Lisbon-born/London-based singer-songwriter Maripool released her debut EP, It All Comes At Once – capturing the essence of midwest emo and 1990s shoegaze through a dream-pop lens. The EP is melancholic and bright as Maripool slays her inner demons. 

Check out our 5 question interview with Maripool!

1. Tell us the Maripool artist manifesto. 

Everything must be DIY, everything must be recorded on to tape.

2. What’s the BEST song on your debut EP?

I really do like all of them, they are all very different and meaningful to me. I would say ‘Coming Back’ is the one I go to more often – I used to listen to this song so much before releasing it, it’s weird I normally don’t listen to my songs on repeat that much but this one is just special.

3. What song do you wish you’d written?

‘Gold Dust’ by Duster – I did try to attempt my own version with ‘Emilio’ haha. ‘Gold Dust’ is just a song like no other, because it has no lyrics it feels like you can attach any meaning to it, which is great.

4.Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands/artists?

bar italia – Been listening to them loads recently, all songs are just amazing and really well written.

Double Virgo – They actually released their new EP on the same day as me, I’ve been listening to a lot of their earlier stuff on bandcamp and 100% recommend it.

C Turtle – For years I’ve been waiting for a band in London to have a midwest emo influence and here they are.

5. Draw us a picture…

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