Pennsylvania-based duo Sadurday released their new track/video, ‘Mary’. 

Sadurday is vocalist/guitarist Annie Jean Linn and multi-instrumentalist Nick Comanici. A mix of 90s inspired alternative, grunge, and pop, Sadurday will be your new favorite music act. This duo is a perfect match with Linn’s haunting vocals and lyrics and Comanici’s sludgy instrumentals. 

Annie Jean Linn shares the following about ‘Mary’ and the creation of Sadurday: 

“‘Mary’ is about the unseen, the paranormal possibly, and a lurking sense of uneasiness or danger. It is the first song that Nick and I collaborated on together. He had approached me over Instagram about stepping in as the vocalist/lyricist, and he sent me the instrumentation to write to. It was really to see how we meshed as a team, and it just came together so easily. It was the initial stepping stone for us as a writing team and it really set the tone moving forward. All my writing is a little on the dark side, like most of my work, and Nick is very skilled with composing some well thought out and heavy instrumentation. It made for a perfect fit.”

‘Mary’ is a glitchy track with danger and doom lurking in the lyrics. The accompanying video was created by and starring Linn. 

More new music is on the horizon from Sadurday with the release of their EP, Nothing 2 Celebrate (out 21 October).

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