’ve had a really great year, and have hit many personal milestones.  What has become clear is our purpose, as we started the band as a bit of a laugh.  Now, we have been able to visualise what we want the future of the band to sound like and have been working on our next album.  We also want to use the platform to support those traditionally have struggled to have a voice.  Recently, we’ve teamed up with Bloody Good Period; we’re donating 10% of the CD sale price to them.  They’re an important organisation who supply menstruation products asylum seekers, refugees and to those who can’t afford them.

What can we look forward to from the ’Seals?
One of our goals from the beginning was that we wanted to tour Japan!  We’re one step closer this year; our Empowerpop Tour in October is starting in Canterbury, ending in Cologne, via Amsterdam.  Some of our new material has started to come together nicely and we’re really excited about it.  It’s really therapeutic to get together with ideas, anecdotes, riffs and develop these into fully-fledged seals songs!

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
PUSSYLIQUOR, they have such an enchanting name, it’s so deliciously provocative.  We’ve enjoyed listening to the Loud Women 3 Spotify playlist in the car.  Of course, ‘Touch Me Again’ from Petrol Girls is an absolute anthem, it makes your hair stand on end.  They’re always a pleasure to watch and Ren is a really inspiring front person.  The Menstrual Cramps and Dream Nails are must-sees, but we’re just really excited to be there and catching as much as we can!!!



The WI will be serving up cake to punk rock revellers at Loud Women Fest, 15 Sept in London

IMG_6313The ‘Ladies of the Lock’ Women’s Institute group will be baking up a storm to raise funds, but not a village fete or church hall in sight – these cakes will be sold at the feminist punk rock festival LOUD WOMEN Fest, happening Saturday 15th September at London’s The Dome!

The local WI group, which covers Tufnell Park, Camden and Kentish Town will be selling a range of cakes to help raise funds to keep their WI going. Revellers can enjoy their tasty treats while listening to live music by 20 of the UK’s most hotly-tipped punk and indie bands, fronted by women and non-binary musicians, such as Petrol Girls, Dream Nails, Ms. Mohammed, The Menstrual Cramps and She Makes War.

Festival organiser Cassie Fox said:

“Home baking from the WI is actual the perfect cherry on the cake of our festival – what says ‘feminist punk’ better than women working together to help raise their sisters up? The revolution will be powered by sugar!”

wiThe Ladies of the Lock group are no strangers to innovative, militant baking – last summer the group ran a project called ‘Grrr!’ inviting members of the public to come and paint political slogans on biscuits at a pop-up art gallery!

You can enjoy the WI’s baked goods, and the festival’s raucous music, on 15 September at The Dome – tickets from WeGotTickets

Press release ends

For more information, contact Cassie Fox on

Sam Amant: interview

Sam Amant is coming to play LOUD WOMEN Fest on 15 Sept 2018 and we can not wait! We got to know her a little better ...
Sam Amant! We are SO looking forward to seeing you play live, especially after the release of your single ‘Act of Love’. Tell us all about the song – what’s it about, how did you record it, and what’s the story behind the stunning/shocking/awesome video?
‘Act of Love’ is about this sad society where we live in reduce to two categories of people: winners and losers. We should free ourself from this ‘winner’ or ‘being successful idea and just be human. We are not all made for success and driven by money. We should be able to procrastinate if we like, spend more time to think about making a better world instead of working to pay a rent, buy a house, a car, the latest stupid technology, abuse of power and being in constant competition. All of that for the illusion of happiness.
I recorded this song in my bedroom on a shit computer. It’s DIY so I’ve asked permission to the director of one of my fave movie Survival 5 if I could edit a scene from his movie to make my video: he never answered so I took it for a yes.

Who are your heroes in the music scene right now?
Unfortunately my heroes are all dead but at the moment I love to listen to
Mother Moor, Farai, Dead Valley, Bonaparte, Martyr Whore, T24, Blank Milk, Sapper,
Peter Kernel, Orties, Fat White Family.
What can we look forward to from Sam Amant?
I’m working on a new project at the moment with Martin Mccarrick (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants) – I’m in heaven.
Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
Tell us anything else you think it’s important we know about you/your music!

Anti capitalist. Being a musician in London is hell.

Can’t wait to play…