The soundtrack to our Friday comes from brand new London band All Day Breakfast Cafe, featuring a very familiar face in the form of supertalented Jelly Cleaver. ‘Old School Struggling’ is the seven-piece all-female band’s debut release today, a hard-relate ode to living hand-to-mouth in the city, but still killing it on the dancefloor. This band puts the D-I-S-C-O into South Londin (what?).

“Old School Struggling is about the hustle lifestyle most of us, especially young people, are way too familiar with right now. You’re working through your weekend, juggling side-hustles, slogging a painful 9-5, and still somehow struggling to make rent each month. The same struggle birthed disco in the 1970s, and this song is a throwback to that era both in terms of style and message. It’s a tribute to what this band is all about: empowering us all to get together and find a release, inspired by the collective empowerment of historical movements like the fight for workers’ rights and unionisation.”

Look out for All Day Breakfast Cafe at a festival near you soon …


Loucin Moskofian – vocals 

Kasia Kawalek – flute and bvs 

Beth Hopkins – alto sax 

Lettie Leyland – trumpet 

Jelly Cleaver – guitar and bvs 

Amy Gadiaga – bass 

Tash Keary – drums