Stick the kettle on. Prepare to chill deeply and melodiously, courtesy of Queen Colobus – the ‘neo-soul, jazz and indie-rock’ ensemble from our longtime fave Jelly Cleaver and her All Day Breakfast Cafe bandmate Beth Hopkins, a beautifully Welsh singer and saxophonist. New single ‘5/9’ is our track of the day.

The title (not – as the jazzphobic amongst us might perhaps have feared – the song’s time signature) has heartbreakingly poignant meaning behind it. Beth’s lyrics were born out of the relentless positivity her Dad had whilst battling aggressive cancer. “The phrase ‘five out of nine’ was sort of like a response to ‘how do you feel out of ten?’ He’d always say fine, onwards and upwards! He kept this up all the way until the end.” Beth explains, “the phrase ‘5/9’ felt strange and warped, exactly how the nights felt throughout his treatment.”

5/9 is taken from upcoming EP Think Fast, due for release on 30th September. Keep your ears peeled, and kettle warm.