We are beyond excited to bring you today the premiere of a sublimely namastastic video for Piney Gir‘s trippy new single, ‘Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon’. Get comfy, turn the lights to psychedelic-indie-pop, and prepare to delight all your chakras, particularly the ones in your ears [check that later – Ed.].

The single comes from Piney’s new EP Astral Spectra, following up on lead single ‘Voice of the Ages‘, and we can’t wait to hear Piney performing it at LOUD WOMEN Fest next month – along with her awesome vocal girl-group Roxys (with Emma Brammer & Amy Ashworth), who feature in the video.

Fun/name-clanging facts: Roxys were named by Nile Rogers, and in their spare time they also sing for Gaz Coombes (Supergrass) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis).

The video for ‘Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon’ was inspired by Piney’s fascination with meditation; the places you go in your mind when you’re trying not to think about anything.  She teamed up with director Tristan Davis, who shared her inner vision to create this abstract fairy tale masked in fog and psychedelic oil lamp projections, Piney goes on a quest to find herself, and while unearthing the women of her past, the witches of the matriarchy culled in Salem, she then finds connection with the women of her present and future, Roxys, who then do a dance (choreographed by Emma Roxy & inspired by Kate Bush) in the haze until the lights dance with them, fading into infinity with the mantra “Breathe, Howl, Bloom…” 

The Moon is a recurring theme in Piney’s work, as she feels deeply connected to it.  She explains,

“The tides are governed by the moon and our bodies are 80% water, so it makes sense we’d feel the moon’s gravity too!  Women are innately linked to the moon and its cycles.  I find myself inspired by this connection to the cosmos, to me, it’s so clear that nature overpowers the mind, we are best to go with the flow.”    

Catch Piney Gir and Roxys live at LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 on 18 Sept at 229, London