New Jersey born / LA based indie pop/rock artist Maddy Davis returns with her first original song of 2023, ‘Hey Dad’. ‘Hey Dad’ Since her breakout moment last year with debut EP MUD, Davis is a recent graduate from USC’s Thornton School of Music. 

‘Hey Dad’ is a relatable track about not living up to your parents’ vision of your future but still remaining on your own path. Davis’ self awareness about her potential is inspiring: “Yeah you know I know what is best for myself”.

Davis shares the following about ‘Hey Dad’: 

“My dad always wished I pursued something a bit less risky – maybe that I went to business school or had dreams of becoming a brain surgeon. However, to his dismay, at age 12 I chose to pursue music instead and never looked back. I never questioned it and always knew I’d succeed regardless of his worries, because there was no other option for me. I wrote “Hey Dad” to promise him I know what I’m doing and I’ll be okay. The song stands as both reassurance and an apology for being slightly difficult to raise, and maybe not turning out like he planned. Hoping this song gets through to him. It’s my last-ditch effort to convince him I know what is best for myself. ”

“If anyone feels a pressure to prove something to their parents, friends, family, etc., or maybe apologize for not tackling a more “traditional” lifestyle, they’ll find some comfort in ‘Hey Dad’, knowing there’s a whole army of us out there battling to succeed in the eyes of others.” 

‘Hey Dad’ is just the start of a series of singles from Maddy Davis. Keep in the loop with LOUD WOMEN for the latest from this rising star. 

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