CATBEAR effervesce with this playful yet poignant new single about finding connection during the apocalypse. The London-based duo have returned with ‘I’ll Meet You At The End’, a rousing electro-pop track that is true to the times we are living in. 

The song takes us on a journey of twinkly synth instrumentals and heartfelt, playful melodies as they sing about finding freedom, friendship and hope even in the worst of times. Though they describe a fictional apocalypse, the sentiments are relatable today when it so often feels that the world is falling apart: but bands like CATBEAR remind us that through it all, connection and love are the things that we should hold on to.

‘I’ll Meet You At The End’ is an ear-worm of a track that envelopes you in nostalgia, and a desire to hold those you care about even closer.

Just hold on to that piece of me, let me find you, remember how we were so very special

CATBEAR, ‘I’ll Meet You At The End’

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