Glasgow-based alternative rock duo Saint Sappho released their debut EP Green Door, exploring the concept of ‘coming out’ and the difference between homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

The duo, which consists of drummer Tammy, and multi-instrumentalist Zoe, had put out two singles in 2022 before the release of Green Door; a grunge EP with an edge, whose distorted guitar and honest lyrics make for a very affecting listening experience.

It begins with the song ‘All She Ever Says’, a slow-tempo track filled with the anxious and dispiriting feeling of being misunderstood by people around you, and being brushed off by professionals who are supposed to be helping you. Behind the melancholic vocals of this song, there is a steady anger that can be felt.

The second track is called ‘Broken Again’. The repetitive melody of the verse mirrors the lyrics which talk about looking for a partner as a gay women and obstacles which are cyclically faced. The chorus also explores feelings of guilt and shame when trying to navigate ones sexuality. It’s catchy chorus, and atypical song structure makes this a real stand-out; winding-out with a long droning guitar solo.

The next track is the EP’s namesake. Immediately catchy from the get-go, with an even catchier chorus, we get this alternative rock track that just oozes coolness. The ethereal backing vocals which close-out the song lends to the overall seductiveness of the track.

“The song ‘Green Door’ was influenced by a documentary we had watched, The Gateways, which was about an old lesbian bar in London that ran for years before sadly being shut down. The bar had a distinctive green door, so I guess the song is an homage to the bar and the community that frequented it.”

– Saint Sappho

‘Lizard brain’ is the final track on the album, and it begins with a lo-fi melody that makes this song unique on the EP. An affirming track about being different from the person you were in the past, and fully-realizing and accepting your sexuality.

Overall, this is a great debut from Saint Sappho that showcases the topics the duo care about, and the things which affect their lives. There is a relatability in their tracks, particularly for LGBT+ people, with their themes of sapphic struggles, coming out, and self-acceptance. Saint Sappho’s musical influences are apparent, and their music feels nostalgic and youthful.

“We are truly inspired by 90s grunge and Britpop, with major influences being Placebo, The Verve and Radiohead.”

-Saint Sappho

You can find Saint Sappho on:

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