LibraLibra are the DIY band from Brighton that keep delivering electrifying performances, and one-of-a-kind music. The band consists of Guy Jones on bass guitar, strings, vocals, and keys; Joe Caple on production, percussion and synths; and Beth Cannon, the lyricist and lead vocalist.

They released their third EP, CUT, in March this year – a dazzling EP which mesmerizes with its use of synthesizers, vocals which shock and entice, and metamorphosing genres. All of which combine to create something that is uniquely them, and therefore, resonates with each of us in different ways.

The first song off CUT, ‘Brainbeast’ is an energetic song with an electro-punk atmosphere and thundering beat, about tackling your own brain and destructive thoughts. Beth’s vocals verge on animalistic as they rile up the chorus, and the bridge of this song is so captivating, you will be hooked for the rest of the EP.

The second track, ‘Hydra’, is an affirming track that gets you away from those old text messages, and onto the dance-floor. It begins with Beth chanting

“I want to break-up and never make up, don’t want to backtrack, never look back”

– the snappy chorus which outlines the premise of this song, and is repeated like a mantra often. It is a fun, yet ruminative, bubblegum-pop-esque track that will bring courage to anyone trying to say good riddance to an unhealthy relationship.

In this next song, ‘SADFACE‘, the amalgamation of synthesizer noises, guitar, saxophone and vocals clash in such a deliberate way, that the song comes together in perfect harmony. Here, Beth’s vocals move between being whimsical, angry, and poignant in different measures, which adds to the songs innovative structure. ‘SADFACE’ is the vulnerability and genuineness that is needed in music; especially in an age where perfectly curated identities and cool detachment are revered.

Each song off the EP collectively comes together and acts as a witness to the fall from Grace, loss of innocence, grief, hysteria, being proclaimed mad in the face of trauma and consequently descending into madness. SADFACE is that moment of tragedy, the pinnacle of where it all began, the twisted tales in the playground, the bullying, the grooming, the obsession with religion and going to hell. It is playful and sarcastic; it is the naive young soul that does not yet understand the damage done.

Beth Cannon

The fourth song off the EP, ‘Mother’s Ruin’, is a soul-stirring song about wishing to give up your identity. The instrumentation is stripped back oftentimes in this song, allowing Beth’s powerful vocals and lyricism to take the forefront, but as it goes on, it is layered with an intense violin track and drums. Despite its fragile sentiments, there is a power behind the vocals and instrumentation of this song that makes it more than a song about trauma; the same way we ourselves are more than just our trauma.

It’s the premise of wanting to be anyone but yourself in the hopes that a new identity, a new soul or being will be the escape plan from all the trauma we’ve endured

Beth Cannon, about ‘Mother’s Ruin’ on Instagram

The final song off the EP, ‘End Scene’, takes inspiration from musicals, as an emotionally-stirring duet featuring Guy on vocals, and backed by a traditional piano sound- for the first three minutes, that is, before the song takes an unexpected u-turn. After the second chorus, the synthesizer begins and the song slowly transitions into an electronic section, building up into a drop that proceeds chaotic, techno composition. It isn’t often you get to hear music that feels totally original – this is one of those times.

[This stunning live video is new out today! – LW]

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