Review by Reva May

Beth George‘s latest single, ‘Sour’, is a reflective pop ballad. Using candid storytelling, Beth George captures the feeling of looking back to your childhood and dealing with the harsh light of adulthood.

Beth George shares the following about ‘Sour’:

 “’Sour’ feels like the first track I’ve written in a long time that feels like ‘home’. It was during lockdown that I had time to myself to delve into my true writing roots with just my piano. It’s  a song reflecting on my childhood, how magical everything was and how adulthood & the real world is a kind of kick in the teeth. I feel like that transition from magic to mayhem slips by you so fast and it’s all taken for granted.

With her soulful vocal range and poetic storytelling, Beth George is an emerging talent to keep up with this year. 

You can connect with Beth George at the following links: