‘Since Yesterday: The Unsung Pioneers of Scottish Pop’ celebrates the songs,  stories and journey of Scotland’s all-female bands from 1960 to 2010. 

This feature-length documentary seeks to explore the social impact of women making music collectively in a male-dominated industry and rightfully acknowledge their place within the history of popular music.

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With over 40-hours of new footage recorded, we now need your help to push our feature length documentary ‘Since Yesterday – The Unsung Pioneers of Scottish Pop’ in to a bigger arena. This is our little country’s perspective on a global issue.


(TW) There are some incredible things about a legion of undersold Scottish girl bands that might surprise you: John Peel sessions, concerts in prisons, cult followings, opening for The Beatles and The Sex Pistols, world tours, ‘handbag’ roadies, a little guitar cameo from Jimmy Page, even more John Peel sessions.

The Ettes – Scotland’s first all girl ‘punk’ band, Edinburgh 1979 (Photo Courtesy of A. Morrison)

There are also things that, sadly you won’t be surprised to hear; a world of sexual assault, getting fired for becoming a parent, being told you’re too old, too fat, too short, too tall or “the problem with girl bands is that you all just get pregnant in the end…”

A story is always best when it is told by the people at the heart of it; Strawberry Switchblade, The McKinleys, The Twinsets, The Ettes, Lungleg, Sophisticated Boom Boom, His Latest Flame, The Hedrons and TeenCanteen, plus many more.

Sophisticated Boom Boom, by Simon Clegg
The McKinleys

Scotland’s musical output is world reknown; yet whenever women work collectively, their output is curtailed, compromised out of existence, or just left unsigned. Why?

The statistics are hard to stomach. The story doesn’t seem to be changing.

There is anger, hurt, desire, determination and fierce passion for change. There are movements, campaigns and hard evidence in report form. #MeToo, Key Change, #womeninmusic and Vick Bain’s report on diversity in the music industry. 

We started this documentary because we want to shine a light on the issues, but also, as hard as some of the story is to hear, we want to celebrate the determination, the individuality, the occassional success, the history of these incredible women, their music and these brilliant bands. We can’t continue to write women out of the history of music. There will be bands and stories like this in every city and country across the world.

Please help us tell this story. It needs to be told.

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