Minneapolis-based Loki’s Folly has constructed a brutally beautiful punk album packed with heavy guitar riffs and distinctive, oscillating vocals in its latest full-length release, Sisu.

Loki’s Folly, a sibling trio, has a truly unmistakable voice and isn’t afraid to use it to discuss complicated topics from angst, betrayal, and perseverance to bullying, injustices toward women, and autistic meltdowns: it’s authentic social commentary and an enjoyable, home-grown punk listening experience. This candid sharing element stands as one of the core building blocks for Sisu. Annie, guitarist, and co-vocalist, said this album has been a cathartic experience for her and that

“[i]t’s about crossing over from loneliness to togetherness, and the joy that can be found in finding others who share your experiences.”

Instrumentally, for most of its songs, Loki’s Folly utilizes a traditional, deep guitar backing accompanied by wonderfully rebellious yelps, even sprinkling in some slide whistle on ending track, ‘Beaches and Peaches’. A whimsical and fun instrumental surprise on a hilarious doomsday song.

On ‘Truth or Dare’ you’ll find a coming-of-age song depicting the cruelty that can be experienced at the hands of our peers, quickly followed by fierce screams on feminist justice ballads ‘Little Mermaid’ and ‘No Right’.

Sisu is a delightfully raw album that encapsulates the expansion of the entire band. Crafted from late-night talks at sleepovers starting in 2017, Loki’s Folly has unleashed Sisu into the world as of February 2023 and I promise, it’s a worthy and wild ride.

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