March’s album of the month is from alternative rock star Meg Myers. Her forthcoming album, TZIA, is out this Friday via Sumerian Records. TZIA is more than a new era for Meg… TZIA is the essence of Meg’s rebirth and spiritual awakening. 

“I’ve always been drawn to making music as a form of therapy, but until I had my awakening I didn’t fully grasp why I was doing it. When I was able to step back and see my story from a higher perspective, I realised that everything I’ve gone through is part of my mission to do things differently and create something that helps others—especially the people who’ve experienced trauma and have this confusion about how to release it. I believe there’s so much healing potential in all of us, and now I feel empowered to help other people find that and learn how to let go.” 

Meg Myers

Within the album’s theme of spiritualism, Meg doesn’t hold back discussing heavy topics of mental health, body image, autism, and suicide. There’s a powerful vulnerability that’s embedded throughout TZIA

TZIA is the manifestation of a four-year long journey of healing, existential awakening, transformation, and rebirth. I am so grateful to be able to share this light and the insights I have gained with you through this exploration and expression of my deepest and most raw and honest feelings that have emerged from this period of self reflection. TZIA carries radical channeled messages and encoded frequencies of truth, unity, peace, forgiveness, empowerment and liberation along with PTSD, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual healing from addiction, trauma repression and oppression, and healing victimisation consciousness.”

Meg Myers

TZIA is a shining moment within MEG MYERS’ discography. TZIA is an album with emotional layers that are exposed with each listen. You’re not alone on your path to finding your true self. 

TZIA is here to question our belief systems and open up our hearts. It is here to inspire us to look beyond the limited lenses we have been programmed to view ourselves and the world so that we can integrate our fears and embrace our sovereignty as the wild, badass, cosmic warriors of light we were born to be.”

Meg Myers

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Photo by Catie Laffoon