We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of ‘Sad Girl’ by Kelly Alaina of Alberta, Canada. A brutally honest pop ballad.

“I wrote, composed, recorded and produced Sad Girl in my home studio, during a particularly rough couple of months at the end of 2020. I really wanted to capture the essence and inspire imagery of how I was feeling at the time, “a total garbage person”.
I made a choice to be very candid and vulnerable and speak like I would speak to my pals. It’s always a little uncomfortable putting that out to the world, but I think that’s how you know you’ll relate to people, which is definitely my intention. 
My instrumental choices were originally inspired by John Wayne vibes, as well as Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang”. Also, I have made a vow to ALWAYS put a Zelda sound somewhere in my tracks. If you can pinpoint where it is, and to which game it belongs, I will not give you a prize but you’re probably really awesome, let’s be friends! Ultimately, the song ended up taking a complete life of its own and when the second half of the chorus hits, it kinda makes me want to go . . . surfing? It’s a unique mash up of dark, chill and throwback that I am very happy with.”

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